The current draft pick is 6.1 #80. is now drafting! The previous picks were

Demarcus Lawrence DL DAL.

Drafted Demarcus Lawrence DL DAL 5.15 #79 8 hours ago

Adrian Clayborn DL ATL.

Drafted Adrian Clayborn DL ATL 5.14 #78 (using Commish Powers) 9 hours ago

Cornellius Carradine DL SF.

Drafted Cornellius Carradine DL SF 5.13 #77 15 hours ago

Mark Sanchez QB PHI.

Drafted Mark Sanchez QB PHI 5.12 #76 19 hours ago

Virgil Green TE DEN.

Drafted Virgil Green TE DEN 5.11 #75 19 hours ago

Michael Johnson DL CIN.

Drafted Michael Johnson DL CIN 5.10 #74 19 hours ago

Devin Smith WR NYJ.

Drafted Devin Smith WR NYJ 5.9 #73 19 hours ago

Josh Gordon WR CLE.

placed Josh Gordon WR CLE on the IR. 19 hours ago

Allen Hurns WR JAC.

Drafted Allen Hurns WR JAC 5.8 #72 21 hours ago

Buster Skrine DB NYJ.

Drafted Buster Skrine DB NYJ 5.7 #71 22 hours ago


The commish has executed a trade. 1 day ago

2016 4th round pick.

Traded For 2016 4th round pick 1 day ago

Arik Armstead DL SF.

Drafted Arik Armstead DL SF 5.6 #70 1 day ago

Zac Stacy RB NYJ.

Drafted Zac Stacy RB NYJ 5.5 #69 1 day ago

Brian Hoyer QB HOU.

Drafted Brian Hoyer QB HOU 5.4 #68 2 days ago