Screw you all for jinxing my team

A. RodgersQBGBStarting QB
A. LuckQBINDStarting QB/RB..
P. RiversQBSDStarting QB/RB..
D. MurrayRBDALStarting RB
M. LynchRBSEAStarting RB
K. RobinsonRBNOStarting RB/WR..
C. JohnsonRBNYJBenched
Z. StacyRBSTLBenched
T. RichardsonRBINDBenched
B. CunninghamRBSTLBenched
J. CharlesRBKCBenched
L. TaliaferroRBBALBenched
R. CobbWRGBStarting WR
J. JonesWRATLStarting WR
A. JefferyWRCHIStarting WR
S. WatkinsWRBUFBenched
D. JacksonWRWASBenched
H. NicksWRINDBenched
J. MatthewsWRPHIBenched
D. PittaTEBALStarting TE
L. DonnellTENYGBenched
E. EbronTEDETBenched
T. EifertTECINInjured IR
S. HauschkaKSEAStarting K
BengalsTMCINStarting TM

R. TannehillQBMIAStarting QB
J. LockerQBTENBenched
M. CasselQBMINBenched
S. BradfordQBSTLInjured IR
L. BellRBPITStarting RB
S. RidleyRBNEStarting RB
K. DavisRBKCStarting QB/RB..
J. ForsettRBBALStarting QB/RB..
T. WestRBCLEBenched
M. LattimoreRBSFBenched
T. MasonRBSTLBenched
C. PattersonWRMINStarting WR
K. BenjaminWRCARStarting WR
D. AdamsWRGBStarting WR
G. JenningsWRMINBenched
M. ColstonWRNOBenched
J. HunterWRTENBenched
A. RobinsonWRJACBenched
K. StillsWRNOBenched
A. DobsonWRNEBenched
O. BeckhamWRNYGBenched
G. OlsenTECARStarting TE
Z. ErtzTEPHIStarting RB/WR..
M. CrosbyKGBStarting K
RavensTMBALStarting TM

B. RoethlisbergerQBPITStarting QB
E. ManuelQBBUFStarting QB/RB..
K. CousinsQBWASStarting QB/RB..
J. GaroppoloQBNEBenched
A. MurrayQBKCBenched
R. GriffinQBWASInjured IR
C. SpillerRBBUFStarting RB
D. BrownRBSDStarting RB
M. AsiataRBMINStarting RB/WR..
R. MathewsRBSDBenched
B. SankeyRBTENBenched
D. ArcherRBPITBenched
D. ThomasRBMIABenched
J. EdelmanWRNEStarting WR
E. SandersWRDENStarting WR
M. WheatonWRPITStarting WR
M. EvansWRTBBenched
M. FloydWRSDBenched
M. LeeWRJACBenched
C. ShortsWRJACBenched
M. BryantWRPITBenched
J. ThomasTEDENStarting TE
S. GrahamKNOStarting K
SteelersTMPITStarting TM

Suck my ditka

E. ManningQBNYGStarting QB
G. SmithQBNYJStarting QB/RB..
D. CarrQBOAKStarting QB/RB..
A. MorrisRBWASStarting RB
C. HydeRBSFStarting RB
A. SmithRBATLBenched
R. TurbinRBSEABenched
D. WoodheadRBSDBenched
L. BlountRBPITBenched
M. Jones-DrewRBOAKBenched
R. HillmanRBDENBenched
E. DeckerWRNYJStarting WR
G. TateWRDETStarting WR
V. CruzWRNYGStarting WR
A. HurnsWRJACStarting RB/WR..
J. JonesWROAKBenched
M. SanuWRCINBenched
R. WayneWRINDBenched
J. GordonWRCLEBenched
V. DavisTESFStarting TE
D. WalkerTETENBenched
N. PaulTEWASBenched
J. TuckerKBALStarting K
PatriotsTMNEStarting TM

Wand Battle Me I dare you

D. BreesQBNOStarting QB
A. DaltonQBCINStarting QB/RB..
J. FlaccoQBBALStarting QB/RB..
Z. MettenbergerQBTENBenched
M. ForteRBCHIStarting RB
R. JenningsRBNYGStarting RB
A. BradshawRBINDStarting RB/WR..
C. IvoryRBNYJBenched
J. StewartRBCARBenched
D. McFaddenRBOAKBenched
T. GerhartRBJACBenched
J. WhiteRBNEBenched
C. JohnsonWRDETStarting WR
D. BryantWRDALStarting WR
D. ThomasWRDENStarting WR
A. BoldinWRSFBenched
K. AllenWRSDBenched
P. RichardsonWRSEABenched
A. GatesTESDStarting TE
D. AllenTEINDBenched
J. CookTESTLBenched
J. AmaroTENYJBenched
R. GouldKCHIStarting K
BearsTMCHIStarting TM

T. BradyQBNEStarting QB
R. WilsonQBSEAStarting QB/RB..
J. McCownQBTBStarting QB/RB..
R. MallettQBHOUBenched
D. SprolesRBPHIStarting RB
J. BellRBDETStarting RB
P. ThomasRBNOStarting RB/WR..
R. BushRBDETBenched
D. McClusterRBTENBenched
A. WilliamsRBNYGBenched
B. TateRBCLEBenched
A. BrownWRPITStarting WR
H. DouglasWRATLStarting WR
L. FitzgeraldWRARIStarting WR
J. BrownWRARIBenched
T. AustinWRSTLBenched
R. CooperWRPHIBenched
J. BoykinWRGBBenched
L. ToiloloTEATLStarting TE
J. CameronTECLEBenched
A. Seferian-JenkinsTETBBenched
J. ReedTEWASBenched
G. GanoKCARStarting K
SeahawksTMSEAStarting TM

The road to the Superbowl is through my Harry Douglas!!!

N. FolesQBPHIStarting QB
C. KaepernickQBSFStarting QB/RB..
A. SmithQBKCStarting QB/RB..
B. RaineyRBTBStarting RB
M. BallRBDENStarting RB
A. FosterRBHOUBenched
M. IngramRBNOBenched
R. HeluRBWASBenched
J. RodgersRBATLBenched
D. WilliamsRBCARBenched
D. MartinRBTBBenched
A. HawkinsWRCLEStarting WR
M. CrabtreeWRSFStarting WR
T. HiltonWRINDStarting WR
B. QuickWRSTLBenched
K. WrightWRTENBenched
M. AustinWRCLEBenched
D. BoweWRKCBenched
C. LatimerWRDENBenched
R. GronkowskiTENEStarting TE
M. BennettTECHIStarting RB/WR..
H. MillerTEPITBenched
P. DawsonKSFStarting K
PanthersTMCARStarting TM

AP is coming to whoop your ass!

M. StaffordQBDETStarting QB
R. FitzpatrickQBHOUStarting QB/RB..
C. NewtonQBCARStarting QB/RB..
J. ManzielQBCLEBenched
T. BridgewaterQBMINBenched
A. EllingtonRBARIStarting RB
E. LacyRBGBStarting RB
J. HillRBCINStarting RB/WR..
A. PetersonRBMINBenched
L. MurrayRBOAKBenched
J. McKinnonRBMINBenched
C. SimsRBTBInjured IR
J. MaclinWRPHIStarting WR
A. JohnsonWRHOUStarting WR
T. SmithWRBALStarting WR
A. GreenWRCINBenched
M. FloydWRARIBenched
T. WilliamsWRDALBenched
R. RandleWRNYGBenched
J. BlackmonWRJACBenched
T. KelceTEKCStarting TE
C. ClayTEMIABenched
L. GreenTESDBenched
S. GostkowskiKNEStarting K
49ersTMSFStarting TM

P. ManningQBDENStarting QB
T. RomoQBDALStarting QB/RB..
C. PalmerQBARIBenched
B. HoyerQBCLEBenched
G. BernardRBCINStarting RB
F. GoreRBSFStarting RB
L. MillerRBMIAStarting QB/RB..
K. MorenoRBMIABenched
I. CrowellRBCLEBenched
B. PierceRBBALBenched
S. GreeneRBTENBenched
A. BlueRBHOUBenched
J. StarksRBGBBenched
J. GrimesRBHOUBenched
R. RiceRBBALBenched
C. MichaelRBSEABenched
B. CooksWRNOStarting WR
P. GarconWRWASStarting WR
V. JacksonWRTBStarting WR
W. WelkerWRDENStarting RB/WR..
R. WhiteWRATLBenched
J. GrahamTENOStarting TE
D. BaileyKDALStarting K
TexansTMHOUStarting TM

Did I ever tell you about the time I scored 4 touchdowns in a game?

J. CutlerQBCHIStarting QB
M. RyanQBATLStarting QB/RB..
C. HenneQBJACBenched
B. BortlesQBJACBenched
L. McCoyRBPHIStarting RB
S. VereenRBNEStarting RB
S. JacksonRBATLStarting QB/RB..
F. JacksonRBBUFBenched
D. FreemanRBATLBenched
K. CareyRBCHIBenched
J. NelsonWRGBStarting WR
B. MarshallWRCHIStarting WR
M. WallaceWRMIAStarting WR
P. HarvinWRSEAStarting RB/WR..
S. SmithWRBALBenched
D. HopkinsWRHOUBenched
R. WoodsWRBUFBenched
S. JohnsonWRSFBenched
D. AmendolaWRNEBenched
J. WittenTEDALStarting TE
K. RudolphTEMINBenched
C. FleenerTEINDBenched
M. NugentKCINStarting K
RamsTMSTLStarting TM