A. RodgersQBGBStarting QB
R. TannehillQBMIAStarting QB
C. NewtonQBCARBenched
G. SmithQBNYJBenched
M. LynchRBSEAStarting RB
D. RobinsonRBJACStarting RB
F. GoreRBSFBenched
A. WilliamsRBNYGBenched
I. CrowellRBCLEBenched
Z. StacyRBSTLBenched
A. PetersonRBMINBenched
K. HunterRBSFInjured IR
J. NelsonWRGBStarting WR
J. MaclinWRPHIStarting WR
B. MarshallWRCHIStarting WR
K. BenjaminWRCARStarting RB/WR..
J. EdelmanWRNEBenched
M. ColstonWRNOBenched
R. GronkowskiTENEStarting TE
C. FleenerTEINDBenched
S. HauschkaKSEAStarting K
PanthersTMCARStarting TM


T. RomoQBDALStarting QB
M. SanchezQBPHIStarting QB
B. BortlesQBJACBenched
J. McCownQBTBBenched
D. StantonQBARIBenched
E. LacyRBGBStarting RB
J. ForsettRBBALStarting RB
D. FreemanRBATLBenched
J. StarksRBGBBenched
J. GrayRBNEBenched
D. WilliamsRBCARBenched
A. EllingtonRBARIInjured IR
A. BrownWRPITStarting WR
R. CobbWRGBStarting WR
D. JacksonWRWASStarting WR
J. JonesWRATLBenched
T. HiltonWRINDBenched
A. HawkinsWRCLEBenched
J. GrahamTENOStarting TE
A. GatesTESDStarting RB/WR..
C. ParkeyKPHIStarting K
PatriotsTMNEStarting TM

P. ManningQBDENStarting QB
A. DaltonQBCINStarting QB
R. GriffinQBWASBenched
C. AndersonRBDENStarting RB
T. GerhartRBJACStarting RB
D. MurrayRBDALBenched
M. AsiataRBMINBenched
A. MorrisRBWASBenched
C. SpillerRBBUFBenched
K. MorenoRBMIAInjured IR
A. GreenWRCINStarting WR
K. StillsWRNOStarting WR
D. AmendolaWRNEStarting WR
N. WashingtonWRTENStarting RB/WR..
A. BoldinWRSFBenched
B. LaFellWRNEBenched
R. WayneWRINDBenched
P. HarvinWRNYJBenched
S. ChandlerTEBUFStarting TE
D. WalkerTETENBenched
V. DavisTESFBenched
S. GostkowskiKNEStarting K
SeahawksTMSEAStarting TM

B. RoethlisbergerQBPITStarting QB
C. KaepernickQBSFStarting QB
B. HoyerQBCLEBenched
M. VickQBNYJBenched
R. MallettQBHOUInjured IR
G. BernardRBCINStarting RB
R. JenningsRBNYGStarting RB
C. SimsRBTBStarting RB/WR..
B. OliverRBSDBenched
A. BlueRBHOUBenched
D. HerronRBINDBenched
C. HydeRBSFBenched
C. MichaelRBSEABenched
D. BryantWRDALStarting WR
R. WoodsWRBUFStarting WR
M. LeeWRJACStarting WR
R. WhiteWRATLBenched
R. RandleWRNYGBenched
T. WilliamsWRDALBenched
J. BlackmonWRJACInjured IR
T. KelceTEKCStarting TE
J. CameronTECLEBenched
M. CrosbyKGBStarting K
ChiefsTMKCStarting TM

A. SmithQBKCStarting QB
D. CarrQBOAKStarting QB
K. OrtonQBBUFBenched
A. DavisQBSTLBenched
S. BradfordQBSTLInjured IR
L. MillerRBMIAStarting RB
J. StewartRBCARStarting RB
T. RichardsonRBINDBenched
C. JohnsonRBNYJBenched
R. BushRBDETBenched
R. TurbinRBSEABenched
L. DunbarRBDALBenched
G. TateWRDETStarting WR
S. WatkinsWRBUFStarting WR
A. HurnsWRJACStarting WR
K. WrightWRTENBenched
A. HolmesWROAKBenched
M. WheatonWRPITBenched
D. MoncriefWRINDBenched
B. QuickWRSTLInjured IR
M. BennettTECHIStarting TE
J. WittenTEDALStarting RB/WR..
R. BullockKHOUStarting K
BearsTMCHIStarting TM

In The Clutch

M. StaffordQBDETStarting QB
J. CutlerQBCHIStarting QB
M. CasselQBMINBenched
J. BellRBDETStarting RB
B. TateRBPITStarting RB
C. IvoryRBNYJBenched
T. WestRBCLEBenched
J. RodgersRBATLBenched
M. BushRBARIBenched
A. JefferyWRCHIStarting WR
M. CrabtreeWRSFStarting WR
L. FitzgeraldWRARIStarting WR
T. AustinWRSTLStarting RB/WR..
A. JohnsonWRHOUBenched
P. GarconWRWASBenched
M. AustinWRCLEBenched
M. WilliamsWRBUFBenched
N. PaulTEWASStarting TE
G. OlsenTECARBenched
D. AllenTEINDInjured IR
S. JanikowskiKOAKStarting K
49ersTMSFStarting TM

Work to do

A. LuckQBINDStarting QB
D. BreesQBNOStarting QB
N. FolesQBPHIBenched
Z. MettenbergerQBTENBenched
J. CharlesRBKCStarting RB
F. JacksonRBBUFStarting RB
A. FosterRBHOUStarting RB/WR..
M. IngramRBNOBenched
T. MasonRBSTLBenched
J. McKinnonRBMINBenched
R. MathewsRBSDBenched
A. BradshawRBINDInjured IR
M. EvansWRTBStarting WR
D. HopkinsWRHOUStarting WR
J. LandryWRMIAStarting WR
K. AllenWRSDBenched
M. BryantWRPITBenched
B. CooksWRNOInjured IR
J. ThomasTEDENStarting TE
T. WrightTENEBenched
A. VinatieriKINDStarting K
J. TuckerKBALBenched
EaglesTMPHIStarting TM

Mainer's Chiefs

E. ManningQBNYGStarting QB
P. RiversQBSDStarting QB
C. PalmerQBARIInjured IR
L. BellRBPITStarting RB
S. JacksonRBATLStarting RB
D. SprolesRBPHIBenched
B. SankeyRBTENBenched
B. PowellRBNYJBenched
O. BeckhamWRNYGStarting WR
S. SmithWRBALStarting WR
T. SmithWRBALStarting WR
E. DeckerWRNYJStarting RB/WR..
E. RoyalWRSDBenched
M. FloydWRSDBenched
J. BrownWRARIBenched
W. WelkerWRDENBenched
J. CookTESTLStarting TE
H. MillerTEPITBenched
E. EbronTEDETBenched
M. PraterKDETStarting K
D. BaileyKDALBenched
DolphinsTMMIAStarting TM

T. BradyQBNEStarting QB
J. FlaccoQBBALStarting QB
T. BridgewaterQBMINBenched
R. FitzpatrickQBHOUBenched
J. ManzielQBCLEBenched
M. ForteRBCHIStarting RB
L. McCoyRBPHIStarting RB
S. VereenRBNEBenched
D. McFaddenRBOAKBenched
R. HillmanRBDENBenched
T. RiddickRBDETBenched
B. PierceRBBALBenched
V. BallardRBINDInjured IR
D. ThomasWRDENStarting WR
E. SandersWRDENStarting WR
C. JohnsonWRDETStarting WR
D. BaldwinWRSEAStarting RB/WR..
G. JenningsWRMINBenched
M. FloydWRARIBenched
M. JonesWRCINInjured IR
O. DanielsTEBALStarting TE
C. SturgisKMIAStarting K
ColtsTMINDStarting TM

Under Construction

R. WilsonQBSEAStarting QB
M. RyanQBATLStarting QB
M. GlennonQBTBBenched
J. HillRBCINStarting RB
L. MurrayRBOAKStarting RB
P. ThomasRBNOBenched
K. DavisRBKCBenched
D. MartinRBTBBenched
B. BrownRBBUFBenched
M. BallRBDENBenched
R. RiceRBBALBenched
M. WallaceWRMIAStarting WR
M. SanuWRCINStarting WR
J. GordonWRCLEStarting WR
J. MatthewsWRPHIStarting RB/WR..
V. JacksonWRTBBenched
D. AdamsWRGBBenched
C. PattersonWRMINBenched
A. RobinsonWRJACInjured IR
V. CruzWRNYGInjured IR
L. DonnellTENYGStarting TE
Z. ErtzTEPHIBenched
P. DawsonKSFStarting K
RamsTMSTLStarting TM