a bag of turds

J. CutlerQBCHIStarting QB
R. TannehillQBMIABenched
C. AndersonRBDENStarting RB
L. BellRBPITStarting RB/WR..
C. IvoryRBNYJBenched
T. RichardsonRBINDBenched
B. OliverRBSDBenched
C. JohnsonRBNYJBenched
Z. StacyRBSTLBenched
M. BallRBDENInjured IR
J. MatthewsWRPHIStarting WR
B. MarshallWRCHIStarting RB/WR..
M. BryantWRPITBenched
M. WheatonWRPITBenched
J. ReedTEWASStarting TE
M. BennettTECHIBenched
N. PaulTEWASBenched
K. RudolphTEMINBenched
M. BryantKATLStarting K
C. CatanzaroKARIBenched
CardinalsTMARIStarting TM

Humble Bumble

P. ManningQBDENStarting QB
E. ManningQBNYGBenched
M. LynchRBSEAStarting RB
E. LacyRBGBStarting RB/WR..
J. StewartRBCARBenched
B. CunninghamRBSTLBenched
L. TaliaferroRBBALBenched
D. WilliamsRBCARBenched
T. HiltonWRINDStarting WR
B. LaFellWRNEStarting RB/WR..
D. HopkinsWRHOUBenched
E. DeckerWRNYJBenched
K. StillsWRNOBenched
J. HunterWRTENBenched
Z. ErtzTEPHIStarting TE
C. ClayTEMIABenched
S. GostkowskiKNEStarting K
ColtsTMINDStarting TM

P. RiversQBSDStarting QB
A. DavisQBSTLBenched
S. BradfordQBSTLInjured IR
T. MasonRBSTLStarting RB
R. JenningsRBNYGStarting RB/WR..
D. RobinsonRBJACBenched
B. RaineyRBTBBenched
P. ThomasRBNOBenched
B. TateRBMINBenched
D. MartinRBTBBenched
J. RodgersRBATLBenched
A. SmithRBATLInjured IR
D. WoodheadRBSDInjured IR
K. BenjaminWRCARStarting WR
J. JonesWRATLBenched
V. JacksonWRTBBenched
R. WayneWRINDBenched
D. WalkerTETENStarting TE
J. CookTESTLStarting RB/WR..
S. HauschkaKSEAStarting K
A. VinatieriKINDBenched
SeahawksTMSEAStarting TM


A. RodgersQBGBStarting QB
A. DaltonQBCINBenched
B. BortlesQBJACBenched
F. JacksonRBBUFStarting RB
J. BellRBDETBenched
M. AsiataRBMINBenched
R. HillmanRBDENBenched
E. SandersWRDENStarting WR
D. BryantWRDALStarting RB/WR..
M. EvansWRTBStarting RB/WR..
M. WallaceWRMIABenched
M. FloydWRARIBenched
P. GarconWRWASBenched
K. BrittWRSTLBenched
J. ThomasTEDENStarting TE
R. RodgersTEGBBenched
S. GrahamKNOStarting K
B. CundiffKCLEBenched
TexansTMHOUStarting TM

T. RomoQBDALStarting QB
N. FolesQBPHIInjured IR
M. IngramRBNOStarting RB
L. McCoyRBPHIStarting RB/WR..
F. GoreRBSFBenched
C. HydeRBSFBenched
K. MorenoRBMIABenched
W. WelkerWRDENStarting WR
D. BaldwinWRSEAStarting RB/WR..
J. EdelmanWRNEBenched
E. RoyalWRSDBenched
M. ColstonWRNOBenched
R. RandleWRNYGBenched
H. MillerTEPITStarting TE
B. CelekTEPHIBenched
B. WalshKMINStarting K
J. BrownKNYGBenched
BuccaneersTMTBStarting TM

T. BradyQBNEStarting QB
J. FlaccoQBBALBenched
R. GriffinQBWASBenched
J. ForsettRBBALStarting RB
J. ThompsonRBDENBenched
A. DixonRBBUFBenched
M. JamesRBTBBenched
C. SpillerRBBUFInjured IR
D. ThomasWRDENStarting WR
G. TateWRDETStarting RB/WR..
D. JacksonWRWASBenched
T. WilliamsWRDALBenched
B. CooksWRNOInjured IR
A. JohnsonWRHOUInjured IR
J. GrahamTENOStarting TE
A. GatesTESDStarting RB/WR..
C. BarthKDENStarting K
R. GouldKCHIInjured IR
BroncosTMDENStarting TM

The Last Boy Scout

M. RyanQBATLStarting QB
R. WilsonQBSEABenched
D. MurrayRBDALStarting RB
J. CharlesRBKCStarting RB/WR..
T. WestRBCLEBenched
J. StarksRBGBBenched
J. RandleRBDALBenched
K. WilliamsRBARIBenched
J. GrimesRBHOUBenched
A. EllingtonRBARIInjured IR
J. McKinnonRBMINInjured IR
J. MaclinWRPHIStarting WR
A. HurnsWRJACBenched
J. LandryWRMIABenched
J. JonesWROAKBenched
C. ShortsWRJACBenched
K. AllenWRSDInjured IR
A. RobinsonWRJACInjured IR
B. QuickWRSTLInjured IR
M. WilliamsWRBUFInjured IR
O. DanielsTEBALStarting TE
M. RiveraTEOAKBenched
J. CameronTECLEBenched
G. BarnidgeTECLEBenched
J. TuckerKBALStarting K
TitansTMTENStarting TM


D. BreesQBNOStarting QB
B. HoyerQBCLEBenched
M. ForteRBCHIStarting RB
R. MathewsRBSDStarting RB/WR..
R. BushRBDETBenched
D. YoungRBWASBenched
D. BrownRBSDBenched
S. WatkinsWRBUFStarting WR
S. SmithWRBALStarting RB/WR..
M. AustinWRCLEBenched
S. JohnsonWRSFBenched
H. NicksWRINDBenched
J. CotcheryWRCARBenched
J. WittenTEDALStarting TE
D. FellsTENYGBenched
E. EbronTEDETBenched
D. CarpenterKBUFStarting K
N. FolkKNYJBenched
VikingsTMMINStarting TM


A. LuckQBINDStarting QB
D. StantonQBARIBenched
C. PalmerQBARIInjured IR
D. HerronRBINDStarting RB
L. MillerRBMIAStarting RB/WR..
G. BernardRBCINBenched
A. WilliamsRBNYGBenched
L. BlountRBNEBenched
J. GrayRBNEBenched
A. BlueRBHOUBenched
T. GerhartRBJACBenched
A. BradshawRBINDInjured IR
S. RidleyRBNEInjured IR
J. NelsonWRGBStarting WR
J. GordonWRCLEStarting RB/WR..
R. WhiteWRATLBenched
A. HolmesWROAKBenched
R. GronkowskiTENEStarting TE
T. KelceTEKCBenched
C. SturgisKMIAStarting K
BillsTMBUFStarting TM

C. NewtonQBCARStarting QB
D. CarrQBOAKBenched
D. AndersonQBCARBenched
J. ManzielQBCLEBenched
S. VereenRBNEStarting RB
K. DavisRBKCBenched
B. SankeyRBTENBenched
S. GreeneRBTENBenched
M. Jones-DrewRBOAKBenched
K. RobinsonRBNOInjured IR
T. SmithWRBALStarting WR
A. BrownWRPITStarting RB/WR..
C. JohnsonWRDETStarting RB/WR..
J. BrownWRARIBenched
P. HarvinWRNYJBenched
C. PattersonWRMINBenched
L. DonnellTENYGStarting TE
J. GreshamTECINBenched
D. PittaTEBALInjured IR
N. NovakKSDStarting K
LionsTMDETStarting TM


M. StaffordQBDETStarting QB
A. SmithQBKCBenched
J. HillRBCINStarting RB
A. MorrisRBWASStarting RB/WR..
D. SprolesRBPHIBenched
R. HeluRBWASBenched
D. McFaddenRBOAKBenched
A. PetersonRBMINInjured IR
O. BeckhamWRNYGStarting WR
A. JefferyWRCHIStarting RB/WR..
M. SanuWRCINBenched
M. FloydWRSDBenched
M. CrabtreeWRSFBenched
V. CruzWRNYGInjured IR
M. JonesWRCINInjured IR
C. FleenerTEINDStarting TE
V. DavisTESFBenched
C. ParkeyKPHIStarting K
M. NugentKCINBenched
EaglesTMPHIStarting TM

C. KaepernickQBSFStarting QB
B. RoethlisbergerQBPITBenched
I. CrowellRBCLEStarting RB
A. FosterRBHOUBenched
S. JacksonRBATLBenched
D. FreemanRBATLBenched
A. GreenWRCINStarting WR
R. CobbWRGBStarting RB/WR..
A. BoldinWRSFStarting RB/WR..
K. WrightWRTENBenched
L. FitzgeraldWRARIBenched
D. BoweWRKCBenched
R. CooperWRPHIBenched
D. AllenTEINDStarting TE
G. OlsenTECARBenched
D. BaileyKDALStarting K
S. SuishamKPITBenched
PanthersTMCARStarting TM