'08 Mets! At the Schvantz

P. ManningQBDENStarting QB
D. WilsonRBNYGStarting RB
M. Jones-DrewRBJACStarting RB/WR..
C. IvoryRBNYJBenched
M. BallRBDENBenched
B. MarshallWRCHIStarting WR
M. WallaceWRMIAStarting WR
J. GordonWRCLEBenched
T. HiltonWRINDBenched
E. SandersWRPITBenched
J. FinleyTEGBStarting TE
S. GostkowskiKNEStarting K
VikingsTMMINStarting TM

Mark Bavaro Out Route

E. ManningQBNYGStarting QB
R. WilsonQBSEABenched
A. MorrisRBWASStarting RB
C. JohnsonRBTENStarting RB/WR..
M. IngramRBNOBenched
R. HillmanRBDENBenched
C. ShortsWRJACStarting WR
J. SimpsonWRMINStarting WR
E. DeckerWRDENBenched
D. AmendolaWRNEBenched
K. WinslowTENYJStarting TE
J. GreshamTECINBenched
M. PraterKDENStarting K
FalconsTMATLStarting TM

End of an Era

T. BradyQBNEStarting QB
J. CutlerQBCHIBenched
T. RichardsonRBCLEStarting RB
D. McFaddenRBOAKStarting RB/WR..
F. JacksonRBBUFBenched
D. WilliamsRBCARBenched
J. DwyerRBPITBenched
D. JacksonWRPHIStarting WR
R. CobbWRGBStarting WR
K. StillsWRNOBenched
D. HopkinsWRHOUBenched
M. WilliamsWRTBBenched
G. OlsenTECARStarting TE
G. HartleyKNOStarting K
BuccaneersTMTBStarting TM

Tony Blowmo

R. GriffinQBWASStarting QB
T. RomoQBDALBenched
E. LacyRBGBStarting RB
G. BernardRBCINBenched
B. BrownRBPHIBenched
A. BradshawRBINDBenched
C. JohnsonWRDETStarting WR
D. BryantWRDALStarting WR
J. NelsonWRGBStarting RB/WR..
M. BrownWRBALBenched
V. BrownWRSDBenched
J. CookTESTLStarting TE
B. MyersTENYGBenched
P. DawsonKSFStarting K
TexansTMHOUStarting TM

More Touches Than Jerry

M. SchaubQBHOUStarting QB
A. DaltonQBCINBenched
F. GoreRBSFStarting RB
S. RidleyRBNEStarting RB/WR..
B. Green-EllisRBCINBenched
D. ScottRBNYGBenched
V. CruzWRNYGStarting WR
R. WhiteWRATLStarting WR
M. FloydWRARIBenched
J. JonesWRGBBenched
S. JohnsonWRBUFBenched
J. WittenTEDALStarting TE
M. BennettTECHIBenched
D. BaileyKDALStarting K
SteelersTMPITStarting TM

Robes Pierre

M. StaffordQBDETStarting QB
S. BradfordQBSTLBenched
R. RiceRBBALStarting RB
R. BushRBDETStarting RB/WR..
J. BellRBDETBenched
B. PierceRBBALBenched
W. WelkerWRDENStarting WR
J. JonesWRATLStarting WR
H. DouglasWRATLBenched
R. RandleWRNYGBenched
T. AustinWRSTLBenched
J. GrahamTENOStarting TE
S. JanikowskiKOAKStarting K
PanthersTMCARStarting TM

Peabody's Coaltraine

D. BreesQBNOStarting QB
A. PetersonRBMINStarting RB
M. LynchRBSEAStarting RB/WR..
B. TateRBHOUBenched
T. GerhartRBMINBenched
R. TurbinRBSEABenched
M. ColstonWRNOStarting WR
S. SmithWRCARStarting WR
J. EdelmanWRNEBenched
D. BoweWRKCBenched
J. CameronTECLEStarting TE
A. GatesTESDBenched
M. BryantKATLStarting K
BengalsTMCINStarting TM

Choppy's Schnappy and the Pony Express

M. VickQBPHIStarting QB
C. NewtonQBCARBenched
A. FosterRBHOUStarting RB
R. MathewsRBSDStarting RB/WR..
K. MorenoRBDENBenched
D. SprolesRBNOBenched
F. JonesRBPITBenched
A. JohnsonWRHOUStarting WR
P. GarconWRWASStarting WR
L. MooreWRNOBenched
J. ThomasTEDENStarting TE
Z. SudfeldTENYJBenched
S. HauschkaKSEAStarting K
RavensTMBALStarting TM

Riding the High Horse

M. RyanQBATLStarting QB
P. RiversQBSDBenched
D. MurrayRBDALStarting RB
D. RichardsonRBSTLStarting RB/WR..
L. MillerRBMIABenched
I. RedmanRBPITBenched
D. ThomasWRDENStarting WR
K. ThompkinsWRNEStarting WR
A. JefferyWRCHIBenched
G. TateWRSEABenched
M. AustinWRDALBenched
O. DanielsTEHOUStarting TE
R. GronkowskiTENEBenched
J. TuckerKBALStarting K
EaglesTMPHIStarting TM

Captain Wide Face and the Search for Midnight

A. LuckQBINDStarting QB
D. MartinRBTBStarting RB
J. CharlesRBKCStarting RB/WR..
P. ThomasRBNOBenched
K. DavisRBKCBenched
B. JacobsRBNYGBenched
I. PeadRBSTLBenched
A. BoldinWRSFStarting WR
R. WayneWRINDStarting WR
T. SmithWRBALBenched
J. BlackmonWRJACBenched
T. GonzalezTEATLStarting TE
C. FleenerTEINDBenched
J. BrownKNYGStarting K
PatriotsTMNEStarting TM

Late to the party

A. RodgersQBGBStarting QB
J. FlaccoQBBALBenched
C. SpillerRBBUFStarting RB
L. McCoyRBPHIStarting RB/WR..
L. BellRBPITBenched
C. MichaelRBSEABenched
V. JacksonWRTBStarting WR
H. NicksWRNYGStarting WR
B. HartlineWRMIABenched
G. JenningsWRMINBenched
R. WoodsWRBUFBenched
A. RobertsWRARIBenched
V. DavisTESFStarting TE
B. WalshKMINStarting K
SeahawksTMSEAStarting TM

Doin' Championship Work, Bitches!

C. KaepernickQBSFStarting QB
B. RoethlisbergerQBPITBenched
S. JacksonRBATLStarting RB
M. ForteRBCHIStarting RB/WR..
R. MendenhallRBARIBenched
R. HeluRBWASBenched
A. GreenWRCINStarting WR
L. FitzgeraldWRARIStarting WR
A. BrownWRPITBenched
C. GivensWRSTLBenched
D. Heyward-BeyWRINDBenched
K. RudolphTEMINStarting TE
G. ZuerleinKSTLStarting K
DolphinsTMMIAStarting TM