The current draft pick is 5.3 (51st overall). is now drafting! The previous picks were

Too good of shape

M. SchaubQBHOUStarting QB
M. Jones-DrewRBJACStarting RB
T. JonesRBNYJStarting RB/WR..
D. McFaddenRBOAKBenched
M. BushRBOAKBenched
M. BellRBNOBenched
S. SmithWRCARStarting WR
N. BurlesonWRSEAStarting WR
D. BoweWRKCBenched
A. BryantWRTBBenched
J. KnoxWRCHIBenched
O. DanielsTEHOUStarting TE
M. CrosbyKGBStarting K
PackersTMGBStarting TM

Give me 6 Eli

P. RiversQBSDStarting QB
E. ManningQBNYGBenched
C. JohnsonRBTENStarting RB
M. LynchRBBUFStarting RB/WR..
F. JonesRBPITBenched
J. AddaiRBNEBenched
B. WellsRBARIBenched
D. JacksonWRPHIStarting WR
C. JohnsonWRCINStarting WR
T. GinnWRARIBenched
J. MaclinWRPHIBenched
G. OlsenTECHIStarting TE
N. KaedingKSDStarting K
JetsTMNYJStarting TM

The Last Dynasty

T. BradyQBNEStarting QB
M. StaffordQBDETBenched
B. JacobsRBNYGStarting RB
B. WestbrookRBPHIStarting RB/WR..
C. BuckhalterRBDENBenched
J. HarrisonRBCLEBenched
M. ManninghamWRNYGStarting WR
T. HoushmandzadehWRSEAStarting WR
E. RoyalWRDENBenched
K. WinslowTETBStarting TE
V. DavisTESFBenched
N. RackersKARIStarting K
G. HartleyKNOBenched
GiantsTMNYGStarting TM

Lord of the (Wedding) Rings

M. RyanQBATLStarting QB
K. OrtonQBDENBenched
S. SlatonRBHOUStarting RB
D. WardRBTBStarting RB/WR..
F. JacksonRBBUFBenched
T. HightowerRBARIBenched
S. RiceWRMINStarting WR
H. WardWRPITStarting WR
C. JohnsonWRDETBenched
R. WayneWRINDBenched
E. BennettWRCHIBenched
T. GonzalezTEATLStarting TE
T. HeapTEBALBenched
L. TynesKNYGStarting K
VikingsTMMINStarting TM

bye week

C. PalmerQBCINStarting QB
S. JacksonRBSTLStarting RB
R. GrantRBGBStarting RB/WR..
T. ChoiceRBINDBenched
J. JonesRBSEABenched
K. SmithRBDETBenched
N. WashingtonWRTENStarting WR
D. HesterWRCHIStarting WR
T. OwensWRBUFBenched
R. WilliamsWRCHIBenched
A. GonzalezWRNEBenched
C. CooleyTEWASStarting TE
K. BrownKHOUStarting K
BearsTMCHIStarting TM

Robes Pierre

J. FlaccoQBBALStarting QB
T. RomoQBDALBenched
M. CasselQBKCBenched
M. ForteRBCHIStarting RB
R. RiceRBBALStarting RB/WR..
D. BrownRBSDBenched
R. BrownRBHOUBenched
R. WilliamsRBBALBenched
A. BoldinWRARIStarting WR
D. AveryWRSTLStarting WR
B. EdwardsWRNYJBenched
J. FinleyTEGBStarting TE
D. ClarkTEBALBenched
S. GostkowskiKNEStarting K
RavensTMBALStarting TM

The Michael Vick Redemption Project

D. BreesQBNOStarting QB
D. GarrardQBJACBenched
A. PetersonRBMINStarting RB
J. StewartRBCARStarting RB/WR..
R. BushRBNOBenched
L. WashingtonRBNYJBenched
C. TaylorRBMINBenched
V. JacksonWRSDStarting WR
R. WhiteWRATLStarting WR
A. CollieWRNEBenched
D. MasonWRBALBenched
J. CarlsonTESEAStarting TE
D. AkersKPHIStarting K
EaglesTMPHIStarting TM

C. Johnson Pulls Out, R. Williams Puts In

J. CampbellQBWASStarting QB
P. ManningQBDENBenched
C. BensonRBCINStarting RB
L. JohnsonRBKCStarting RB/WR..
J. LewisRBCLEBenched
G. CoffeeRBSFBenched
A. JohnsonWRHOUStarting WR
D. DriverWRGBStarting WR
B. BerrianWRMINBenched
S. BreastonWRARIBenched
M. MassaquoiWRCLEBenched
J. ShockeyTENOStarting TE
J. WittenTEDALBenched
R. LongwellKMINStarting K
PanthersTMCARStarting TM

Riding the High Horse

J. CutlerQBCHIStarting QB
M. HasselbeckQBSEABenched
W. McGaheeRBBALStarting RB
D. WilliamsRBCARStarting RB/WR..
M. BarberRBCHIBenched
C. WilliamsRBTBBenched
G. JenningsWRGBStarting WR
S. MossWRWASStarting WR
P. GarconWRWASBenched
M. AustinWRCLEBenched
A. GatesTESDStarting TE
B. CelekTEPHIBenched
J. ScobeeKJACStarting K
PatriotsTMNEStarting TM

Breastmilk Mustache

B. RoethlisbergerQBPITStarting QB
K. WarnerQBARIBenched
M. SanchezQBNYJBenched
R. MendenhallRBPITStarting RB
K. MorenoRBDENStarting RB/WR..
P. ThomasRBNOBenched
D. SprolesRBSDBenched
A. BradshawRBNYGBenched
L. TomlinsonRBSDBenched
M. ColstonWRNOStarting WR
R. MossWRNEStarting WR
H. NicksWRNYGBenched
T. SchefflerTEDENStarting TE
R. GouldKCHIStarting K
SteelersTMPITStarting TM

Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood

A. RodgersQBGBStarting QB
B. FavreQBMINBenched
C. PortisRBWASStarting RB
L. McCoyRBPHIBenched
W. ParkerRBPITBenched
B. MarshallWRDENStarting WR
S. SmithWRNYGStarting WR
S. HolmesWRPITStarting RB/WR..
M. WallaceWRPITBenched
J. CotcheryWRCARBenched
P. HarvinWRMINBenched
H. MillerTEPITStarting TE
R. BironasKTENStarting K
N. FolkKNYJBenched
BroncosTMDENStarting TM

Front Door, Bitches!

D. McNabbQBPHIStarting QB
M. TurnerRBATLStarting RB
F. GoreRBSFBenched
S. MorrisRBNEBenched
L. WhiteRBTENBenched
L. FitzgeraldWRARIStarting WR
M. Sims-WalkerWRJACStarting WR
W. WelkerWRNEStarting RB/WR..
J. MorganWRCHIBenched
T. HoltWRJACBenched
D. KellerTENYJStarting TE
V. ShiancoeTEMINBenched
M. PraterKDENStarting K
JaguarsTMJACStarting TM