The current draft pick is 4.12 (48th overall). is now drafting! The previous picks were

Too good of shape

T. ThigpenQBKCStarting QB
B. RoethlisbergerQBPITBenched
K. OrtonQBCHIBenched
M. Jones-DrewRBJACStarting RB
L. JohnsonRBKCStarting RB/WR..
J. AddaiRBNEBenched
B. JacksonRBGBBenched
S. SmithWRCARStarting WR
D. BoweWRKCStarting WR
R. WilliamsWRDALBenched
J. ShockeyTENOStarting TE
O. DanielsTEHOUBenched
N. RackersKARIStarting K
EaglesTMPHIStarting TM

I'm sorry Anquan

J. DelhommeQBCARStarting QB
M. CasselQBNEBenched
M. SchaubQBHOUBenched
D. GarrardQBJACBenched
M. LynchRBBUFStarting RB
C. JohnsonRBTENStarting RB/WR..
L. MaroneyRBDENBenched
A. BryantWRTBStarting WR
D. DriverWRGBStarting WR
L. ColesWRNYJBenched
D. KellerTENYJStarting TE
R. LongwellKMINStarting K
RedskinsTMWASStarting TM

The Last Dynasty

P. RiversQBSDStarting QB
T. BradyQBNEBenched
D. RhodesRBINDStarting RB
B. WestbrookRBPHIStarting RB/WR..
B. JacobsRBNYGBenched
T. ChoiceRBDALBenched
B. MarshallWRDENStarting WR
E. RoyalWRDENStarting WR
H. WardWRPITBenched
B. EdwardsWRCLEBenched
C. CooleyTEWASStarting TE
J. CarlsonTESEABenched
R. BironasKTENStarting K
ColtsTMINDStarting TM

All I Do Is Win

J. CutlerQBDENStarting QB
B. FavreQBNYJBenched
L. WhiteRBTENStarting RB
S. SlatonRBHOUStarting RB/WR..
F. GoreRBSFBenched
D. FosterRBSFBenched
C. JohnsonWRDETStarting WR
R. WayneWRINDStarting WR
T. HoltWRSTLBenched
A. GatesTESDStarting TE
J. CarneyKNYGStarting K
M. BryantKTBBenched
DolphinsTMMIAStarting TM

there's always next year...

D. McNabbQBPHIStarting QB
S. JacksonRBSTLStarting RB
K. SmithRBDETStarting RB/WR..
F. JacksonRBBUFBenched
S. MorrisRBNEBenched
R. TorainRBNYGBenched
V. JacksonWRSDStarting WR
T. OwensWRDALStarting WR
D. JacksonWRPHIBenched
M. FloydWRSDBenched
P. BurressWRPITBenched
Z. MillerTEOAKStarting TE
R. GouldKCHIStarting K
PanthersTMCARStarting TM

Robes Pierre

T. RomoQBDALStarting QB
R. BushRBNOStarting RB
M. ForteRBCHIStarting RB/WR..
J. StewartRBCARBenched
L. McClainRBBALBenched
L. WashingtonRBNYJBenched
T. HightowerRBARIBenched
D. BessWRMIAStarting WR
T. HoushmandzadehWRCINStarting WR
J. GageWRTENBenched
A. GonzalezWRINDBenched
S. BreastonWRARIBenched
G. OlsenTECHIStarting TE
J. BrownKSTLStarting K
BillsTMBUFStarting TM

All I Do Is Finish Second

K. WarnerQBARIStarting QB
D. BreesQBNOBenched
A. PetersonRBMINStarting RB
T. JonesRBNYJStarting RB/WR..
C. TaylorRBMINBenched
R. GrantRBGBBenched
C. BensonRBCINBenched
A. BoldinWRARIStarting WR
R. WhiteWRATLStarting WR
J. CotcheryWRNYJBenched
T. GonzalezTEKCStarting TE
N. FolkKDALStarting K
PatriotsTMNEStarting TM

My trophy case is filling up

P. ManningQBINDStarting QB
K. CollinsQBTENBenched
W. ParkerRBPITStarting RB
J. FargasRBOAKStarting RB/WR..
M. MooreRBPITBenched
K. FaulkRBNEBenched
J. LewisRBCLEBenched
A. JohnsonWRHOUStarting WR
W. WelkerWRNEStarting WR
L. MooreWRNOBenched
M. HarrisonWRINDBenched
J. WittenTEDALStarting TE
R. LindellKBUFStarting K
GiantsTMNYGStarting TM

Veto my YAMBAG

M. RyanQBATLStarting QB
E. ManningQBNYGBenched
D. WilliamsRBCARStarting RB
P. ThomasRBNOBenched
W. McGaheeRBBALBenched
P. HillisRBNYGBenched
M. BarberRBDALBenched
G. JenningsWRGBStarting WR
L. EvansWRBUFStarting WR
C. JohnsonWRCINStarting RB/WR..
D. HixonWRNYGBenched
T. SchefflerTEDENStarting TE
B. ScaifeTETENBenched
J. ElamKATLStarting K
BearsTMCHIStarting TM

Drew's dumpster diving adventures

G. FrerotteQBMINStarting QB
L. TomlinsonRBSDStarting RB
F. JonesRBPITBenched
R. WilliamsRBMIABenched
J. NorwoodRBATLBenched
M. ColstonWRNOStarting WR
R. MossWRNEStarting WR
A. ToomerWRNYGStarting RB/WR..
R. MeachemWRNOBenched
B. BerrianWRMINBenched
K. WalterWRHOUBenched
K. BossTENYGStarting TE
K. WinslowTENYJBenched
M. CrosbyKGBStarting K
RavensTMBALStarting TM

Zion Lions

A. RodgersQBGBStarting QB
C. PalmerQBARIBenched
C. PenningtonQBMIABenched
C. PortisRBWASStarting RB
D. WardRBNYGStarting RB/WR..
E. GrahamRBTBBenched
S. HolmesWRPITStarting WR
D. MasonWRBALStarting WR
D. AveryWRSTLBenched
D. HendersonWRWASBenched
M. MuhammadWRCARBenched
P. CraytonWRDALBenched
D. ClarkTEINDStarting TE
S. GostkowskiKNEStarting K
SteelersTMPITStarting TM

Back Door, Bitches!

J. FlaccoQBBALStarting QB
J. GarciaQBHOUBenched
T. EdwardsQBOAKBenched
M. TurnerRBATLStarting RB
R. BrownRBMIAStarting RB/WR..
D. McFaddenRBOAKBenched
W. DunnRBTBBenched
L. FitzgeraldWRARIStarting WR
S. MossWRWASStarting WR
T. GinnWRMIABenched
M. BradleyWRNOBenched
V. ShiancoeTEMINStarting TE
M. PraterKDENStarting K
J. FeelyKNYJBenched
JetsTMNYJStarting TM