The current draft pick is 4.7 (43rd overall). is now drafting! The previous picks were
4 MonthsThe 2014 schedule has been automatically generated.
12 Days put Jordy Nelson WR GB on the trading block.
12 Days put Giovani Bernard RB CIN on the trading block.
2 DaysThe commish has released all non-keepers.
2 DaysThe commish has changed the draft settings.
2 Days Drafted Giovani Bernard RB CIN 1.1 (1st overall)
1 Day Drafted Jordy Nelson WR GB 1.2 (2nd overall)
1 Day Drafted Antonio Brown WR PIT 1.3 (3rd overall)
1 Day Drafted Pierre Garcon WR WAS 1.4 (4th overall)
1 Day Drafted Vincent Jackson WR TB 1.5 (5th overall)
1 Day Drafted Vernon Davis TE SF 1.6 (6th overall)
22 Hrs Drafted Rob Gronkowski TE NE 1.7 (7th overall)
22 Hrs Drafted Andre Johnson WR HOU 1.8 (8th overall)
21 Hrs Drafted C. J. Spiller RB BUF 1.9 (9th overall)
20 Hrs Drafted Rashad Jennings RB NYG 1.10 (10th overall)
20 Hrs Drafted Keenan Allen WR SD 1.11 (11th overall)