The current draft pick is 4.11 (47th overall). is now drafting! The previous picks were
38 Mins Drafted Jonathan Stewart RB CAR 4.10 (46th overall)
43 Mins Drafted Eric Berry DB KC 4.9 (45th overall)
2 Hrs Drafted Jadeveon Clowney LB HOU 4.8 (44th overall)
7 Hrs Drafted Greg Hardy DL CAR 4.7 (43rd overall) (using Commish Powers)
7 Hrs Drafted Greg Olsen TE CAR 4.6 (42nd overall)
15 Hrs Drafted Philip Rivers QB SD 4.5 (41st overall)
16 Hrs Drafted Dennis Pitta TE BAL 4.4 (40th overall)
17 Hrs Drafted Ladarius Green TE SD 4.3 (39th overall)
1 Day Drafted Derrick Johnson LB KC 4.2 (38th overall)
1 Day Drafted Bobby Wagner LB SEA 4.1 (37th overall)
1 Day Drafted Devonta Freeman RB ATL 3.12 (36th overall)
1 Day Drafted Jay Cutler QB CHI 3.11 (35th overall)
1 Day Drafted Mike Evans WR TB 3.10 (34th overall)
2 Days Drafted Julian Edelman WR NE 3.9 (33rd overall)
2 Days Drafted Paul Posluszny LB JAC 3.8 (32nd overall)
2 Days Drafted Mike Wallace WR MIA 3.7 (31st overall)