The current draft pick is 7.6 (78th overall). is now drafting! The previous picks were
45 Mins Drafted Dennis Pitta TE BAL 7.5 (77th overall)
55 Mins Drafted Philip Rivers QB SD 7.4 (76th overall)
1 Hr Drafted Kyle Rudolph TE MIN 7.3 (75th overall)
1 Hr Drafted Jordan Matthews WR PHI 7.2 (74th overall)
1 Hr Drafted Cincinnati Bengals TM CIN 7.1 (73rd overall)
1 Hr Drafted Tony Romo QB DAL 6.12 (72nd overall)
2 Hrs Drafted St. Louis Rams TM STL 6.11 (71st overall)
2 Hrs Drafted Carlos Hyde RB SF 6.10 (70th overall)
2 Hrs Drafted Justin Hunter WR TEN 6.9 (69th overall)
2 Hrs Drafted New England Patriots TM NE 6.8 (68th overall)
3 Hrs Drafted Lamar Miller RB MIA 6.7 (67th overall)
5 Hrs Drafted San Francisco 49ers TM SF 6.6 (66th overall)
5 Hrs Drafted Carolina Panthers TM CAR 6.5 (65th overall)
6 Hrs Drafted Golden Tate WR DET 6.4 (64th overall)
6 Hrs Drafted Kansas City Chiefs TM KC 6.3 (63rd overall)
6 Hrs Drafted Terrance Williams WR DAL 6.2 (62nd overall)