Dynasty001 Jul 20 '10

Think he's a good keeper?


J-J Jul 21 '10

depends how deep the league is.

he's easily 1 of the top 5 C's in the game - when healthy - that's the key.

his rehab has been going reportedly well so that's a good sign.

but it would also depend on how many keepers you're allowed to have. it may come down to yao or some other 4th keeper which would obv be a judgement call

Dynasty001 Jul 25 '10

how about in the dream league? 3 keepers, I got 2 but can't decide on a third.

J-J Jul 26 '10

it's a deep league - 16 teams - so i would say yea.

if you hang onto him & he recovers well from his injury then you can always trade him

J-J Jul 26 '10

btw, that links to my hawks team in that league.

any particular reason? lol

Dynasty001 Jul 27 '10

When I click it, it goes to my team. Weird, lol.

Dynasty001 Jul 27 '10

I'm just gonna wait as long as possible to see if we can hear more about his return date... Thanx jj

J-J Jul 27 '10

then again...


Dynasty001 Jul 27 '10

yeah I saw that too lol