junglejunky Jan 02 '76

i've encountered this "to stream or not stream" debate in a number of leagues.

for those not in the kno:

stream (v.) - to cut & add players each day in order to maximize scoring and beat an opponent.

technically, it's fair play since there are no transaction limits (that i kno of) on FF. it's just not sportsmanlike. having the ability to stream is the reason many owners join dailies as opposed to weeklies, where lineups are set once per week.

i was an avid streamer when i began playing this year but, thanks to an epipheny inspired by deen, i hav changed the way i play.

i only stream if my opponent is doing the same; that way i can keep up in a match, if my opponent only plays his players scheduled to play that day so do i, only adding if a player must go on the DL.

deen & i agree that setting transaction limits would help deter this situation.

i'm curious wat other owners' thoughts as well as admins' opinions on streaming and transaction limits -


junglejunky Jan 06 '76

i sent a similar message to the admins & hal wrote back earlier that their production team has considered adding transaction limits as a "high priority" & could be made available as early as the next football season.

i suggested that it be made an option for commishes to choose whether or not to implement limits. it would be included in the commish options/edit trans. rules section & may have a drop-down box similar to selecting # of keepers.

their response made it seem like the change is coming down the road.

i think it would add a level of strategy. let's say 15 has been set as a weekly limit by ur commish. u then hav to decide when to use them. would u run thru them early in the week, say on TUES, & try to gain an early lead? or would u sit on them in case they're needed later in the week to try & catch up to ur opponent?

it's a small addition that could hav a huge impact on the play of the game

DARKSEID Jan 06 '76

I see it as totaly being a part of a daily league. If the people in the league are not prepared to do the same then they should stick to weekly leagues. I feel transaction limits would defeat the whole purpose of a daily league, and that purpose being to come up with the best possible roster everyday. Junglejunky just be aware that by not going for your highest possible score each week may end up keeping you out of the playoffs if you tie a win loss record with somebody and they have a higer score because they streamed all week.

deen Jan 06 '76

Transaction limits are absolutely necassary in daily leagues, especially points leagues.

[Deleted User] Jan 06 '76

If in a daily league I have ,of course, done what is required to allow me the maximum chance to win. However, I prefer weekly leagues here and on Yahoo I attempt to find those with a weekly transaction limit.

As fleaflicker is a points system rather than categories then the skill of picking players to slot in who do not have a negative effect on FG%, FT%, A/T ratio or TOs is removed.

I suspect next season I will avoid daily leagues on this site (Unless a transactions limit is made available as an option).