JGERK Feb 01 '10

ok so I got offered a trade

I get Paul Peirce and Richard Hamilton

He gets brandon Roy

What do you guys think? Should I do it?


junglejunky Feb 04 '10


pierce is hurt & hamilton could be dealt to any number of teams, possibly changing his role & production totals.

hang on to roy.

he's a star.

DARKSEID Feb 04 '10

He's a star??? Looks like he sucks to me. fleaflicker.com Pierce only has a hurt left foot and he is posting star like numbers. fleaflicker.com Hamiltons numbers are right uo there too. fleaflicker.com TRUST ME TAKE THE TRADE. You cant go wrong.

deen Feb 04 '10

I wouldnt do that trade..

Rather have Roy.

DARKSEID Feb 02 '10

Yes, do it. Do it now!