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junglejunky Oct 26 '75

can someone please explain exactly how FF's karma system works?

i dropped out of my weekly leagues because i found dailies to be more fun & challenging (as well as football leagues because i joined way too many).

i've worn this red badge of shame for weeks & have felt the ill effects.

a player i've never encountered before, who's joined a baseball league i'm in, wrote on the message board "don't trust junglejunky."

i did nothing to this player or to anyone else. i play fair & feel like i'm a part of this community.

i feel i've served my penance and yet, i'm stigmatized because of this karma system.

so please, someone enlighten me -

mr karma



Volt Oct 26 '75

The problem is that you dropped out of a lot of leagues. That is how you got that nice little red flag.

Dropping out of leagues is incredibly annoying for anyone staying around in a league. The league is now saddled with a dead team. Sometimes they can find a replacement owner, but oftentimes they can't, especially if it is a bad team.

Don't join leagues you won't stay with. If you find that you don't like a certain system, just stick it out and drop at the end of the season, or find a replacement for your team prior to dropping. The more leagues you join and then drop out of, the longer you are going to have that flag.

Volt Oct 26 '75

... the flag will go away after a while though, unless they changed that.

junglejunky Oct 26 '75

thanks, i understand all that.

the flag's come and gone once already.

i wanted to know EXACTLY how the process works — is there a ratio to leagues dropped/games played? how many games played balances out the bad karma left from dropping leagues?

is there one person who decides or several? does FF have, stop me here, a profile assessment committee?

the major flaw in the red-flag system is that, on this site, perception IS reality, as i noted with the example in my 1st post. the player who wrote not to trust me has never played in a league with me. they don't know i commish a dozen leagues in basketball and football. they have no idea how many trivial squabbles i squashed from players who just wanted to slur each other on the message boards.

where's the good karma represented in this situations?

it doesn't exist — because the perception, or reality, is that your karma is only based on your dropping out/staying in leagues.

one could, in theory, be the biggest a-hole on FF, call everyone cheaters, play horribly, and yet, never drop out of a league and they would have perfect karma.

it's a flawed system.

Dynasty001 Oct 27 '75

yeah your right, FF is technically right too though because you're not supposed to drop out of so many leagues. They flag just shows that you drop out of a lot of leagues, which evidently you do. I get what you're saying about the the people on the message boards who just see the flags and go against or kick you out cuz of it, in that way its flawed. I think you just should not join so many leagues and then decide which to stay in, and FF tries to prevent people from doing that by giving them the flag. They want you to stay in all of them you join, which im sure no one does.

I don't think anyone except the admins know the exact number of dropouts until you get the flag. I've probably dropped out of 5-6 football, basketball, hockey leagues since November, wonder if thats considered a lot.