junglejunky Sep 25 '75

in a league wit 4 keepers, who would u keep?

tyreke evans or russell westbrook?

- already have kobe, pau & josh smith locked


deen Nov 15 '75


samsbears Oct 05 '75


Dynasty001 Sep 27 '75

got no one better than these 2? -- who else u got?

junglejunky Oct 03 '75

not bad for a 12-team league

Dynasty001 Oct 03 '75

which league is it? so i can give you the 4 i'd keep

champs21 Sep 27 '75


TomLorenzo Sep 26 '75

I would keep Evans. You're already off to a nice start in FG% and Westbrook is a negative in that category. You can pick up more assists later.

juggaloboy14 Sep 25 '75