deen Sep 14 '75

Instead of having the sg/sf and pf/c option is there a way just to make it a G and a F option? I mean when setting up a league, we already have the G option but why cant we have the F option?

What i'd like to do is have the G and F option to go along with the UTL's instead of the G, SG'SF, PF/C and UTL's..


deen Sep 14 '75

Yeah, thats probably my best option..

My question then would be, when I did a mock I noticed Joe Johnson is listed as only a G so then would the starting position for him be only in the UTL's if I dont have the G position?

deen Sep 14 '75

By the way, im not a fantasy hoops newb..But this is my 1st time trying to figure it out on flea and having points leagues as the only option..

junglejunky Sep 14 '75

make it PG-SG for the G position

& the same with SF-PF for the F position