junglejunky Aug 29 '75

someone traded me their 1st & 3rd picks in next year's draft for CHANNING FRYE? channing frye? yes, his numbers have spiked with phoenix. that's why i drafted him in the next to last round of our draft.

but for a 1st & 3rd?

i hit that "accept trade" button so fast i nearly hurt my finger

sorry to gload. i just had to tell someone


Dynasty001 Aug 30 '75

nice deal -- i wouldn't even trade a guy like joe johnson or danny granger for a 1 & 3, never mind channing frye. i hadn't even heard of him till 2 weeks ago. the guy that traded for him was probably a suns fan, and definitely an idiot

junglejunky Sep 04 '75

right. that or he doesn't plan on playing next yr.