badgerbob1960 Aug 29 '75

Is this a good deal?

C.Butler Wash.

S.Jackson Char.

D.West NO.

For ********

K.Bryant LA

DJ.Augustine NO.

R.Brewer LA


champs21 Sep 03 '75

dont do it!!!!!!!!

Dynasty001 Sep 04 '75

i think it depends on ur team and who you have -- if you got other guys who are good already, don't do it -- if you need depth, do it

Dynasty001 Aug 29 '75

which side r u getting?

badgerbob1960 Aug 29 '75

I would be getting the top half. I am not a big Kobe fan and I thought I would be getting 3 good players for the price of 1 star. Am I wrong? Should I blow off the trade?

Dynasty001 Aug 29 '75

I agree with you-- you'll get only a little with Brewer and nothing with Augustin. you'll get consistency with West, Jackson i think is gonna surprise some people with good numbers with the bobcats, and butler can be great at times but suck other times. Im a BOS fan and hate kobe, so id do it, but the deal seems pretty equal to me. your call

badgerbob1960 Aug 29 '75

thanks I appreciate the input. I just hope that everyone in my league sees it that way. You know what happens when you trade a superstar!