cheerios Jul 30 '75

Tony Parker

Allen Iverson

Tracy McGrady

Kevin Garnett

Amar'e Stoudemire

Jason Terry

Manu Ginobili

Matt Bonner

Ray Allen

Luis Scola

Steve Nash

Blake Griffin

Tyler Hansbrough


champs21 Sep 03 '75

allen iverson*

champs21 Sep 03 '75

i agree with dynasty..when these people were in there prime they were unstoppable. but now they r not the same u should trade allen and mcgrady for a good person i give it a 6.

Dynasty001 Aug 23 '75

66 -- most of these guys are hurt or just aren't putting up the #'s they used to -- Parker, AI, T-Mac, KG, Manu, Ray Allen, Griffin

Nash is your only great player here

LynnSnell7 Aug 22 '75

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Baron Davis

Tracy McGrady

LeBron James

Kevin Garnett


Mo Williams

LaMar Odom

Glen Davis

Ron Artest

Michael Beasley

Dynasty001 Aug 23 '75


wadergator Aug 17 '75


ill Aug 15 '75


Josh91 Aug 09 '75


Not enough C/F depth

Chosyn1 Aug 05 '75