ssuperflash Jul 17 '75

Oh yeah, basketball is here! This should be interesting.


ill Aug 15 '75

Denver nuggets is winning it all.

LynnSnell7 Jul 22 '75

oh yeah! Try not to get too many leagues in this one

hallertau Jul 18 '75

looking for a daily league to join ?

Shhhhh22 Jul 18 '75

i'm actually looking forward to this

XxJohnson_09xX Jul 17 '75

i hate basketball hah

Tug_McDuff Jul 21 '75

with you

XxJohnson_09xX Jul 21 '75

haha yea i am still gunna play in a few leagues but its a gay sport, well i play hockey so thats probably why, hockey is physical basketball isnt...

ALL_In_1_Go Jul 31 '75

I dare you to say that in front of Ron Artest or Shaq's face. . . . . . . . .

Josh91 Aug 09 '75

Im a football fan more than basketball or hockey but I have to say I would much rather say something about basketball to Shaq or Artest than to say something about hockey to someone like Ovechkin. Hockey players are fucking crazy and dont give a fuck, its a fun sport to watch.

XxJohnson_09xX Aug 10 '75

hockey is a lot better ha