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mrdarksyde Aug 21 '78

Its a custom scoring league. We've already done the draft. One of the owners isn't paying attention to his team & I want a serious owner who will take it over & pay attention. Team has D Wade,Rudy Gay,Amare, Dragic,Pierce, Turner and more. Its a good team and the scoring in the league is awesome. Its still early. We r only in the 2nd week of our fantasy season. 10 team 6 teams make playoffs so only the real bad ones wont make it lol! If u want in ill send u the link! ONLY SERIOUS OWNERS PLEASE!



I will join if I can get you in mine on ESPN.

mrdarksyde Aug 26 '78

Is the espn one already drafted? If not when is it? And the team above has been takin over already but i have one more available. Has several studs like Lin,Kobe,Bosh,Kemba,Butler, Mayo,West. Its 2-0 right now. On its way to 3-0. Its in 2nd behind me