LakeShoW4Life Sep 08 '75

Hey everyone,

I am starting up a league that is intended to be very active and competitive in terms of the chat box, trade discussions and trades, and free agent maneuvering. In essence, each owner will strive to better their team on a daily basis. This league is on ESPN, so you must be registered with them. This is a 12 Team, 4 Keeper, H2H Points League that is intending to draft at 4:30 pm EST on Saturday, November 28 (tomorrow). You may check out the league settings at

More importantly, you can check out our league's Constitution to make sure that this is the type of league for you------------>

We are currently recruiting 4-5 more owners. This is not a first come, first serve kind of thing. If you are interested, e-mail me at and tell me about some of your experience and why you would like to join.

Let's have some fun.