Jose Calderon PG NY 2 Months

Jose Calderon hopes that he will be able to play alongside Carmelo Anthony in New York.

"He's one of the best players in our league and I'd love to play with him," Calderon said Friday during a conference call. "I think I could help him to just take a lot of pressure out of him, just give him the ball when he's ready for it... Anything I can do to make him stay, for sure." Calderon is a pass-first point guard, and he could make a nice pairing with 'Melo in New York. However, it remains to be seen whether or not the New York born superstar will be returning to the Big Apple.

Jose Calderon PG NY 2 Months

President Phil Jackson said one of the reasons he acquired Jose Calderon and Samuel Dalembert was to "change some of the chemistry" of his team.

"To do that we felt [it was] important to bring in some new personnel and start with some character guys that we feel can carry this forward," Jackson said. The Knicks got the type of point guard they needed for their new system, but certainly sacrificed the center spot. Calderon should be set up for success with the Knicks and could be one of the best point guards in fantasy as long as he stays healthy.

Jose Calderon PG NY 2 Months

Jose Calderon was traded to the Knicks on Wednesday.

While Calderon doesn't come cheap at $7.1 million, the Knicks have been starving for a starting point guard for a long time. He's been among the league leaders in assist:turnover ratio for several years and has led all guards in effective field goal percentage for each of the last two seasons. He already has a very fantasy-friendly game and the move to the Knicks could help him as long as he's able to stay healthy.

Jose Calderon PG NY 2 Months

The Knicks are close to acquiring Jose Calderon in a deal with the Mavericks.

His efficient scoring and 3-point shooting make him a near ideal fit for the triangle offense. The Knicks haven't been able to get much out of their point guards in recent memory, so bringing on Calderon would be a welcomed sight. He'd have very alluring fantasy value in the Knicks system.

Jose Calderon PG NY 4 Months

Jose Calderon plans to play for Spain's national team this summer.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban doesn't like his players risking injuries overseas and he can't be thrilled that his 32-year-old point guard will take on more wear-and-tear for Spain, especially since Dallas owes Calderon a guaranteed $22.2 million combined through the 2016-17 season. Calderon averaged 11.4 points this season while shooting a sparkling 44.9 percent from downtown, finishing with mid-round value in most fantasy formats.

Jose Calderon PG NY 4 Months

Jose Calderon broke his nose after colliding with Tony Parker during the second half of the Mavericks' Game 6 victory on Friday.

Calderon briefly returned to the court but he found it "tough to breathe" and was forced to ask for a substitution. "I hope I'm better in Game 7. I think we were trying to stop the bleeding, so there was a lot of stuff up my nose," Calderon said. "I think it was that more than anything else with the breathing." Doctors will determine whether Calderon should wear a protective mask for Sunday's decisive game in San Antonio.

Jose Calderon PG NY 4 Months

Jose Calderon scored all 12 of his points in the third quarter of Wednesday's Game 2 win over San Antonio.

Calderon played 28 minutes Wednesday night after seeing only 16 during the Mavericks' Game 1 loss. "Listen, Calderon has been great for us all year," Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said. "We need him. ... He's played in a lot of big games. He knows what this is all about. My message to him has been, 'Hey, you stay aggressive and keep doing what you do. That's what we need you to do.'" Devin Harris had another strong game with 18 points in 24 minutes, but Calderon may have held onto his starting spot for Game 3 with his performance Wednesday night.

Jose Calderon PG NY 4 Months

Jose Calderon will be the Mavericks starting point guard for game 2 against the Spurs.

Calderon only managed seven points in his 16 minutes of action on Sunday, while backup point guard Devin Harris had a team-high 19 points. Dirk Nowitzki confirmed that despite his poor play, Calderon will not lose his starting spot. "I think we were a little slow and we were down eight or 10 pretty quick there in the first quarter, so we've got to be a little better there, but Jose is our starter. He's the guy that puts us in our plays and we're rolling with it."

Jose Calderon PG NY 4 Months

Jose Calderon played just 16 minutes against the Spurs on Sunday in a loss, scoring seven points with two assists and one 3-pointer.

He barely played in the first half and it would not have been a shock to see him come off the bench in the second half in favor of Devin Harris, but Calderon did in fact start both halves. He can't really defend penetration well, so that spells trouble against a guy like Tony Parker. Coach Rick Carlisle has some thinking to do despite how Calderon and Monta Ellis have played well together this season.

Jose Calderon PG NY 5 Months

Jose Calderon played just 17 minutes and missed all three of his shots in Saturday's win over the Suns.

Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe were running circles around Calderon, so Rick Carlisle went with Monta Ellis and Devin Harris for most of the game. There's no report of an injury to JC, so we're guessing he's back out there for the next one. Harris wasn't great, with three points and six assists in 31 minutes.