Klay Thompson SG GS 3 Days

Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry are both confident that Thompson will remain with the Warriors despite Golden State's involvement in Kevin Love trade talks.

Thompson spoke with coach Steve Kerr and said he "got the vibe" that he's not going anywhere next season, which meshes with reports that Golden State has refused to include him in trades. His sentiments were echoed by Curry, who said, "Every year there is some rumor in play ... But they've made a decision, at least it seems like they have, that Klay is an investment they don't want to give up." Both of the Warriors' young guards are vying for spots on Team USA during this week's training camp in Las Vegas.

Klay Thompson SG GS 11 Days

The Warriors are citing defense as the primary reason as to why they will not include Klay Thompson in a Kevin Love deal.

Thompson is able to take a lot of pressure off Stephen Curry on the defensive end, and in the purposed deals so far, Golden State wouldn't be getting defensive players in return. Kevin Love isn't a two-way player, and it appears that Warriors management doesn't believe that adding Love while losing Klay will not put them into the conversation for immediate contention. Stay tuned.

Klay Thompson SG GS 12 Days

Klay Thompson's agent, Bill Duffy, is looking for a max extension for his client.

Thompson has just three years of experience, so a max deal for him would only be around $15.7 million for the first season, which isn't as high as it would be for Kevin Love. The Warriors have been hesitant to include Thompson on a deal for Love and may have lost ground to the Cavs.

Klay Thompson SG GS 13 Days

The Timberwolves would reportedly rather have Klay Thompson than Andrew Wiggins in a deal for Kevin Love.

The Timberwolves reportedly see Thompson as "more ready" to contribute immediately than Wiggins, however the Warriors remain firm in their stance that they're unwilling to part with Thompson. The Cavs too have refuted reports that they are willing to include Wiggins, and the Summer of Love remains at a standstill.

Klay Thompson SG GS 20 Days

The Warriors reportedly remain firm in their stance that they will not include Klay Thompson in a deal for Kevin Love.

Even with the Cavaliers aggressively pursuing Love, the Warriors are not interested in sweetening their deal to include Klay Thompson. Steve Kerr and Jerry West are both strong advocates of Thompson, so it appears, for right now, Klay will be staying put in Oakland.

Klay Thompson SG GS 1 Month

Klay Thompson said he would be "thrilled" to play alongside Kobe Bryant in LA, but if he remains with the Warriors then that's fine too.

Klay heading to the Lakers seems unlikely at this point as the Timberwolves have let it be known that they would rather have Thompson than the Lakers' No. 7 pick in this year's draft, but it's interesting that Klay has remained silent on the prospect of playing in Minnesota. Thompson's name will continue to pop up in various trade rumors, but Warriors management views the young man very highly, and he will be a difficult asset to pry away from the franchise.

Klay Thompson SG GS 1 Month

The Warriors will not be able to acquire Kevin Love in a trade unless they part with Klay Thompson, according to Chris Broussard of ESPN.com.

Apparently David Lee and Harrison Barnes are not enough to get the deal done. The Wolves seem prepared to offer Klay a max deal if they are able to bring him on board. Additionally, the Wolves reportedly want to get Klay and Barnes in a deal for Love. The Warriors are believed to be trying to work a third team in the mix and a deal could be done in the near future.

Klay Thompson SG GS 1 Month

According to Klay Thompson's father Mychal Thompson, Klay has not been offended by all the trade rumors involving his name.

"He's got the right attitude," Mychal said. "He's not getting personally offended by his name being rumored to go someplace. He understands that unless your name is LeBron James or it's Kevin Durant, anybody could be thrown into a trade or talked about in a trade. So he's got a professional approach about it." Klay's name will continue to pop up on the trading block until Summer of Love is behind us, but it's nice to know that he has a good attitude about the whole situation.

Klay Thompson SG GS 1 Month

Tim Kawakami of the Mercury News confirmed reports that Steve Kerr and Jerry West are strong advocates of keeping Klay Thompson.

The Wolves would reportedly accept a deal of Klay and Harrison Barnes for Kevin Love, but the Warriors seem to be apprehensive about pulling the trigger. The Warriors have plenty of versatile players on their roster, so the loss of Klay and Barnes wouldn't be too bad.

Klay Thompson SG GS 1 Month

The Lakers have been in discussions to acquire Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson for the seventh pick in next week's draft, according to the Los Angeles Times