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Bryant (knee) traveled to Germany recently to undergo Orthokine treatment on his right knee, Sporting News reports.

Bryant will undergo a platelet-rich plasma treatment geared toward keeping his surgically repaired knee as spry as possible as the 2014-15 season approaches. It's a treatment he's undergone multiple times in the past since injuries started to become a major issue a few seasons ago. Bryant is also recovering from a tibial fracture but is expected to be ready for the start of the season. It's unclear just how large of a role he'll have right away, with new head coach Byron Scott recently indicating Bryant may be placed on a minutes restriction while he works his way back into game shape.

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Bryant (knee) is entering the 19th season of his NBA career and new coach Byron Scott said that he will have a minutes restriction as he recovers from a fractured tibial plateau, Scott told SCPR.org during a recent interview.

Scott told the public radio station that he doesn't "want to win at the expense of having my one of my guys get hurt. And sometimes, like I said, we're going to sit down, me and my trainer have already sat down, already started talking about the amount of minutes Kobe should probably play, going into this season. And I have to stand fast on that. I have to make sure that when he's up to those minutes, that's it, no matter what the game situation is, as much as I want to win, as much as he wants to win, I'm not going to sacrifice his health to try to win games." Bryant will likely be drafted in the top 50 of most drafts, but his value is highly dependent on how his health holds up after playing just six games in 2013-14.

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Bryant has been analyzing Paul Pierce's game over the last few years to help him understand how to continue to play efficiently as he ages, SI reports.

Bryant won't be drastically changing his game to play like Pierce, so the application of this story is more of it simply being an interesting anecdote about the respect Bryant has for how Pierce has adapted to the reality of time breaking down the body of NBA players. In terms of this season, Bryant's value will be tied to his health and how coach Byron Scott decides to utilize him.

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Head coach Byron Scott said Kobe Bryant has been working out with Wesley Johnson and Nick Young.

Scott added his team "better be ready to play some defense" this season. The Lakers had the third-worst defensive efficiency in the NBA last season and allowed the most field goals at the rim by a fairly wide margin. As for Bryant, he was at one point expected to be back in action in January, so he should be 100 percent when training camp comes around.

Kobe Bryant SG LAL 2 Months

Kobe Bryant has offered his full support for new Lakers coach Byron Scott.

L.A. has not officially announced Scott as their coach, but he confirmed in an interview that it's only a matter of time. "[Scott] was my rookie mentor when I first came in the league," Kobe said. "We've had a tremendously close relationship throughout the years." Scott has 13 years of NBA head coaching experience, including four playoff appearances and two Eastern Conference championships, but he'll have his hands full with the Lakers' rebuilt roster.

Kobe Bryant SG LAL 2 Months

Kobe Bryant said he's "afraid" of life after basketball.

"You really have to lean on muses and mentors going forward, just as I did as a kid. It's about having that next wave of things, which is scary as hell, but it's fun at the same time," Bryant said. He seems like a basketball lifer and may play beyond the two years of his current deal. Bryant should be 100 percent healthy coming into the 2014-15 season and is a decent risk-reward pick in the early rounds of fantasy drafts.

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Kobe Bryant intends to meet with Carmelo Anthony following Anthony's meeting with the Knicks on Thursday.

Kobe was expected to be with the Lakers earlier for a meeting, but he couldn't make it on time. Melo and Bryant are close friends and he may have more power in persuading Anthony than any other Lakers' front-office guy. This meeting makes it less likely that we see Melo make his decision tonight.

Kobe Bryant SG LAL 3 Months

Kobe Bryant will be present when the Lakers host unrestricted free agent Carmelo Anthony.

The Lakers will host Carmelo Anthony on a free agent visit Thursday and Bryant flew in from a European vacation late Wednesday night so that he could join the meeting. Kobe and Melo are long-time friends and the Lakers are hoping Bryant will be able to convince Anthony to come to Los Angeles and help rebuild the team with Bryant. Anthony has said he prioritizes winning a championship at this point in his career, however, so a decision to sign with the Lakers would seemingly fly in the face of that line of thought.

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General manager Mitch Kupchak said on Thursday that Kobe Bryant (knee) is "fine."

"Obviously he has to prove that," Kupchak said. "He looks great." The Lakers' injuries last season were unprecedented in this era of hoops, but at least they were able to get Julius Randle out of it. Bryant has been taking in some World Cup action in Brazil and has recently said he's 100 percent. He could be a nice value pick in the early rounds of drafts after a disastrous 2013-14.

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Kobe Bryant said during a recent interview in Brazil that his knee is "100 percent" healthy.

He was taking in Brazil to watch the World Cup, but took a moment to address his health and the Lakers' prospects for next season. "We only have three players from last year's team signed to contracts ... we don't have a coach, so it's literally like starting from scratch," he said. "It [will be] a very, very tough season but what's life without a few challenges?" He seemed to include himself in the Lakers' search for a new coach, saying, "We're really going to take our time and pick the right person," which is worth noting since GM Mitch Kupchak has suggested he wouldn't consult Kobe during the search.