Jeremy Lin PG LAL 11 Days

The Lakers officially announced the acquisition of Jeremy Lin on Sunday.

"This trade allows us to acquire a solid player who will make us a better team, as well as draft picks to improve our team," said GM Mitch Kupchak. The Lakers received Jeremy Lin, the Rockets 2015 first-round pick, and a future second-round selection. The Rockets acquire the rights to overseas player Sergei Lishchuk. Lin will likely be the starting point guard in LA, and with the limited offensive options at the Lakers disposal, it's possible he improves a bit on last year's averages of 12.5 points, 4.1 assists, and 1.0 steals per game.

Jeremy Lin PG LAL 13 Days

The Rockets are reportedly finalizing a deal that will send Jeremy Lin to the Lakers.

The move will give Houston the cap space to sign Chris Bosh, and Lin might just be the new starting point guard in Los Angeles. Details of the deal have yet to emerge, so we'll fill in the blanks as they become available.

Jeremy Lin PG LAL 13 Days

The Rockets are reportedly trying to trade Jeremy Lin to the Lakers, who have copious salary cap space for Lin's expiring $14.9 million contract.

The Lakers and Bucks now seem like the frontrunners to acquire Lin, whom the Rockets need to unload in order to give Chris Bosh a max contract offer. The 76ers also aren't out of the running for Lin, but his fantasy value would probably be best served in L.A.

Jeremy Lin PG LAL 13 Days

The Rockets are "moving quickly" to trade Jeremy Lin and clear enough cap space to make an offer to Chris Bosh, according to Adrian Wojnarowski.

Lin has already been linked to the 76ers and Bucks, and Rockets GM Daryl Morey has simply been waiting for the first shoe to drop before trading Lin away. To entice a team to accept Lin's $15 million salary this year, Houston will likely include draft picks and/or young players. Bosh will reportedly get a max offer worth $96 million over four years, and if he accepts it the Rockets are expected to also match Chandler Parsons' hefty $45 million offer sheet from the Mavericks. Things will progress quickly now that LeBron has made his decision.

Jeremy Lin PG LAL 16 Days

The Rockets' potential Jeremy Lin trade won't be put in motion until the Rockets secure a free-agent commitment.

The Sixers and Bucks are the two leading candidates to be trade partners. Those teams won't be looking to acquire Lin for his skills as a point guard, but more because of the draft picks and/or young players that would come with it. Lin's deal is worth almost $15 million this season, so the Rockets will need to get that off their books to add a third max player to Dwight Howard and James Harden.

Jeremy Lin PG LAL 19 Days

The 76ers have expressed interest in trading for Jeremy Lin.

This isn't interest in the conventional sense since the draft picks or players that come with Lin are really what the 76ers want. Lin's contract is back-loaded and the Rockets will look to deal him in order to make room for another free agent. He would likely split time at point guard with Michael Carter-Williams.

Jeremy Lin PG LAL 22 Days

The Rockets pre-informed Jeremy Lin of the use of No. 7 on the meeting with Carmelo Anthony on Wednesday.

Lin took to Twitter when the news of Rockets photoshopping Melo in a Houston No. 7 jersey at the team's facility. "If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them," Lin said. The Rockets are certainly going to look to deal him to clear some cap space.

Jeremy Lin PG LAL 22 Days

The Sixers and Rockets are engaged in "fluid trade talks" about Jeremy Lin, according to Jake Fischer of

It's been reported that the Rockets have a deal in place to unload Lin's contract if Carmelo Anthony agrees to join them, so it's possible that the Sixers are the team on the other end of that deal. A move to Philly wouldn't be the worst thing for Lin's fantasy value, if it happens, since the Sixers' need a SG and they have no veterans in the backcourt.

Jeremy Lin PG LAL 27 Days

The Warriors reportedly have interest in trading for Jeremy Lin or Chandler Parsons.

It sounds like they'd prefer to have Parsons but they have a greater need in the backcourt so Lin is a much more likely acquisition. Because of trade exceptions only $8.37 million of Lin's $14.9 million salary next season against the Warriors' cap. Just file this under the 'good to know' stage as rumors are a dime a dozen right now.

Jeremy Lin PG LAL 28 Days

The Houston Rockets already have a deal in place to move Jeremy Lin, according to Howard Beck.

The deal hinges upon whether the Rockets can acquire one of their two primary free agency targets: Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James. If they receive an agreement in principle to add one of those two, a deal involving Jeremy Lin is already securely in place in order to free up cap space.