Greg Monroe PF/C DET 1 Month

Greg Monroe's agent, David Falk, said his client is not worried about the money because he can get it from "10 different teams."

"It's about winning and opportunities," Falk said. Monroe sounds like he's expecting to get a max deal, which is something the Pistons probably won't want to offer. Coach Stan Van Gundy says Monroe is a high priority, but only time will tell. The Pelicans may be the most likely to make a deal for Monroe and a sign-and-trade with Ryan Anderson does make some sense as well.

Greg Monroe PF/C DET 1 Month

Restricted free agent Greg Monroe said he doesn't know if he'll be moving on from Detroit.

"From what I have been told, it'll be like that [college recruiting] a little bit," Monroe said. "But the NBA has really strict rules and you can't talk about it until July 1. Different things come out about teams who are interested, but I won't know for sure until July 1 when I can actually talk to them." The Pistons are likely going to overhaul their roster, so it wouldn't be a surprise to see him wind up somewhere else. The Pelicans are among the interested teams and could look to pull a sign-and-trade deal for Monroe.

Greg Monroe PF/C DET 2 Months

Pistons' coach and president of basketball operations Stan Van Gundy wants Greg Monroe to remain in Detroit, but also added that the situation is getting complicated.

Monroe hits the open market as a restricted free agent on July 1 and SVG said he has already met with Monroe and his agent David Falk. "I value Greg Monroe highly, yes, I do want him here," Van Gundy said. "Bu, when you're dealing with free agents, even restricted free agents, the situation gets more complicated." The Pistons have the ability to match any offer sheet that Monroe may sign with another team, but they already have a talented young big man in Andre Drummond and may end up decided to move on from Monroe if the price tag gets too high.

Greg Monroe PF/C DET 2 Months

Stan Van Gundy sees Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond as "an ideal pairing."

"Greg and Andre together were great offensively," said Van Gundy. "That was a great combination on the offensive end of the floor, especially when the three guys around them were shooters... Now, it didn't work very well defensively... but I think there are things we can do in terms of schemes and things that would make it a little easier on Greg to make that unit better defensively." Monroe will be a restricted free agent this offseason, but it appears Van Gundy is keen on keeping the promising 23-year-old big man.

Greg Monroe PF/C DET 2 Months

Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy recently had a long talk with Greg Monroe's agent, and said he holds the 23-year-old restricted FA in "very high esteem."

"He has great, great value," said Van Gundy, who is also the team president and will be in charge of important personnel decisions such as whether to match a lucrative offer sheet for Monroe. Detroit's talented big man finished 2013-14 with averages of 15.2 points, 9.3 rebounds, 2.1 assists and 1.1 steals per game despite being part of a mismatched frontcourt with Andre Drummond and Josh Smith, and he's sure to command a hefty annual salary.

Greg Monroe PF/C DET 2 Months

There are conflicting reports on the Pistons and their desire to keep restricted free agent Greg Monroe this offseason.

The Detroit Free Press reports that new coach Stan Van Gundy is a fan of Monroe while the Sporting News reports the big man will not be back. It's anyone's guess if the team will bring back the big man but Van Gundy is likely going to give his team a major overhaul. He's built his team around shooting and a dominant big man, so the Pistons might not be willing to offer up big money to Monroe.

Greg Monroe PF/C DET 3 Months

Greg Monroe made 8-of-13 from the field for 23 points against the Raptors on Sunday with 10 boards, one assist and one block in 34 minutes.

His April was not going well with respect to efficiency, making just 38.9 percent from the field in his previous six games. Monroe was still about to put up a 15-10 average line in that span and he's still sitting pretty at 50 percent from the field on the year. The arrival of Josh Smith (knee) didn't seem to hurt him too badly this year and his sub-par shooting while Smith has been out is more of a coincidence.

Greg Monroe PF/C DET 4 Months

Greg Monroe hit 10-of-24 shots for 21 points, 13 rebounds and two steals in Tuesday's win over the Hawks.

Monroe is one guy who hasn't slowed down late in the season and was probably even better tonight with Josh Smith getting scratched late with a sore patella. Keep rolling him out there untll further notice.

Greg Monroe PF/C DET 4 Months

Greg Monroe made just 6-of-21 from the field during Wednesday's 101-94 loss to the Pacers, scoring 17 points with 16 boards, two assists, three steals and one block in 31 minutes.

It's his second consecutive game with 21 field goal attempts, which is a bit rare for Monroe. Before this two-game stretch, he's only had five games with shot attempts greater than 20. He played his 302nd game of his career tonight and has been extremely durable with just three games in that four-year span.

Greg Monroe PF/C DET 4 Months

Greg Monroe scored a season-high 28 points in Monday's win over the Bucks, hitting 12-of-21 shots with 14 rebounds and two blocks.

Monroe had a 20 and 10 night against the Sixers on Saturday and the hope for owners is that he will push through the end of the year while Brandon Jennings and Josh Smith do not.