Greg Monroe PF/C DET 1 Day

The Suns are looking into signing restricted free agent Greg Monroe to an offer sheet.

This could just be a leverage move by the Suns in talks with Eric Bledsoe, or it would make sense to add a guy like Monroe. The Suns only have Miles Plumlee at center right now with Alex Len unable to stay healthy, so Monroe would give them added size. He thrives around the rim, which would complement the backcourt-heavy attack of Phoenix.

Greg Monroe PF/C DET 5 Days

The Pistons reportedly discussed sign-and-trade options with the Trail Blazers that would have sent Greg Monroe to Portland.

While the talks were reportedly serious, the Blazers ultimately decided to pull themselves out of the race to land Monroe after they signed Chris Kaman to play alongside Robin Lopez. The market for Monroe has been slow, but a new suitor may emerge now that the big names like LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony have signed. The 24-year-old averaged 15.2 points, 9.3 rebounds, 2.1 assists, 1.1 steals, and 0.6 blocks in 2014-15, but would likely seen an uptick in value with a change of scenery.

Greg Monroe PF/C DET 14 Days

Stan Van Gundy emphasized that the Pistons want to keep restricted FA Greg Monroe, but added, "it's obviously got to be a mutual thing."

There have been rumbles that Monroe felt slighted when Detroit acquired Josh Smith last year, but Van Gundy has denied that anyone has demanded a trade. Even if the Pistons wanted to trade Smith, however, they don't have much leverage since it's apparent that a frontcourt of Andre Drummond, Monroe and Smith doesn't work. It shouldn't take long for Monroe to present the Pistons with a hefty offer sheet, which could pay him as much as $15 million per season.

Greg Monroe PF/C DET 18 Days

Andre Drummond believes restricted free agent Greg Monroe will be coming back to the Pistons next season.

"He's got to go through his process of what he wants to do but I'd love to have him back," Drummond said. "I'd do whatever it takes to get him back." Monroe was with the Pistons for summer league practice on Thursday and there is still very little information regarding his decision. He led the NBA in field goal attempts at the rim in 2012-13 and was solid around the basket last season, so he would be a great piece for Stan Van Gundy's offense.

Greg Monroe PF/C DET 19 Days

Coach Stan Van Gundy shot down rumors of restricted free agent Greg Monroe requesting a trade of Josh Smith.

"Greg's never said anything to us about not wanting to play with Josh," Van Gundy said. It's really the only play for the Pistons to decline the rumors, but it would make little sense for Monroe and Smith to remain on the roster for next season. If Monroe does get a max deal, the Pistons probably won't be able to match and keep Smith.

Greg Monroe PF/C DET 20 Days

Free agent big man Greg Monroe reportedly felt betrayed when the Pistons acquired Josh Smith and doesn't sound thrilled about the prospects of playing with him going forward.

Suitors are said to include Portland, Washington, Orlando, New Orleans, Atlanta, Cleveland and the Lakers, although the Wizards are likely out due to the re-signing of Marcin Gortat. With Smith locked into the Pistons, barring a trade, we're guessing Monroe will look to move on from Detroit.

Greg Monroe PF/C DET 22 Days

The Pistons would like to keep restricted free agent Greg Monroe but may look at a sign-and-trade deal if he costs too much money.

This is standard posturing before the free agency period starts. The Blazers, Magic and Hawks are said to be interested and we'll see how it goes from here. Getting out of Detroit or a trade sending Josh Smith elsewhere could be big for his fantasy value.

Greg Monroe PF/C DET 1 Month

Greg Monroe's agent, David Falk, said his client is not worried about the money because he can get it from "10 different teams."

"It's about winning and opportunities," Falk said. Monroe sounds like he's expecting to get a max deal, which is something the Pistons probably won't want to offer. Coach Stan Van Gundy says Monroe is a high priority, but only time will tell. The Pelicans may be the most likely to make a deal for Monroe and a sign-and-trade with Ryan Anderson does make some sense as well.

Greg Monroe PF/C DET 1 Month

Restricted free agent Greg Monroe said he doesn't know if he'll be moving on from Detroit.

"From what I have been told, it'll be like that [college recruiting] a little bit," Monroe said. "But the NBA has really strict rules and you can't talk about it until July 1. Different things come out about teams who are interested, but I won't know for sure until July 1 when I can actually talk to them." The Pistons are likely going to overhaul their roster, so it wouldn't be a surprise to see him wind up somewhere else. The Pelicans are among the interested teams and could look to pull a sign-and-trade deal for Monroe.

Greg Monroe PF/C DET 2 Months

Pistons' coach and president of basketball operations Stan Van Gundy wants Greg Monroe to remain in Detroit, but also added that the situation is getting complicated.

Monroe hits the open market as a restricted free agent on July 1 and SVG said he has already met with Monroe and his agent David Falk. "I value Greg Monroe highly, yes, I do want him here," Van Gundy said. "Bu, when you're dealing with free agents, even restricted free agents, the situation gets more complicated." The Pistons have the ability to match any offer sheet that Monroe may sign with another team, but they already have a talented young big man in Andre Drummond and may end up decided to move on from Monroe if the price tag gets too high.