Andrew Bogut C GS 1 Month

Bogut has "completely recovered" from a rib injury and is expected to be a full participant when training camp opens Sept. 29, according to the team, CSN Bay Area reports.

As recently as June, Bogut said the ribs were still bothersome and was taking medication. He's spent most of the summer at home in Australia, but had been limited in the ability to workout, particularly in the upper body. It now appears Bogut will be ready to roll come October.

Andrew Bogut C GS 3 Months

Warriors coach Steve Kerr showed Andrew Bogut how he could become more involved offensively with the implementation of a "triangle-facilitator type of role."

"[Kerr] wanted me to be a bit more aggressive offensively and run through me a little more, so that's always good to hear," Bogut said. He added that he was "definitely" impressed by Kerr, who flew to Australia to meet with his veteran center. Bogut's 15 DNPs took a toll last season but when healthy he was a mid-round fantasy option -- unfortunately a bigger offensive role is something of a double-edged sword, as increased scoring will likely be accompanied by more FT attempts (34.4 percent at the line last season).

Andrew Bogut C GS 3 Months

Andrew Bogut (ribs) will not participate in this year's FIBA World Cup.

Bogut fractured his rib nine weeks ago, an injury that kept him from playing during the 2014 playoffs, and he is still not 100 percent. "My rib is not 100 percent and I'm still not back into full training," Bogut told The Daily Telegraph. "I can't see myself playing through the Worlds and a full NBA season. I've spent the last three or four seasons rehabbing injuries so this is the first time I can get focused on getting in the gym and getting better."

Andrew Bogut C GS 3 Months

Andrew Bogut took to twitter to express his excitement about an upcoming meeting between he and his new coach Steve Kerr in his native Australia.

He did not offer any details about their meeting, but it should be encouraging for Bogut that his new coach is seeking him out. He is still recovering from fractured ribs that kept him out of the 2014 postseason and has not committed to playing for Australia in the FIBA world cup. Despite some media criticism, the Warriors were actually better on offense and defense when Bogut was healthy.

Andrew Bogut C GS 4 Months

Andrew Bogut (fractured rib) will soon have tests to determine if his rib has fully healed, and he hasn't committed to playing for Australia in the FIBA world cup.

Bogut was recently criticized by ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith, who called him "Andrew Bogus" and claimed that people call Bogut the 'Tin Man' behind his back because he has no heart. The Warriors would surely defend their starting center, as their offensive and defensive efficiency both improved while Bogut was on the court last season.

Andrew Bogut C GS 4 Months

Andrew Bogut (ribs) said he's still a couple weeks away from getting back on the court.

He added he's had some bad luck with injuries and he said he'd like to have a 3-4 year stretch without injury. Bogut only missed 15 games due to injury before missing all of the playoffs, which is a big improvement from the 52.0 games missed per season in 2011-12 and 2012-13.

Andrew Bogut C GS 5 Months

Andrew Bogut (ribs) may not be flying with the team to Los Angeles on Monday.

He was not court side for Game 1 or 2 in Los Angeles and remains out indefinitely. Bogut's absence has forced Mark Jackson to play a smaller lineup, starting Draymond Green in place of Jermaine O'Neal. The move worked in Game 4, as the Warriors won by over 20 points. If it was not clear Bogut would be sidelined for Game 5, this news removes any doubt.

Andrew Bogut C GS 5 Months

Andrew Bogut (broken rib) remains out indefinitely.

The Warriors are in desperate need of Bogut's size and rebounding presence. Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan have combined to 39.7 points and 20.7 rebounds while shooting 62.5 percent from the field. But Bogut's injury is not one he can fight through and he didn't even watch Game 3 from the bench. He's not the Warriors' savior here.

Andrew Bogut C GS 5 Months

Andrew Bogut is likely out for the playoffs due to a broken rib on his right side.

The broken rib is close to his lung and he could risk puncturing his right lung by playing. And since it generally takes a broken rib about six weeks to heal, Bogut sounds extremely doubtful to play again this season. It's a tough blow for the Dubs, and means Jermaine O'Neal and Marreese Speights are going to see a lot of minutes in the postseason.

Andrew Bogut C GS 5 Months

Andrew Bogut (ribs) will not play in the final two regular season games for the Warriors due to a fractured rib.

His status for the playoffs has yet to be determined and he's almost certainly going to miss time there, as well. Bogut had X-rays on his ribs on Sunday and has no timetable to return. Jermaine O'Neal will likely start for the Warriors in the final two games while Marreese Speights could help off the bench. Plus, coach Mark Jackson figures to go with a Draymond Green-David Lee frontcourt combo here and there. If Bogut doesn't make it back for the playoffs, they could be in trouble with how poorly they've protected the paint in the past couple months.