Dwyane Wade SG MIA 29 Days

Wade has begun following the Paleo diet and is already lighter than he was coming into last year's preseason, the Miami Herald reports. Wade hopes that coming into the season lighter will help relieve the wear and tear on his knees that caused him to sit out 28 games in the 2013-2014 campaign.

A healthy Wade will be a key to success for the Heat next year as they prepare for life after Lebron. Wade's aggressive playing style caught up to him last year and he hardly looked like himself during stretches of the season and postseason. Wade indicated that he expects to play in 75-plus games this year, and a lighter frame will certainly help his knees handle the grind of a full NBA season.

Dwyane Wade SG MIA 1 Month

Dwyane Wade said LeBron James is his new favorite player to play against.

"Well, it used to be Kobe Bryant... the second best all time.... now, I have a new favorite player to play against... my former teammate, LeBron James." LeBron heading to Cleveland cost Wade around $10 million because Wade opted out of his $42 million option. Wade and the Heat are thin and injury-prone on the wing this season, so there may be some unexpected players needing to step up, or Wade is going to have to turn back the clock a few years and be his old self.

Dwyane Wade SG MIA 2 Months

Dwyane Wade has finalized a multi-year contract with the Heat, which the AP is reporting as a two-year deal with a player option in the second year.

As fantasy owners know all too well, Wade's knees caused him to be rested during back-to-back sets last season, and he wound up missing 28 regular season games. He should have a bigger role offensively with LeBron James gone, but it's debatable whether Wade can still carry the burden of being a No. 1 option on a daily basis. He gave up money in the short term by opting out of his two-year, $42 million deal this summer, but he's still expected to make around $15 million per season.

Dwyane Wade SG MIA 2 Months

Dwyane Wade's next contract with the Miami Heat is expected to start at $15 million per season, according to Brian Windhorst of ESPN.

While it won't be the $20M+ that Wade was owed if he didn't opt out of his contract prior to free agency, it is still quite a bit more than most were expecting Wade to make if LeBron James re-signed with the Heat. Wade's 2013-14 averages of 19.0 points, 4.5 rebounds, 4.7 assists, and 1.5 steals don't look so bad on the surface, but are a lot tougher to stomach for fantasy owners when considering that the only played 54 games. Wade will be expected to take on more of a leadership role alongside Chris Bosh now that James has taken his talents back home to Cleveland, but isn't worth an early-round fantasy selection due to the headaches that come with his games missed.

Dwyane Wade SG MIA 2 Months

Dwyane Wade is not expected to finalize a new contract with the Heat until Monday at the earliest.

There's no doubt that D-Wade will stay with the Heat, and Pat Riley is preoccupied with other moves to flesh out the roster. Miami has already signed Josh McRoberts, Danny Granger and Luol Deng, in addition to retaining Chris Bosh, and both Wade and Mario Chalmers are expected to re-sign in the near future.

Dwyane Wade SG MIA 2 Months

Dwyane Wade said he's sad to see LeBron James "begin a new journey" in Cleveland.

He said LeBron will always be a part of his family and knew it wasn't an easy decision. Wade lost out on a lot of money with LeBron leaving, opting out of the last two years of his contract. He'll have a lot more responsibility next season and is expected to sign with the Heat any day now.

Dwyane Wade SG MIA 2 Months

Now that Chris Bosh is returning to Miami on a max deal, the Heat are reportedly trying to finalize shorter deals with Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem.

Wade will likely stay loyal to Pat Riley and remain in Miami alongside Chris Bosh. Haslem is a fan favorite in Miami, and he has repeatedly taken less money to remain with the franchise throughout his career so it would be shocking to seem him land elsewhere. Wade will need to prove that he is still capable of carrying a team after a disappointing 2013-14 season. His knees will be a concern and it would probably be best to let another owner deal with Wade come draft day.

Dwyane Wade SG MIA 2 Months

The Bulls have reportedly reached out to Dwyane Wade to gauge his interest in joining his hometown team.

Wade is from Chicago, and with LeBron James headed back to Cleveland, and Chris Bosh likely bound for Houston, it's possible Wade bolts the rebuilding roster in Miami that consists of Norris Cole, Josh McRoberts, and Danny Granger. However, Wade has spent his entire career in a Miami Heat uniform, so it's possible he feels some loyalty to the organization that he's won three championships with.

Dwyane Wade SG MIA 2 Months

Dwyane Wade faces an uncertain market as a free agent with LeBron James opting to sign in Cleveland.

Wade could have earned $41.8 million over the next two seasons but he chose to terminate his deal as part of Miami's roster rebuild. That plan is crumbling quickly now that LeBron is gone, as Chris Bosh may soon follow suit and there aren't likely to be many huge, long-term offers for Wade given his chronic knee problems and injury history. Wade has played with Miami since being drafted in 2003-04, but at the moment their decimated roster doesn't have much going for it.

Dwyane Wade SG MIA 2 Months

Dwyane Wade is expected to be with LeBron James on his flight from Las Vegas to Miami on Thursday night.

Things are definitely getting interesting. Wade and LeBron spent a lot of time in Vegas together, so Miami may have a better chance at keeping LeBron than many thought. The flight to Miami isn't really worth reading into too much since it's much closer to Brazil than Vegas.