Rajon Rondo PG BOS 8 Days

Contrary to earlier reports, the Celtics have not had any communication with the Rockets regarding a trade for Rajon Rondo, according to multiple sources.

Considering that the Rockets don't have anything that would interest the Celtics, this rumor didn't have many legs to begin with. The two teams had reportedly discussed a deal before last season's trade deadline that centered around Rondo and Chandler Parsons, but Danny Ainge poured water on that rumor by saying, "We love Rondo, and we had no intention of doing that deal. But someone can call and feel good about themselves and make some bogus offer and then have a rumor out there that they're trying to get him." With Chandler Parsons headed to Dallas, Ainge would likely hang up on the Rockets if they called to offer a package built around Terrence Jones and Donatas Motiejunas.

Rajon Rondo PG BOS 13 Days

Rajon Rondo spoke about the potential of becoming an unrestricted free agent after the 2014-15 season.

Rondo is still under contract with the Celtics for the 2014-15 season, but spoke like a man who is ready to explore free agency when asked about the possibility. "It just depends," Rondo said. "I don't know if I'm going to do 10 teams. I may do a lot. I don't know. It's kind of like college all over again, with recruiting, only times 50 because they have a ton of money to throw at the guys and they don't have any restrictions on what they can do. No [NCAA] rules." There are numerous trade scenarios (or an extension with the Celtics) that could play out before Rondo reaches free agency, but it's sounding like he'll be near the top of the free agency list next summer.

Rajon Rondo PG BOS 20 Days

The Indiana Pacers are reportedly trying to engage the Celtics in a multi-team deal that would involve Rajon Rondo.

The Pacers have reportedly reached out to the Celtics in an effort to construct a multi-team trade that would presumably land Goran Dragic in Indiana. In the latest incarnation of this rumor, the Suns would land Rondo (who coincidentally drafted him), while the Celtics' proposed return is unclear at the moment. The one thing that is clear is that the Pacers are all-in on a point guard upgrade and George Hill may soon be left without a starting job.

Rajon Rondo PG BOS 22 Days

The Celtics reached out to Isaiah Thomas as soon as free agency opened, have reportedly been in talks with the Kings about acquiring Rajon Rondo recently.

The next obvious step in this guessing game would be a potential sign-and-trade deal that would swap the two point guards. This is simply speculation, but one thing is clear - each team appears to covet the other's starting point guard.

Rajon Rondo PG BOS 25 Days

The Celtics have not abandoned hope of finding a big-name player to go with Rajon Rondo just yet.

Rajon Rondo PG BOS 27 Days

Mark Heisler is reporting that the Celtics might be inclined to trade Rajon Rondo to the Kings for the No. 8 pick.

If that deal were to go down, and we're not sure Danny Ainge would actually pull the trigger, the Celtics would then draft either Marcus Smart or Elfrid Payton at No. 6 to replace Rondo at point guard. Stay tuned. The Celtics have the No. 6 and No. 18 picks, and if you throw in No. 8, it at least makes the trading of Rondo a possibility.

Rajon Rondo PG BOS 1 Month

Rajon Rondo hinted in a recent interview that the Celtics might be making a play for Carmelo Anthony.

"You never know what Danny [Ainge] is capable of doing," Rondo said. "Hopefully [Anthony] won't go to Chicago. I think after we try to get 'Melo and an additional piece, who knows? The sky's the limit. I plan to try to win a championship every year. With 'Melo, I think it's very possible." The Celtics are far from a favorite to land Anthony, and Ainge would need to work a little magic with his roster in terms of clearing up enough cap space to do so, but anything is possible.

Rajon Rondo PG BOS 1 Month

If the Celtics can't acquire Kevin Love, they could trade away Rajon Rondo and continue the rebuilding process, according to the Boston Herald.

It makes sense with the Celtics really struggling last year and unlikely to make a splash in free agency with the exception of Love. They do seem to be out of the running for Love with the Warriors picking up a lot of steam, so we could see Rondo in a different uniform next year.

Rajon Rondo PG BOS 1 Month

Coach Brad Stevens said Rajon Rondo is "anxious" to play next season.

"He only played 30 or so games this year," Stevens said. "I don't he ever felt like he was good as he could be game-to-game and that was in large part due to coming back [from the injury]." The coach added that Rondo has looked great in workouts and has worked with some of the younger players. The Celtics went 6-24 with Rondo in the lineup, so he obviously wants to get the sour taste out of his mouth.

Rajon Rondo PG BOS 2 Months

Rajon Rondo is hopeful that the Celtics can make some big changes this summer that will get them back on a winning track.

As the Celtics enter the second season of their rebuild, their de facto franchise player is hoping the front office makes some moves to take the taste of last season out of his mouth. "Hopefully this summer we're going to make some big changes," Rondo said in response to an Instagram follower. "Get the ball rolling and get back to the Finals pretty soon. I know Danny Ainge is doing his job, and I'm going to go out every summer and do my job and get better." Ainge's Plan A seems to revolve around acquiring Kevin Love in an effort to entice free-agent-to-be Rondo to stay, but Trader Danny always seems to have some tricks up his sleeve so we'll have to wait and see if he can recreate the blockbuster deals that brought the Kevin Garnett-Ray Allen-Paul Pierce era "Big 3" together back in 2007.