Dirk Nowitzki PF DAL 22 Days

Nowitzki could see a lighter offensive burden this season, the Dallas Morning News reports.

With Chandler Parsons joining the Mavericks, Nowitzki likely won't be called upon as the go-to scorer as often as he has been in the past. He's certainly still the number one option, but the versatile Parsons should play major minutes and ease Nowitzki's offensive responsibilities on a nightly basis. As a member of the Rockets last season, Parsons averaged 16.6 points, 5.5 rebounds and 4.0 assists in 37.6 minutes per game - very respectable numbers, especially considering he was typically the third offensive option behind James Harden and Dwight Howard.

Dirk Nowitzki PF DAL 2 Months

Dirk Nowitzki originally agreed to a three-year, $30 million deal with the Mavericks, but when the Mavericks needed additional money to bring on Chandler Parsons, Dirk agreed to shave off an additional $5 million to help them complete the deal.

"He's just such a unique bird," Mavs GM Donnie Nelson said. "In a lot of respects, where the common stance in today's modern day game is guys are their own CEOs, and they've got a gazillion interests out there and endorsements, and they're like their own companies, Dirk is a true old-school throwback in that his craft is the most important thing to him... He's all about winning a championship." Dirk's pay cut from $22.7 million earned last season, to the $7.97 million he will earn next season, is one of the largest one-year reductions in salary in NBA history.

Dirk Nowitzki PF DAL 2 Months

Dirk Nowitzki has officially signed a three-year, $25 million deal to stay with the Mavericks.

Dallas gets a phenomenal bargain by locking up Dirk at well below his market value, but he's made no secret of his desire to retire with the Mavs. His affordable deal allowed owner Mark Cuban to splurge on Chandler Parsons (three years, $46 million) and the Mavs have thrust themselves into the conversation as a potentially dangerous playoff team out West. Nowitzki returned first-round fantasy value last year, and he'll have a chance to do so again if he stays healthy.

Dirk Nowitzki PF DAL 2 Months

The Mavericks have signed Dirk Nowitzki on a three-year deal.

There was never a doubt and it's all going to come down on money. Nowitzki is believed to be willing to help the Mavericks on cap space, so we'll pass along the financials on his deal as soon as they're available. He'll be set up for a featured role again and will look have a repeat performance of his fantastic 2013-14 season.

Dirk Nowitzki PF DAL 3 Months

Dirk Nowitzki is waiting for other big free agents to sign before he re-signs with the Mavericks.

Nowitzki and Mavs' owner Mark Cuban met before the June 30 deadline and already have a good idea on the salary range that Dirk's eventual deal will be in. Nowitzki could have signed a deal before the deadline, but decided to wait in order to maximize the Mavs' ability to sign free agents. The Mavs have been active in speaking with free agents thus far, but Carmelo Anthony is the big fish they're waiting for and Dirk will reportedly be in attendance when the team meets with Melo.

Dirk Nowitzki PF DAL 3 Months

Dirk Nowitzki said he expects a short and quick meeting with owner Mark Cuban before the two come to terms on a new contract.

Obviously, Dirk isn't going anywhere. The Mavericks got a little better on paper today with the acquisition of Tyson Chandler, which also takes a little pressure off of Dirk as a rebounder and defender. He turned in first-round value in fantasy leagues and certainly has a few good years left in him.

Dirk Nowitzki PF DAL 3 Months

Dirk Nowitzki does not think that the Mavericks have a realistic chance of nabbing Carmelo Anthony.

"If we're actually on his radar then that's great," Nowitzki said of Anthony. "Then we obviously have to look at it. Do I think it's realistic? No." Dirk also added that with owner Mark Cuban and GM Donnie Nelson "anything is possible," but Dallas would need to make quite a bit of moves in order for this to become a reality. For now, we'll pencil in Carmelo to Dallas as highly improbable.

Dirk Nowitzki PF DAL 3 Months

Dirk Nowitzki said he still doesn't need to take "any meds or any anti-inflams" to prepare to play.

He said once he has to start taking meds, it will be "time to step aside." Nowitzki needs just 624 points to rank seventh on the NBA's all-time scoring list and he would clear the 30,000-point plateau if he's able to duplicate his 2013-14 production over the next two seasons. He had first-round value in fantasy leagues last year and his style of play should keep him on the court for at least a few more seasons.

Dirk Nowitzki PF DAL 3 Months

Dirk Nowitzki said that he'll sign a contract with the Mavericks "pretty quick" once free agency begins.

"[Mark Cuban] knows I don't want to go anywhere and he doesn't want me to go anywhere," said Nowitzki "This deal is not going to be about squeezing out the last dollar. We'll just have to wait and see what the years and the final number is, but I'm sure it will be respectable for both sides." Nowitzki also dismissed rumors that he's interested in the Rockets, saying that his odds of signing in Houston are "slim to none," and Mavs fans can rest assured that the former league MVP will return for at least one more season.

Dirk Nowitzki PF DAL 3 Months

Dirk Nowitzki said Carmelo Anthony would love to come to Dallas and the Mavericks would love to have him.

Yep, we know. Although, an offense with Carmelo and Dirk would be a strange one from a schematic standpoint. Anthony attempted the second-most mid-range shots in the past four seasons last year while Dirk actually topped Melo in makes. The Mavericks could make a run at Anthony and this won't be the last time there's an update about them doing so in the next few weeks.