Nazr Mohammed C CHI 26 Days

Mohammed scored one point (0-3 FG, 1-2 FT) to go along with six rebounds, one assist and one block in 20 minutes Friday against Portland.

Mohammed played in only his second game of the season Friday as the Bulls were without Pau Gasol (calf) and then lost Taj Gibson (ankle) in this game. If both players are out again Monday, Mohammed could see increased playing time again. Even if he does though, don't expect him to provide much fantasy value.

Nazr Mohammed C CHI 1 Month

Mohammed has yet to play in the regular season for the Bulls.

Mohammed's value to the Bulls at this stage of his career is a veteran presence in the locker room. Don't expect him to see much playing time.

Nazr Mohammed C CHI 3 Months

Mohammed re-signed with the Bulls on Monday.

Mohammed, who contemplated retirement this summer, will return for his 17th NBA season and third with the Bulls. He appeared in 80 games last season, seeing nearly all of his minutes in garbage time. Despite losing Carlos Boozer, the Bulls gained frontcourt depth overall this offseason, so Mohammed should slot into a similar role as a veteran defender and positive locker room presence.

Nazr Mohammed C CHI 11 Months

Nazr Mohammed suffered a sprained middle finger on Monday and is questionable to return.

He was in a little bit of pain and we'll be on the lookout for any information. Mohammed has very little fantasy value.

Nazr Mohammed C CHI Apr 12 '79

The Bulls and Nazr Mohammed have verbally agreed to a one-year contract at the veteran's minimum, according to CSN's Aggrey Sam.

The deal doesn't exactly shake up the FA market, but it's a solidifying move for the Bulls' frontcourt. Nazr even wound up starting 12 games for Chicago last season while Joakim Noah was hurt, averaging 7.3 points, 7.8 rebounds and 1.0 blocks per game. He isn't likely to approach those numbers in a 10-15 minute role this season.

Nazr Mohammed C CHI Feb 25 '79

Tom Thibodeau said he'd like to have Nazr Mohammed return next season.

"Hopefully we'll have an opportunity with him, but again, you don't know what the market will call for," Thibodeau said. It would be surprising if Mohammed got an offer above the veteran's minimum, so if the Bulls want him back, it shouldn't be hard to work out a new deal.

Nazr Mohammed C CHI Feb 19 '79

Nazr Mohammed said he isn't expecting further punishment from the league office after being ejected Friday night.

Mohammed was tossed after shoving LeBron James to a ground, a move that drew heated reactions from Mohammed's teammates. Nate Robinson called LeBron a good actor and coach Tom Thibodeau hinted there's a conspiracy to give the Heat favorable calls in the series. Regardless of whether LeBron flopped, there were no punches thrown and it was a fairly brief incident, so we're not expecting Mohammed to face further sanctions either.

Nazr Mohammed C CHI Feb 19 '79

Nazr Mohammed was ejected from Friday's game for shoving LeBron James after the whistle.

Mohammed committed a hard foul on James, then after LeBron took him down and received a technical foul, Mohammed shoved LeBron to the ground. Mohammed played just 11.5 minutes per game in the first two games of the series, so this isn't a big loss for the Bulls.

Nazr Mohammed C CHI Jan 26 '79

Nazr Mohammed will start for the Bulls on Wednesday and Marco Belinelli will come off the bench.

It's a late move, but moving Nazr into the starting lineup makes some sense since the Bulls are going to play their starters limited minutes. They will start Kirk Hinrich, Jimmy Butler, Luol Deng and Carlos Boozer along side Mohammed.

Nazr Mohammed C CHI Jan 22 '79

Nazr Mohammed double-doubled vs. the Raptors on Friday with 16 points and 13 boards, adding one steal and one block in 43 minutes.

He didn't play a minute on Thursday, so it was a mild surprise to see him log this many tonight. Taj Gibson is expected to be back in the next two games, so owners shouldn't think about grabbing Nazr unless they're in desperation mode.