O. J. Mayo SG MIL 3 Months

Jason Kidd is hopeful that he can help O.J. Mayo get back to being an effective player.

"I think the big thing with O.J. - I've known him since he was in high school - and he's a great kid, loves the game of basketball. I don't know exactly what happened with him last year. But when you look at him playing in Memphis, playing in Dallas, he was playing at a very high level. That's our job, is to get him back there." Mayo's first season with Milwaukee could be described as catastrophic, but perhaps Kidd can make Mayo actually want to play basketball. The Bucks don't have too many options at the shooting guard position, but Mayo showed last year that he's a master of squandering opportunity.

O. J. Mayo SG MIL 4 Months

Brian Windhorst said on ESPN early Sunday morning that the Bucks have been in negotiations to trade O.J. Mayo.

Given Mayo's struggles, playing time and odd role with the Bucks last season, along with the arrival of Jabari Parker, this isn't the least bit surprising. Additionally, Gary Woefel said on Twitter Saturday night the the Bucks were also looking to move Larry Sanders for a veteran big man. These plans could all change if Jason Kidd takes over basketball operations, but it would be surprising to see Mayo back with the Bucks next year.

O. J. Mayo SG MIL 4 Months

Duke forward Jabari Parker said he can learn from O.J. Mayo in an interview with ESPN on Wednesday.

Wait, what? Perhaps no player in the NBA had a worse work ethic than Mayo last year. Mayo played just two of the last 19 games due largely because the team didn't even want to play him. The Bucks weren't very forthcoming on his injuries last season and even attributed some of his DNPs to lack of conditioning.

O. J. Mayo SG MIL 6 Months

O.J. Mayo is not in uniform for Wednesday's game vs. the Hawks.

His offseason started a long time ago and it couldn't have ended soon enough. Mayo likely had more double cheeseburgers than double-doubles this year, which isn't saying much considering he had zero double-doubles.

O. J. Mayo SG MIL 6 Months

O.J. Mayo is not in uniform for Monday's game vs. the Raptors.

The Bucks haven't really bothered updating Mayo at all and didn't even disclose his status tonight, so we're just assuming he's out. Only one more game after tonight, Bucks fans.

O. J. Mayo SG MIL 6 Months

O.J. Mayo (ankle) will not play on Friday night.

We really wish the team would just rule Mayo out for the season.

O. J. Mayo SG MIL 7 Months

O.J. Mayo (ankle) will not play against the Raptors on Saturday.

There has been no news on his ankle and how much it's bothering him, so it's probably safe to assume he's been shut down for the season. Mayo has a lot of work to do to turn his career around after a disastrous 2013-14.

O. J. Mayo SG MIL 7 Months

O.J. Mayo (ankle) will not play against the Heat on Wednesday.

The last time Mayo was hurt, his illness turned into a conditioning issue and there's a good chance that's what happened here. He's been one of the most criticized players this season and the Mavericks look pretty smart for letting the Bucks pick him up in the offseason.

O. J. Mayo SG MIL 7 Months

O.J. Mayo (ankle) did not play on Monday against the Pistons, as expected.

Mayo dressed as an emergency player and his status for the rest of the season is tenuous, at best.

O. J. Mayo SG MIL 7 Months

O.J. Mayo (ankle) will dress vs. the Pistons on Monday and is not expected to play.

In other words, he's just an emergency guy because the Bucks are running out of bodies in their backcourt. Mayo has been one of the biggest letdowns on the season and obviously the Bucks regret signing him over the summer. At least they'll have a lot of ping-pong balls. Ramon Sessions will get some serious run tonight.