Kevin Love PF/C MIN 9 Days

Kevin Love will be joining the 19 other participants competing for a spot on the 2014 Men's National Team.

Love is a lock to make the roster, so the power forwards looking to back him up will be Anthony Davis, Blake Griffin, and Kenneth Faried.

Kevin Love PF/C MIN 12 Days

ESPN is reporting that the Cavaliers have opened up trade talks with the Timberwolves with a deal involving Dion Waiters, Anthony Bennett a pick, and Andrew Wiggins.

Kevin Love would sign an extension to play alongside LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, so Cleveland will probably do everything in their power to bring Love on board. This offer is probably one of the better offers Minnesota has received, and a larger offer from Cleveland may entice Golden State to finally include Klay Thompson in their proposal.

Kevin Love PF/C MIN 12 Days

Kevin Love is reportedly "intrigued" by the idea of playing with LeBron James and Kyrie Irving on the Cavaliers, and would commit to a long-term contract in Cleveland.

In late June the Cavs' pursuit of Love was reportedly dead in the water because he refused to re-sign with them, but as usual LeBron is a game-changer. The Cavs are rumored to have made an offer centered around No. 1 pick Andrew Wiggins, and the Wolves may be hard-pressed to get a better offer, so this could quickly progress. For now, however, it remains only a fascinating possibility.

Kevin Love PF/C MIN 14 Days

The Timberwolves are willing to let the market "play out" until LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh make their decisions, according to Yahoo! Sports.

It makes sense. There are going to be multiple teams missing the boat on making a splash in free agency, so those teams may be more willing to overpay. The latest rumor is Love for Andrew Wiggins, but there would have to be other moving parts for that to work. The Wolves keep pushing back their expectations on dealing the All-Star, but they'll be dealing him at some point.

Kevin Love PF/C MIN 14 Days

The Cavaliers are pursuing a Kevin Love trade with the Wolves, contingent on the signing of LeBron James, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

It's one thing to pursue a trade, it's another to make it. The Cavs have a lot of speculation surrounding their team right now, but adding Kevin Love to LeBron makes sense considering they'd need some help up front. The Cavs would almost certainly have to give up Andrew Wiggins to make this deal work while also getting rid of guys like Anderson Varejao.

Kevin Love PF/C MIN 14 Days

A radio host for ESPN Cleveland reported on Wednesday that the Cavaliers "have a deal in place" for Kevin Love, but the report has not been verified.

We're waiting for more sources to report on a Cavs trade for Love before buying into it, but the Cavs do have enough assets to offer a compelling package if they go that direction. It shouldn't take long for this report to either be debunked or confirmed, so stay tuned.

Kevin Love PF/C MIN 15 Days

The Timberwolves reportedly aren't interested in what the Celtics have to offer for Kevin Love.

The Summer of Love's stop in Boston may have been for naught as the Timberwolves want more than what Boston has to offer. "Minnesota didn't want anything Boston had two weeks ago, and it's crazy to think that's changed this fast," said a league source. "They may change their mind at some point, but I still think that's going to take some time." It's starting to sound like Love won't be heading to Boston unless the Timberwolves lower their asking price or unless Danny Ainge is able to sweeten the pot by bringing in a third team.

Kevin Love PF/C MIN 27 Days

The Warriors and Timberwolves are still discussing a trade for Kevin Love despite their differences on adding Klay Thompson in the deal, according to ESPN's Marc Stein.

A proposed trade that included both Kevin Love and Klay Thompson was considered "dead" by Warriors' sideline reporter Rich Bucher back on June 23rd. Although a trade before the draft is unlikely, both sides have rekindled trade talks. Neither team seems willing to budge on the issue of whether Klay Thompson will be involved in a deal for Love and the stand-off could continue long into the free agency period.

Kevin Love PF/C MIN 28 Days

The Cavaliers reportedly tried to acquire Kevin Love in a deal centered around the Cavs' No. 1 pick, but Love's refusal to re-sign with Cleveland has "killed talks."

The Cavs' top pick has been the subject of ceaseless trade chatter. In addition to their defunct pursuit of Love, they've reportedly fielded offers from the Magic (Arron Afflalo and picks Nos. 4 and 12), the 76ers (Thaddeus Young and No. 3), and the Jazz (Derrick Favors and No. 5). Further reports on Wednesday suggest that the Wolves may wait until LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony are signed as free agents before aggressively pursuing a trade involving Love.

Kevin Love PF/C MIN 29 Days

Flip Saunders indicated on Tuesday that the team may not make any trades before Thursday's 2014 NBA Draft.

When asked about the possibility of trading Kevin Love before the draft, the Wolves' president of basketball operations, head coach, and part-owner said, "I don't know if there's any prospect we'll trade anybody by Thursday night." Trade rumors have had Love going everywhere from Boston to Golden State and everywhere in between, but it sounds like Saunders is going to play this one close to the vest in the hopes of maximizing his return on any deal involving Love.