Kevin Love PF/C CLE 2 Months

Love was officially traded to the Cavaliers on Saturday, Jon Krawczynski of the Associated Press reports.

The deal has been on the table for over a month, but the trade could not be completed until 30 days after Andrew Wiggins signed his rookie contract, per NBA rules. Love joins a Cavs team already featuring LeBron James and Kyrie Irving and should immediately compete for a championship in his first season in the East. While Love's offensive responsibility may decline, still expect the three-time All-Star to put up elite numbers.

Kevin Love PF/C CLE 3 Months

Love will be traded to Cleveland for Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett, and a 2015 first round draft pick, reports. The deal can not be consummated until August 23 (after the 30-day period from when Wiggins signed his contract). Love will also reportedly sign a contract extension with Cleveland.

This trade has been rumored for weeks (particularly since LeBron James wrote his "coming home" letter and did not mention Wiggins and Bennett). Love should be able to get plenty of open opportunities playing with James and Kyrie Irving.

Kevin Love PF/C CLE 3 Months

Love is expected to be traded to the Cavs in exchange for Andrew Wiggins near the end of August, and the deal has essentially already been agreed upon but cannot be made official until after the 30-day rookie contract moratorium, that Wiggins is currently restricted by, ends August 23, ESPN reports.

There's a lot of speculation around this deal, and unfortunately, until August 23, there won't be any official announcements made. With that said, the report went on to state that, as long as the trade remains unofficial, there remains the outside chance that another team could offer something to the Timberwolves that would make them reconsider their current handshake agreement with the Cavs and trade Love to another team, though that is considered unlikely. If Love does indeed end up on the Cavs with LeBron James, we'd anticipate some slight changes to his production, but any reduction in Love's counting stats in one category would probably also result in him producing better percentages and other stats, making his fantasy value relatively the same going into mext season.

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Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor is reportedly hesitant to trade Kevin Love.

According to reports, Taylor is still stung by the aftermath of the 2007 trade that sent Kevin Love to Boston. "I don't think Glen Taylor wants to do the deal," one of the people familiar with the discussions said. This could be part of a cat and mouse game to force suitors to up their offers, so this report doesn't necessarily do anything to derail the rumors of Kevin Love heading to Cleveland.

Kevin Love PF/C CLE 3 Months

Tibor Pleiss is close to signing with FC Barcelona.

The 24-year-old German was drafted by the Oklahoma City Thunder in the 2010 draft, but has served as an oversea stash for the past four years. While he is eligible to play in the NBA this season, it looks like the 7'1" center will continue to hone his craft in Europe.

Kevin Love PF/C CLE 3 Months

Kevin Love joining the Cavaliers appears to be imminent, according to ESPN.

We still don't know exactly what the Cavs will give to acquire Love, but the fact that sources are calling a trade a "when, not if" situation points to Love joining the Cavs at some point. Cleveland appears to be the only team the Wolves are talking to about a Love trade, and chances are that Andrew Wiggins is involved, along with Anthony Bennett. But regardless of what names are involved in a potential trade, it does sound like the Cavs will have Kyrie Irving, LeBron James and Kevin Love on the court together at some point this season. If a deal does go down, it's not likely to happen officially until 30 days have passed from the day Wiggins was signed by the Cavs (July 24).

Kevin Love PF/C CLE 3 Months

The Bulls are still "aggressively" pursuing a trade for Kevin Love, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The brief report acknowledges that Love remains a "longshot" for the Bulls. They've reportedly offered a package of Taj Gibson, Doug McDermott and Nikola Mirotic, but the Wolves prefer a deal involving No. 1 pick Andrew Wiggins. Numerous reports have suggested that Love wants to join the Cavaliers, who remain the favorites in spite of the Bulls' efforts.

Kevin Love PF/C CLE 3 Months

Kevin Love is not expected to opt in to a new deal upon the completion of a trade, according to the Plain Dealer.

This isn't a big development or anything and it just means he'll be looking for a max offer in the summer. LaMarcus Aldridge is doing a similar thing and Love would obviously fetch a max deal based on some recent recipients of max deals. It's a slight gamble the Cavs will have to live with.

Kevin Love PF/C CLE 3 Months

Kevin Love will not play for Team USA this summer because he doesn't want to risk injury, according to the Associated Press.

Team USA announced that Love is not going to play, but obviously did not list a reason for his absence. This is perhaps the strongest piece of evidence that Love very badly wants out of Minnesota. His decision to sit out clearly shows he's trying to do all he can to make sure the Wolves are able to deal him. FOX Sports reported that he wants to go to Cleveland, and the Cavs remain the frontrunners.

Kevin Love PF/C CLE 3 Months

The Knicks recently proposed a trade of Amare Stoudemire, Tim Hardaway Jr. and Iman Shumpert for Kevin Love, but the Wolves declined the deal.

Give Phil points for trying but that's hilarious.