Kevin Love PF/C CLE 2 Months

Kevin Love is not expected to opt in to a new deal upon the completion of a trade, according to the Plain Dealer.

This isn't a big development or anything and it just means he'll be looking for a max offer in the summer. LaMarcus Aldridge is doing a similar thing and Love would obviously fetch a max deal based on some recent recipients of max deals. It's a slight gamble the Cavs will have to live with.

Kevin Love PF/C CLE 2 Months

Kevin Love will not play for Team USA this summer because he doesn't want to risk injury, according to the Associated Press.

Team USA announced that Love is not going to play, but obviously did not list a reason for his absence. This is perhaps the strongest piece of evidence that Love very badly wants out of Minnesota. His decision to sit out clearly shows he's trying to do all he can to make sure the Wolves are able to deal him. FOX Sports reported that he wants to go to Cleveland, and the Cavs remain the frontrunners.

Kevin Love PF/C CLE 2 Months

The Knicks recently proposed a trade of Amare Stoudemire, Tim Hardaway Jr. and Iman Shumpert for Kevin Love, but the Wolves declined the deal.

Give Phil points for trying but that's hilarious.

Kevin Love PF/C CLE 2 Months

The Wolves are higher on a Cleveland trade package centered around Andrew Wiggins than any other offer on the table for Kevin Love.

This isn't an Earth-shattering report and the Wolves getting back a high-upside No. 1 pick is a great return. The Wolves will have to wait 29 days before they can officially make a deal for Wiggins, but that's not going to stop them because the values of Wiggins and Love basically won't change until training camp. On the other hand, the Cavs reportedly do not want to trade Wiggins and another report from ESPN Cleveland says most of the Love-Wiggins talk is being leaked from the Minnesota side.

Kevin Love PF/C CLE 2 Months

In their pursuit of Kevin Love, the Bulls have reportedly offered the Wolves a package of Taj Gibson, Doug McDermott and Nikola Mirotic.

It's a legitimate offer and according to, the Wolves may actually prefer it to the Cavaliers' theoretical offer of Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and a future first-round pick. Neither team could include rookies for almost a month, as they can't be traded until 30 days after signing their rookie deals, but the teams could 'unofficially' agree to a deal in the meantime.

Kevin Love PF/C CLE 2 Months

The Chicago Bulls are making a play for Kevin Love, according to Marc Stein and Brian Windhorst of ESPN.

While the Cavaliers are still thought to be the leader in the clubhouse to land Love, the Bulls have reportedly decided to throw their hat in the ring. While it's unclear at the moment who the Bulls would be offering, sources believe the Wolves would want a package built around Jimmy Butler and Taj Gibson. The Cavaliers and Warriors are still in play here, but the Summer of Love just got a lot more interesting.

Kevin Love PF/C CLE 2 Months

The Timberwolves and Cavaliers have continued to discuss a possible Kevin Love trade over the weekend, according to ESPN's Darren Wolfson.

There are still conflicting reports about the Cavs' willingness to include Andrew Wiggins in a trade for Love. The Warriors remain very much in the picture, but it's similarly uncertain whether they might agree to include Klay Thompson. The Wolves would almost certainly jump at the chance to acquire Wiggins, an elite prospect on a rookie-scale contract, and it's noteworthy that the two teams are still having a dialogue. Check back soon for the latest updates in the Summer of Love.

Kevin Love PF/C CLE 2 Months1 Comment

The Warriors are reportedly making another push to land Kevin Love, and they may now be willing to include Klay Thompson in the deal.

There are conflicting reports as to whether the Warriors have decided to finally include Klay Thompson, but Minnesota has let it be known that they are not interested in sending Love to Golden State unless Thompson is included in the deal. The Warriors and Cavaliers remain the favorites to land Love, but it's become apparent that that will not happen without the inclusion of Thompson (from the Warriors) or Andrew Wiggins (from the Cavs). Stay tuned.

Kevin Love PF/C CLE 2 Months2 Comments

LeBron James has reached out to Kevin Love to express his desire to play with him.

The Cavs are looking into trading for Love and LeBron may have come to the realization it may take Amdrew Wiggins to be included in a trade in order to become a little better. No deal is imminent.

Kevin Love PF/C CLE 2 Months

Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor would like to keep Kevin Love.

"My preference is that Kevin will come to [training] camp -- and I'm sure he will -- and play with the team," Taylor said. The Wolves can offer Love a new contract worth $26 million more than any other team, but Love has repeatedly said he wants to win and doesn't sound confident he'll be able to do so in Minnesota. The Warriors and Cavaliers have expressed interest in the Wolves' star, but Taylor and the Wolves sound like they have higher expectations that what they've received. "We are going to look at everything that makes sense that would make our team better," Taylor said, "but we are not going to move a superb player like that without getting equal or more value back."