Brook Lopez C BKN 19 Days

Lopez (ankle) has been "fully cleared" to play, ESPN New York reports. "I was fully cleared for play and everything about a week and a half ago now," said Lopez. "Now it's time to get back in shape."

Brook Lopez C BKN 1 Month

Brook Lopez (foot surgery) has progressed to basketball-related activities and is "moving really well," according to Chris Haynes of

Lopez still isn't taking contact but this is a milestone in his recovery from ankle surgery in March and major reconstructive surgery in January. The Nets are likely to limit his minutes initially and the threat of another injury will loom over his season, so fantasy owners with weak stomachs should avoid him on draft day.

Brook Lopez C BKN 2 Months

General manager Billy King said the Nets will "gradually monitor" Brook Lopez's (foot) minutes next year.

"I think we're going to use Brook and go along with a medical plan to come up with a plan to get him back," King said. "Any time a guy comes back from injury, you don't just throw him out there so 'OK, he can play 42 minutes." His durability has been his biggest weakness, missing more than 60 games in two of his last three seasons. Interestingly, he played in all 82 games for each of his first three seasons. His risk factor will cause him to slide in fantasy drafts, but he could be a top-five big man as long as he stays healthy.

Brook Lopez C BKN 4 Months

Brook Lopez (foot) is out of his walking boot and was seen taking shots at Nets practice on Thursday.

Lopez had left ankle surgery in March in addition to reconstructive surgery on his right foot in January, which lowered his arch and shifted bones to redistribute his weight. It is encouraging news that he is out of his walking boot, and taking shots, but there is no indication that he will try and suit up for the postseason. He has missed an average of 50 games over the past three seasons and his injury problems make him an extremely risky pick in fantasy drafts, no matter how positive reports are about his rehab this summer.

Brook Lopez C BKN 5 Months

Brook Lopez had surgery on Mar. 3 to clean out his left ankle and repair a torn tendon.

He suffered a season-ending injury to his right foot, so this is a different issue entirely. Lopez's feet have kept him out of the lineup numerous times in his career and hopefully he doesn't have to deal with it much more in the future. He is expected to be ready for basketball activities in June and his surgeries shouldn't affect his status for the 2014-15 season opener.

Brook Lopez C BKN 6 Months

Brook Lopez (foot) isn't worried that his career is in jeopardy after three foot surgeries in two years.

Lopez is confident that he won't fall into the same category as other big men (Yao Ming, Bill Walton) who had chronic foot injuries end their careers. "I'm not scared at all," Lopez said. "I'm confident I'm going to get back on the court, and I'm going to do everything I can. There's no doubt in my mind I'll be back on the floor playing with my guys." While Lopez won't help fantasy owners this season, he is expected to shed his crutches within the next month and be ready for the 2014-15 season.

Brook Lopez C BKN 6 Months4 Comments

Brook Lopez's reconstructive foot surgery lowered the arch in his right foot, and he admitted that learning to adjust his gait may be difficult.

The surgeons shifted around bones to change the way Lopez's foot bears weight, a bold approach necessitated by the fact that the 25-year-old center has had four surgeries on his foot in the past three years. He's expected to be ready for training camp and when he does return he'll wear a custom-molded shoe.

Brook Lopez C BKN 6 Months

Brook Lopez (foot) gave his first quotes since his January 4 operation, and is optimistic about his return.

"It's going to work, I'm definitely thinking that way." It's good to see the big man thinking positively, however this is the forth procedure he has had on his right foot in the past three years. The surgery Brook had is the same surgery that "saved Zydrunas Ilgauskas' career" so there's some hope that he can put his foot woes behind him. We'll be monitoring his comeback trail closely, and pass along updates as they become available.

Brook Lopez C BKN 8 Months

The Nets have been granted a $5.25 million Disabled Player Exception for Brook Lopez, who is done for the season after fracturing the fifth metatarsal of his right foot on December 20. According to ESPN salary cap expert Larry Coon, this will allow them to sign a free agent to a one-year contract for the non-tax payer mid-level exception (plus $100,000), or trade for a player in the final season of his deal who is making no more than $5.25 million. This exception expires on March 10.

Using the full exception to sign a player would trigger a $20 million increase in luxury tax, and because the Nets combined payroll and luxury tax owed is close to $190 million, it makes it unlikely that they will actually use the exception prior to the March 10 deadline.

Brook Lopez C BKN 8 Months

Brook Lopez had surgery to repair his broken foot on Saturday and he will miss the rest of the season.

The surgeons repaired his broken bone and "repositioned another bone" so that the sole of his foot "will bear weight more evenly than before," a procedure which former Cavaliers beat writer Brian Windhorst notes "once saved Zydrunas Ilgauskas' career." That's mildly encouraging for Lopez's outlook next year, and he'll have roughly 10 months to get ready for the start of the 2014-15 season.