Jason Kidd PG NY 13 Days

Coach Jason Kidd has hired Joe Prunty to be his top assistant coach in Milwaukee.

Prunty was an assistant for Kiddin Brooklyn and there were some reports that new coach Lionel Hollins wanted to keep him, but that obviously didn't happen. Kidd's new team isn't exactly loaded with talent, so he'll have his hands full in 2014-15.

Jason Kidd PG NY 16 Days

Jason Kidd wrote a letter to the Bucks fan base explaining why he made the move to Milwaukee.

"Over the past couple days, I've been asked: 'Why Milwaukee' My answer is simple: there is no place I'd rather be," Kidd wrote. "Over my twenty years in the NBA as a player and a coach, I have always been impressed with the level of support that Bucks fans have given this team, in good times and bad. With a talented roster, new owners that are passionate about being successful in Milwaukee, and a great fan base, we have the makings of something special here and I'm proud to be leading this new era of Bucks basketball."

Jason Kidd PG NY 18 Days

During Jason Kidd's official introductory press conference, he denied that his move to Milwaukee was about power.

"It's not about power," Kidd said. "You guys ran with that. It's not about power. As I think I was introduced, I'm the coach. So I'm the coach and I was the coach in Brooklyn. And I'm the coach here, so it's not about power." Kidd went on to refute just about every other report that surfaced during his highly publicized departure from Brooklyn, but we're not buying it.

Jason Kidd PG NY 21 Days

The Milwaukee Bucks officially named Jason Kidd as their head coach on Tuesday.

There is no word on if they spoke in unison, but Bucks' co-owners Wesley Edens and Marc Lasry released a statement on Tuesday saying, "Jason is a determined leader, a tough-minded competitor and a great teammate. We believe his focus, vision and intensity will help him work alongside John and David to rebuild the Milwaukee Bucks as we aspire to achieve excellence over the next several yrs. We are excited that Jason will call Milwaukee his new home." We'll find out over the next season if Kidd made the right decision to bolt Brooklyn for Milwaukee, but fantasy owners have to at least be happy that Larry Drew isn't around to play yo-yo with his players' minutes.

Jason Kidd PG NY 22 Days

Jason Kidd and the Bucks are working out a three year contract estimated to be in the $12-$15 million range.

It was reported that Kidd did not like the big contracts that Derek Fisher and Steve Kerr signed, so if his main motive was more money, mission accomplished. Kidd has elected to leave a playoff team where money wasn't an issue, to join the team that had an even worse record than the 76ers last season. It will be interesting to see if Kidd can move the Bucks franchise in a different direction, but from a fantasy standpoint, anything is better than Larry Drew.

Jason Kidd PG NY 22 Days

The Bucks are sending two second-round picks to the Nets to secure the coaching rights on Jason Kidd.

The Nets are lucky to get anything back since Kidd's time was done in Brooklyn. Kidd is going to be ripped apart by the New York media for asking for so much control despite having just one year of coaching experience. The Bucks are expected to give him a bigger role, but he'll have a much worse roster to build around. Kidd ran assistant coach Lawrence Frank out of town earlier in the 2013-14 season and his ego is growing by the day. The Nets will look to replace him with someone like Lionel Hollins or George Karl.

Jason Kidd PG NY 22 Days

The Bucks and Nets are still haggling over compensation for Jason Kidd as of Monday morning.

The latest deal includes the Bucks giving up two second-round picks in exchange for Kidd. Clearly the Nets are done with Kidd and they're just looking to get anything they can at this point. Kidd would take over most of the basketball decisions in Milwaukee while the Nets would join the Lakers as two high-profile teams without a head coach.

Jason Kidd PG NY 22 Days

The Nets might agree "within 24 hours" to let Jason Kidd join the Bucks in exchange for one or two future second-round picks, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

Jason Kidd PG NY 22 Days

The Bucks want to give the Nets a second-round pick for the right to hire Jason Kidd as coach, but the Nets are insisting on getting a first-round pick.

If the Bucks don't give Brooklyn a first-rounder it's quite possible this deal completely falls apart, and Kidd could be left out in the cold, as the Bucks are said to be ready to "move on" if the Nets will only agree to a first-rounder. It's hard to believe Kidd might have made his power play to the Nets without having a secure deal in place with his buddy in Milwaukee, but it sounds like that might be the case. If the Bucks continue to stand firm and don't agree to send a first-round pick to the Nets, Kidd might find himself without an NBA job. And after the way he broke up with the Nets, finding one may not be an easy task.

Jason Kidd PG NY 23 Days

The Bucks are only considering Jason Kidd for their head coach position, not team president, according to Eric Buenning of BrewHoop.com.

This report shouldn't be taken as the gospel, as the Bucks don't have a team president and Kidd has a long-time relationship with new co-owner Marc Lasry. It also seems odd that Kidd would agitate for more power in Brooklyn without a similar offer available in Milwaukee, but anything is possible. Kidd has three years left on his contract with the Nets and they're reportedly unwilling to let him leave without compensation -- ESPN's Marc Stein reports that they're "resolute in their pursuit of a first-round pick," though that's an extremely steep price for a disgruntled first-year head coach. Details about this situation continue to rapidly emerge, so stay tuned.