LeBron James SF CLE 13 Days

LeBron James is traveling back to Miami on Thursday night and will then travel to Brazil.

He is expected to travel to Brazil on Saturday, so he'll have a little over a day to make his decision stateside. Of course, he could make his decision while in Brazil and do something associated with the World Cup -- ESPN does have a fancy set at the Copacabana beach after all. Regardless, it doesn't sound like we'll be hearing his decision on Thursday night.

LeBron James SF CLE 14 Days

LeBron James has no plans to travel to Ohio on Thursday, according to multiple media reports.

James has been at his basketball camp in Vegas for the past few days where he met with Pat Riley and has been visited by Dwyane Wade. Reports that he was to announce his decision around 3:00 pm ET on Thursday have proved to be erroneous, and it seems the waiting game for his announcement will continue.

LeBron James SF CLE 14 Days

Bath, Ohio police say they are not preparing for extra police details, according to NBC's Tom Winter.

So goes the ongoing speculation surrounding LeBron. Whether he is or is not announcing his decision in the near future, the NBA world will remain on edge until he clarifies where he will be taking his talents to next.

LeBron James SF CLE 14 Days

Police in Bath, Ohio are expected to increase patrols near LeBron James' Akron home on Thursday after 3:00 pm ET, according to Phil Trexler of the Akron Beacon Journal.

Trexler also mentions that an announcement is expected "tonight," although there have been no other mentions among media members about a definitive time-table for LeBron's decision. It is another interesting development in the LeBron James free agency saga. There seems to be a growing sentiment among fans and media members alike that James is preparing to return to Cleveland, but it's been mostly speculation to this point and only LeBron knows what his next move will be.

LeBron James SF CLE 15 Days

LeBron James has all the information he needs from teams and will no longer take meetings, according to David Aldridge of NBA.com.

The report has been confirmed by USA Today's Sam Amick, Marc Spears of Yahoo!, and ESPN's Chris Broussard, so these reports are almost factual. LeBron met with Heat president Pat Riley on Wednesday and didn't make a decision, so that will go down as one of the most important free agent meetings in NBA history. It's certainly interesting that he won't meet with the Cavs because David Blatt is new to being an NBA coach and David Griffin is their new general manager. Hopefully, he'll have a decision in the next couple days.

LeBron James SF CLE 15 Days

LeBron James left the meeting with president Pat Riley without committing to a deal with the Heat, according to Yahoo! Sports.

There are some reports surfacing that he's going to announce his decision on his website, but it's all just a guessing game right now. LeBron could make his decision before he goes to the World Cup Final on Sunday, but even that is just a guess at this point. The Heat may have been hoping to get a deal done, so today probably didn't go as well as they hoped.

LeBron James SF CLE 15 Days

LeBron James arrived for his basketball camp in Las Vegas on Wednesday, as expected.

LeBron Watch has taken over. He'll have a meeting with Pat Riley and his agent later today, but Dwyane Wade, Erik Spoelstra and Micky Arison will not. Yahoo! reported on Tuesday that James spent Monday night with Wade, so the two are still in contact. As strange as it seems, the Heat seem less likely to bring back LeBron compared to when he opted out last week.

LeBron James SF CLE 15 Days

By trading Jarrett Jack, Tyler Zeller and Sergey Karasev on Wednesday, the Cavaliers cleared enough cap space to offer LeBron James a max contract.

The Cavs also gave up a future first-round pick to complete their cap-clearing trade, after LeBron's agent reportedly urged the Cavs to clear space for a max deal in recent days. The stage is now set for LBJ to choose between signing with the Heat or the Cavaliers, the two teams believed to be his finalists. James is scheduled to meet with the Heat on Wednesday afternoon, but there have been no indications of when he might announce his decision.

LeBron James SF CLE 15 Days

Adrian Wojnarowski reportedly said on Fox Sports 1 Tuesday that LeBron James has narrowed his choices down to the Heat and Cavaliers.

If Woj said it, it's likely true. And it makes sense, as those are the two teams we've been hearing about in regards to LeBron for several days. We're still not sure why he's not considering the Suns, as it seems like he'd be a perfect fit in Phoenix, but it sounds like he's either going to return to Miami or Cleveland. It likely depends on what Chris Bosh does, as he's considering a max offer from the Rockets. If Bosh breaks up the Big 3, LeBron could wait and see if Carmelo Anthony would join him (taking a pay cut) in Miami, or bolt for Cleveland, who now looks like a solid up-and-coming team. Either way, the deadline is drawing near and we expect a 'Decision' in the next few days. Stay tuned.

LeBron James SF CLE 16 Days

LeBron James is expected to meet with Heat president Pat Riley on Wednesday in Las Vegas.

The meeting has been known about for days, and Riley recently took steps to shape Miami's roster by agreeing to deals with free agents Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger. LBJ's agent has also met with the Cavaliers, Lakers, Mavericks, Rockets and Suns, but this feels like somewhat of a two-horse race between Miami and Cleveland. Free agent contracts can officially be signed on Thursday but there's no indication of when LeBron might make his decision.