LeBron James SF CLE 3 Days

The NBA Players Association voted to make litigator Michele Roberts their next Executive Director late Monday night.

32 of 34 player reps and Executive Committee members voted Roberts in with a two-thirds vote being the mark to hit. She is the first woman to lead a major pro sports union and she enters the position with some controversy internally, as there were plenty reports of discord within the ranks as Roberts and two other candidates presented to the membership prior to the vote. The current Executive Committee for the players has proven to be borderline dysfunctional and we've seen flashes of that even with Billy Hunter out of the picture. In the sake of fair play we hope Roberts can keep the players from being run out of the gym again during a potential lockout in 2017.

LeBron James SF CLE 5 Days

LeBron James will wear No. 23 with the Cavaliers this season, the same number he wore during his first seven years in Cleveland.

James switched his jersey to No. 6 with the Heat, but wrote on Sunday, "23 it is! It's only right I go back." The decision is symbolic of his full-circle return to Ohio, and it's great news for fans who have old LeBron jerseys buried in the back of their closet.

LeBron James SF CLE 7 Days

Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson will no longer be involved in the executive director search process for the NBA Players Association.

This doesn't sound like a friendly split and it sounds like the NBPA executive committee doing the same shenanigans that led to them getting murdered during the last CBA negotiations. Johnson successfully navigated them through the Donald Sterling saga, but apparently is no longer needed as the NBPA looks at the final three candidates, who could be voted on Monday.

LeBron James SF CLE 7 Days

The NBA is reportedly considering making the All-Star break a week long, which would result in one, or two more back-to-back sets per team.

"That's the model they're using right now while they're filling in the schedule," an NBA source familiar with the process told the Sun Sentinel Friday. "Could they go back and use some of those dates if needed? That's possible. But the week off looks like what's going to happen."

LeBron James SF CLE 12 Days

Scottie Pippen stated in a recent interview that he wasn't surprised LeBron James returned to Cleveland.

"I wasn't surprised, I kind of figured he'd go back [to Cleveland]," Pippen said. "I don't know if he could hold that team up. I think [Dwyane] Wade's physical ability had him thinking like, 'Hey, maybe this is not the place I need to be.' It was a great run for them. They weren't as successful as they thought they would be, but you went to the Finals four times, so you can't hold your head down too much about that."

LeBron James SF CLE 16 Days

David Blatt said that he plans to occasionally use LeBron James as a stretch 4 next season.

"I just came from the land of the stretch 4s," Blatt said during an interview on Grantland. "Stretch 4s became popular in the United States because of Europe. If anyone knows that style of play, it's probably me. Yeah, you'll see LeBron there." James thrived as a small-ball power forward in Miami, becoming one of the best post scores in the league. It will be interesting to see how Blatt plans to use James' position versatility next season.

LeBron James SF CLE 20 Days

LeBron James has finalized his contract with the Cavs and it is for just two years, including an opt-out for next summer, and presumably a maximum amount of $42.1 million.

Sources around the league had intimated that he wanted a short-term deal and this confirms that. ESPN reports that the motivation here is to maximize his next deal when the NBA's new television contract is in place, which they say could raise the salary cap to $80 million in 2016. There is also uncertainty with the current collective bargaining agreement starting in 2017, because the owners destroyed a leaderless Players Association during the last lockout. With the players all but certain to demand huge givebacks amidst skyrocketing franchise valuations, all signs point to LeBron being the centerpiece of an even more complicated Decision Part 3.

LeBron James SF CLE 21 Days

Heat owner Micky Arison handled LeBron Jame's departure from Miami with class, thanking LeBron for his time.

"I am shocked and disappointed in today's news," Arison wrote on his Twitter account. "However I will never forget what LeBron brought us for four years. Thanks for memories [LeBron James]."

LeBron James SF CLE 21 Days

LeBron James will return to Cleveland as a member of the Cavaliers, he announced on Friday.

LeBron James SF CLE 21 Days

After flying with LeBron James from Las Vegas to Miami, Dwyane Wade was reportedly "still unsure" whether LeBron was favoring the Heat or Cavaliers.

This non-update is par the course with LeBron's free agency. He met with the Heat on Wednesday but he's said nothing publicly, and it's not even guaranteed that he'll announce his decision before leaving for the World Cup final in Brazil this weekend. The longer he stays silent the more frenzied the speculation becomes -- his official website has been crashing due to heavy traffic for three days, and he's had more Google searches this week than at any point during the NBA's regular season.