Rudy Gay SF SAC 21 Days

Gay has been added to the current group of players vying for the 12 spots on Team USA's roster for the FIBA World Cup later this month, ESPN reports.

Gay will replace Kevin Durant since the reigning MVP decided that he needs to take the rest of the summer off to rest. The Sacramento stalwart will have a legitimate shot at making the final 12-man roster, but he doesn't have as much time to prepare compared to the other current members of Team USA.

Rudy Gay SF SAC 2 Months

Rudy Gay is open to the idea of signing an extension with the Kings, but he wants to see the direction the organization is headed in before making a long-term commitment.

"I'm open to doing [an extension] as soon as the season starts," Gay said. "I'm open to doing it whenever, but right now, I just really want to focus on getting better as a player and seeing the vision of the team going forward." Gay was impressive upon his arrival to Sacramento, averaging 20.1 points, 5.5 rebounds, 3.1 assists, and 1.2 steals on 48.2 percent shooting from the floor. Gay will be a primary figure in the Kings offense next season, and coach Mike Malone said that he will be looking to use Gay at the shooting guard, small forward, and power forward positions next season.

Rudy Gay SF SAC 2 Months

Rudy Gay will opt-in for the final year of his contract with the Kings, worth $19.3 million.

Gay has been lobbied to stay in Sacramento by Kings management and DeMarcus Cousins, and the team is expected to engage in contract-extension talks in the near future. He could negotiate a four-year extension beginning July 1, and should earn a massive pay-day with the Kings viewing him as a "cornerstone of the franchise's future." Gay thrived after being traded to Sacramento last season, averaging 20.1 points, 5.5 rebounds, 3.1 assists and 1.2 steals.

Rudy Gay SF SAC 2 Months

DeMarcus Cousins has reached out to Rudy Gay about staying with the Kings next season.

"He knows that I want him back, Cousins said. "I need him on this ride." The Kings went 21-34 with Gay in the lineup vs. 7-20 without him, so he did help. Gay's stats also were fantastic with the Kings and he would hold early round value.

Rudy Gay SF SAC 3 Months

Rudy Gay met with Kings owner Vivek Ranadive and members of the team's management on Tuesday, as they pitched the potential free agent on a future in Sacramento.

Gay was greeted by dozens of fans when his flight arrived at the Sacramento airport, and he also spent time with California governor Jerry Brown during what amounted to a recruitment trip. Whether or not the 28-year-old declines his $19.3 million player option this summer, the Kings are making it clear that they intend to retain him.

Rudy Gay SF SAC 3 Months

Rudy Gay will be in Sacramento on Tuesday to hear the King's pitch to keep him in town.

Former Kings' star Mitch Richmond and Advisor to the Chairman, Chris Mullin, will reportedly attend the meeting in an effort to convince Ray to stay in Sacramento. Gay has the option to stay with the Kings for $19.3 million next season or opt out of his contract and hit the open market as a free agent. It's unlikely that Gay will receive an open market offer that is as high as what the Kings owe him next year, but he's coming off a season in which he averaged 20.5 points per game and may decide to elect for the safety of a long-term deal either in Sacramento or elsewhere.

Rudy Gay SF SAC 3 Months

Rudy Gay will reportedly meet with the Kings' front office next week to discuss his future in Sacramento.

The team's Advisor to the Chairman, Chris Mullin and newly inducted Hall of Famer, Mitch Richmond, will reportedly be in attendance to pitch the Kings to the small forward. His options are to remain with the Kings next season and collect his $19.3 million or opt out and become a free agent. Gay is coming off a fine season in which he averaged 20.5 ppg and is clearly someone the Kings want to lock up long term.

Rudy Gay SF SAC 4 Months

Rudy Gay may decline his $19.3 million player option for the 2014-15 season, but he seems to be giving serious thought to re-signing in Sacramento.

"They've really taken to the family aspect of the team," Gay said. "I think all the great teams, all the great organizations, they have that. And if this team wants to get better, we have to grow as a family." Gay added, "I think there's definitely a good structure in place." If you're a Kings fan, this is good news, especially coming off of Gay's stellar 2013-14 campaign.

Rudy Gay SF SAC 4 Months

The Kings will try to retain Rudy Gay even if he exercises his opt-out clause.

Gay can become an unrestricted free agent by opting out of a contract that will pay him $19.3 million next year. We'd be a little surprised if he passed up that kind of cash, but it's possible considering how much the Kings coaches and front office reportedly like him. Gay may see the opt-out as a chance to get a more guaranteed money in a long-term deal.

Rudy Gay SF SAC 4 Months

Rudy Gay played 16 minutes against the Suns on Wednesday, scoring six points with six boards, two assists and one turnover.

It was a bit of a surprise to even see him in the lineup after missing Sunday's game due to a back injury. Gay had a tremendous turnaround with the Kings after putting up some horrible efficiency with the Raptors earlier this year. The Kings got him more buckets in transition and he was much better off screens, so he could keep it up in 2014-15.