Carmelo Anthony F NY 5 Days

The Lakers made a "major impact" on Carmelo Anthony during their meeting this weekend, according to Bill Simmons of ESPN.

It probably has something to do with Kobe Bryant, who is one of Melo's good friends in the league. In fact, Melo is the only NBA player that is not a teammate or former teammate who is followed on Twitter by Kobe, so that's super important. He is expected to make his decision in the next few days.

Carmelo Anthony F NY 6 Days

Carmelo Anthony left his final free-agency meeting with the Knicks "largely aligned with president Phil Jackson's vision," according to Yahoo! Sports.

The Knicks have a verbal offer of a max deal of five years and $129 million, so if he's really on board with the team's vision, this sounds like he's not going anywhere. He also has a seven-year-old son and that may also help keep him in NY despite the pitches of the Bulls, Rockets, Lakers and Mavericks. The Knicks may have one more tough season on the horizon with Amare Stoudemire and Andrea Bargnani on the books, but things should get better in 2015-16.

Carmelo Anthony F NY 6 Days

Joakim Noah has reportedly told several people he believes that Carmelo Anthony will be re-signing with the Knicks.

With the Knicks having the ability to offer Anthony significantly more money than any other team, partnered with Anthony's love for New York, and his families desire to remain in New York, all signs are pointing towards Anthony returning to Madison Square Garden. Anthony has also reportedly made a pitch to Pau Gasol to sign with the Knicks, which strengthens the argument.

Carmelo Anthony F NY 7 Days

The Knicks offered Carmelo Anthony a max deal on Thursday night during their meeting and he is expected to take the weekend to make his decision.

It's only a verbal offer and it's not formal. There have been all sorts of reports on when Melo will make up his mind with some saying he'll make up his mind this weekend. At first it was expected to he would make a decision in the second week of July, but that seems would be surprising at this point. He's also going to get a max offer from the Lakers while the Mavericks, Rockets and Bulls will also come up with offers of their own.

Carmelo Anthony F NY 7 Days

The Lakers will offer Carmelo Anthony a max deal of four years for $97 million.

It wasn't a matter of money for the Lakers with only three players under contract. They met with Anthony for 2.5 hours today with Jeanie Buss, Jim Buss, Mitch Kupchak, James Worthy and other executives. Kobe Bryant is expected to meet with Melo tonight, but it doesn't sound like he'll make a decision this evening.

Carmelo Anthony F NY 7 Days

The Knicks are hopeful Carmelo Anthony agrees to terms with as soon as Thursday night.

The report adds that Melo's decision is doubtful to happen tonight. They are in Los Angeles today to try and get the deal done. Things seem to be looking up for the Knicks compared to how they were at this time last week, but he's far from a lock to re-sign.

Carmelo Anthony F NY 7 Days

The Knicks are expected to meet with Carmelo Anthony on Thursday in Los Angeles after his meeting with the Lakers.

The Rockets and Mavericks have already had their chances and now he'll get a look at the big-market teams. The Lakers and Knicks do not have the rosters the Rockets and Mavericks do, but the Lakers do have some more financial flexibility. It's also been reported that the Bulls going after Pau Gasol is a sign that the Knicks have a good shot at bringing Melo back. He is expected to make his decision in the second week of July.

Carmelo Anthony F NY 7 Days

The Mavericks were all business in their meeting with unrestricted free agent Carmelo Anthony.

In what was likely a shot at the Bulls and Rockets, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban divulged the broad-stroke details of the team's meeting with Anthony. "What I can tell you is that we made this purely a business meeting," Cuban said. "No tours. No banners. All basketball and business." The Mavericks reportedly met with Melo at Cuban's house and pitched a winning coach, owner, and organization with the ability to attract more free agents. The Anthony sweepstakes have seemingly come down to the Bulls, Mavericks, and Rockets, but the Lakers, Clippers, and Knicks may factor into this equation before all is said and done.

Carmelo Anthony F NY 8 Days

The Rockets' meeting with unrestricted free agent Carmelo Anthony lasted about six hours including lunch.

The meeting included a tour of the arena and Anthony talked with Dwight Howard and James Harden for about 10 minutes. The Rockets do have a decent chance of prying Melo away from the Knicks, but they'll get competition from the Mavericks and Bulls next.

Carmelo Anthony F NY 9 Days

Carmelo Anthony visited the Bulls on Tuesday, and is now on his way to Houston, and then Dallas.

Melo's tour could be a long one, but the Bulls appeared to pull out all the stops. We have not heard any inkling of where Melo may land, but it does sound like he will be meeting with both the Rockets and Mavs on Wednesday. Stay tuned.