Derek Fisher PG OKC 16 Days

Coach Derek Fisher said the deal with Carmelo Anthony is not done yet.

Interestingly, Tim Hardaway Jr. said he's happy and excited that Melo is back, so it's probably safe to assume he's coming back. This sage keeps dragging out and hopefully it comes to a conclusion this weekend.

Derek Fisher PG OKC 21 Days

The Knicks have officially announced their hiring of Kurt Rambis as the associate head coach to Derek Fisher.

"Kurt is exactly the type of person we want in our organization to help develop our culture of success," Fisher said. "His vast knowledge and experience as a championship player and coach are traits that we embrace adding to our staff." The deal will be for $1.2 million per year over four years.

Derek Fisher PG OKC 24 Days

Kurt Rambis has reportedly accepted the Knicks offer to become Derek Fisher's top assistant coach.

The deal is reportedly for $1.2 million per season over four years. Rambis served under Phil Jackson in LA from 2001-2009, and also coached Derek Fisher during that time.

Derek Fisher PG OKC 25 Days

The Knicks will have Derek Fisher coach their Las Vegas Summer League team.

It is a popular move among NBA teams for their new coaches to start off in summer league. Jason Kidd coached the Nets last year while David Blatt will coach the Cavs this year. Fisher will try and build his strategy a bit with guys like Tim Hardaway Jr., Cleanthony Early, Shane Larkin, Jeremy Tyler, Thanasis Antetokounmpo and Shannon Brown.

Derek Fisher PG OKC 25 Days

The Knicks have Kurt Rambis an offer to become Derek Fisher's top assistant coach.

The Knicks reportedly offered Rambis a four-year contract worth $1.2 million per season that would be in the same ballpark as Tyronn Lue's deal with the Cavaliers. While Rambis remains in the mix to become the Lakers next head coach, he was an assistant during both of Phil Jackson's stints in Los Angeles and is a well-versed disciple of the triangle offense.

Derek Fisher PG OKC 2 Months

Reggie Miller thinks Derek Fisher can be a great coach for the New York Knicks.

Speaking just hours after Fisher reportedly accepted the Knicks' offer to become their next head coach, Miller spoke highly of Fisher, "Derek can be a great coach because he's always been a 'glue guy'. He's had that influence in every locker room he's ever been in. He's seen everything there is to see in basketball and he's been a champion. And he's been under Phil Jackson's tutelage." Fisher will have a tough road ahead of him (especially if Carmelo Anthony decides to leave town), but he has no shortage of supporters around the NBA who think he's more than capable of the task.

Derek Fisher PG OKC 2 Months

According to sources close to the situation, Derek Fisher has agreed to accept the offer to become the Knicks' next head coach.

The deal is reportedly for 5-years and $25 million, sources say. Additionally the Knicks will likely bring in Kurt Rambis and Bill Cartwright as assistant coaches, with Rick Fox, and Luke Walton also being in the mix. The Knicks hope to host a press conference as soon as Tuesday officially introducing Fisher as the next head coach.

Derek Fisher PG OKC 2 Months

The Knicks' pursuit of Derek Fisher to become their head coach will "ramp up" this week and the team is expected to hire him, according

Derek Fisher PG OKC 2 Months

Despite winning five championships with the club, Derek Fisher is reportedly not a candidate to replace Mike D'Antoni as the Lakers head coach.

The franchise is keen on hiring someone with prior head coaching experience. The Lakers have interviewed five coaches in person: Byron Scott, Kurt Rambis, Lionel Hollins, Alvin Gentry and Mike Dunleavy.

Derek Fisher PG OKC 2 Months

Knicks president Phil Jackson spoke with Derek Fisher about their head-coaching vacancy, according to Yahoo! Sports.