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Former University of Maryland head coach Gary Williams thinks Kevin Durant could wind up back in the Washington D.C. area.

Williams' thoughts on Durant are just idle summer chatter, but the former Terrapins head coach thinks Durant could sign with the Wizards when he becomes a free agent in the summer of 2016. "One interesting thing on this LeBron going back to Cleveland, Durant's watching that very close," Williams said on a radio interview last week. "He's seeing the adulation pouring out for LeBron James for coming home. And Durant loves this area." We'll chalk this one up to summer conjecturing for now, but if Williams is correct, the Wizards have two seasons to prove to Durant that he can win in D.C.

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The NBA will be placing a golden stripe on the back of jerseys for the 2014-15 season to honor the franchises that have won championships, however, the Thunder organization has elected to not wear the patch commemorating Seattle's 1979 title run.

The Seattle SuperSonics won a title in 1979, however the franchise has since been relocated and renamed in Oklahoma City. "As of right now, they are not wearing it," said Christopher Arena - the NBA's vice president of outfitting, identity and equipment. "We have several teams who have a lineage that exists prior to the city that they're in... Some teams embrace that past, some teams don't. Whether it's because of ownership changes or perhaps the lineage is too great of a distance or the team nickname changed or whatever it may be, that's their decision."

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Kevin Durant said he's a littler bigger and stronger already this summer.

Apparently, KD is heeding the advice of Kendrick Perkins, who said Durant should consider lifting weights this offseason. The reigning MVP was an offensive powerhouse and was phenomenal at the rim, so he really doesn't even need to bulk up. Plus, he's missed just two games in the last three season. Durant will be a free agent in the summer of 2016, so that should be fun.

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Kendrick Perkins said that Kevin Durant should considering lifting weights this offseason.

"I feel like he could get stronger, in my opinion," Perkins said. "I think that would help him a lot. I told him all the good and great players that played the game, from Jordan, Kobe, LeBron, they all put size on them, and it helped them." Unlike Perkins, Durant won MVP last year with his wiry frame, so there's really no need for KD to change his game at all. Plus, he's also missed just two games in the last three season.

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Kevin Durant said on Twitter that Kawhi Leonard has been "doing work like this because of the system."

He mentioned that Paul George would be better on the Spurs than Kawhi has been, as well. Scott Brooks hasn't really had much of a need to develop a system since two of his players ranked as the top two players in usage rate this season. Brooks will be back next season and KD will be the first pick in standard fantasy drafts again.

Kevin Durant SF OKC 1 Month

Kevin Durant is still leading the 2014 playoffs in scoring.

Durant currently has a 46 point lead on LeBron James, and if San Antonio closes out Miami in Game 5, and LeBron scores under 46 points, Durant could become just the third player in league history to have led the postseason in scoring without reaching the Finals. So who are the other guys to have accomplished this feat? Michael Jordan (1989, 1990) and Elgin Baylor (1961).

Kevin Durant SF OKC 1 Month

The Knicks expect to be a contender for Kevin Durant when he is projected to become a free agent in July 2016, according to

Of course they do. While adding Derek Fisher could help the Knicks, they are still one of the worst teams on paper and seem to be losing ground on keeping Carmelo Anthony around. Durant probably won't wind up on a team as talented as the one he's on, so his best chance for a ring may be in the next two seasons.

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Kevin Durant made 12-of-25 from the field for 31 points during Game 6's 112-107 overtime loss on Saturday to go with 14 boards, two assists, one steal, three blocks, seven turnovers and two 3-pointers in 52 minutes.

He suffered a minor tweak to his left ankle, but did not leave the game. Durant also took a shot to the nose during a somewhat physical second half. The Spurs kept him off the line yet again and KD shot just 5-of-7 from there in this loss. One of the bigger stories following this game will also be how Durant slammed the ball down after coach Scott Brooks called a timeout, so we'll be watching for that. The MVP is locked in as fantasy's number one pick for next season.

Kevin Durant SF OKC 2 Months

Kevin Durant shot 11-of-21 from the field for 25 points with five boards, two assists, one steal, one block and two 3-pointers in 37 minutes against the Spurs on Thursday.

He only made 1-of-4 from the free throw line, which has been an issue in the three losses in this series. Durant has made just eight free throws in the three losses combined, which is less than his per-game average of 8.7 during the regular season. Kawhi Leonard has done a terrific job in defending the reigning MVP and the Thunder may have to come up with other ways to get Durant the ball besides isolation.

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Kevin Durant's averaging just 21.5 points per game against San Antonio, in large part due to his inability to get to the basket.

In Game 2 especially, the league MVP was only able to get off two shots inside the restricted area. "We have been helping a lot, getting all the bigs to the paint and make him kick the ball out, and then we close out," Manu Ginobili said. With Game 3 on Sunday, Durant will have to be more aggressive if the Thunder hope to get back in the series.