Luol Deng SF MIA 2 Months

Luol Deng has agreed to a two-year, $20 million deal with the Heat.

With Chris Bosh, Josh McRoberts and Deng under contract and Dwyane Wade expected to sign imminently, the Heat have quickly re-emerged as a playoff contender in the Eastern Conference. Deng struggled last season due to an Achilles injury, and never fit in with the Cavaliers, but he should be a decent pick in the late rounds for owners willing to gamble on a bounce-back season with the Heat.

Luol Deng SF MIA 2 Months

Unrestricted free agent Luol Deng and the Heat are still very far apart in terms of coming to an agreement on an annual salary, according to sources.

While the Heat seem to be Deng's preferred destination, he's not interested in signing for $10 million per season. Deng turned down Chicago's three-year, $30 million extension last season, so it's not likely that Miami's reported offer of two-years, $20 million is very enticing to him. Still, Miami remains the favorites to land Deng, and perhaps Pat Riley can convince him to cave a bit on his salary demands.

Luol Deng SF MIA 2 Months

The Hawks talks with unrestricted free agent Luol Deng have "quickly died down."

The Wizards are out of the running and now it seems things are not moving well with the Hawks, so the Heat should be considered as the overwhelming favorites to sign him. Deng is seeking around $10 million at around three years on his deal, which should be completed soon.

Luol Deng SF MIA 2 Months

The Hawks have re-engaged their talks with unrestricted free agent Luol Deng.

It's basically a two-horse race with the Hawks and Heat for Deng. Both teams could use a small forward and have some cap space to give him close to his $10 million per season demand.

Luol Deng SF MIA 2 Months

The Heat are pursuing unrestricted free agent Luol Deng on a contract at around $10 million per season.

He would be a better fit on the Heat than on the Wizards, who are also in on Deng. The 29-year-old forward is coming off a down year and it's a big reason why teams are hesitant to offer up a big deal to get him. He should sign this weekend.

Luol Deng SF MIA 2 Months

The Heat are reportedly "making progress" in their pursuit of Luol Deng.

Chris Bosh agreed to a max deal in Miami and all signs points to Dwyane Wade re-signing in the near future. With Josh McRoberts, Shabazz Napier and Danny Granger also under contract, the shape of the new-look Heat is slowly coming into focus. The Rockets, Lakers and Mavericks are also interested in Deng, but at the moment it seems Miami is in the driver's seat.

Luol Deng SF MIA 2 Months

Unrestricted free agent Luol Deng's representatives reportedly reached out to Miami on Friday.

The Lakers and Mavericks are reportedly still pursuing Deng, but it appears he would like to take his talents to South Beach. Deng hopes to choose a landing spot within the next 24 hours. Deng would have decent value in Miami helping shoulder the offensive load next to Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade.

Luol Deng SF MIA 2 Months

The Wizards have talked to unrestricted free agent Luol Deng, but are still determined to re-sign Trevor Ariza, according to Yahoo! Sports.

He continues to be a backup plan for teams since he's looking for around $10 million per season. Deng used to be a minutes monster, which may have a bit to do why he's been unable to stay healthy. Deng is no longer a first or second option in an option. Although, he has to like the big money Gordon Hayward and Chandler Parsons just received in their offer sheets.

Luol Deng SF MIA 2 Months

The Rockets have reached out to Luol Deng on Wednesday.

He's obviously just a backup plan behind unrestricted free agent Chris Bosh and perhaps even if a team offers up an unmatchable offer sheet to Chandler Parsons. Few players saw their value decrease quite like Deng due to a significant drop off in production and durability last year. He wants to have a contract near $10 million per season.

Luol Deng SF MIA 3 Months

Luol Deng will not take a salary significantly lower than $10 million per season, according to

He had a meeting with Pat Riley and the Heat's president was "very charming," according to David Aldridge of Riley would have to charm the pants off Deng to get him to agree to terms with the Heat since they likely don't want to spend close to $10 million to get him.