Carlos Delfino SG/SF MIL 28 Days

Carlos Delfino (foot) will not play at FIBA this summer.

He was at Las Vegas Summer League and it appeared that he didn't have anything wrong with him while walking, but there's obviously a big difference from walking and playing ball. Delfino should be ready to start the season after missing all of 2013-14.

Carlos Delfino SG/SF MIL 1 Month

Carlos Delfino (foot) is in Las Vegas for summer league.

He was checking out some action sitting next to Amir Johnson, and there was nothing supporting his foot. There have been very little updates on his status, but he expects to play for Argentina in FIBA later this summer. Delfino is likely just hanging out with the Bucks and perhaps going through some team drills.

Carlos Delfino SG/SF MIL 2 Months

Carlos Delfino (foot) announced on Monday that he intends to play for Argentina in this year's FIBA World Cup, pending a medical release from the Bucks.

Delfino is still recovering from a broken foot that sidelined him for the entire 2013-14 season, but it appears he'd like to give it a go. Delfino also added that he plans to participate with the Bucks at the Las Vegas Summer League, however it's unclear whether he intends to actually play in those games, or if he'll just be participating in some side workouts with some of the Bucks veteran guys.

Carlos Delfino SG/SF MIL 4 Months

Carlos Delfino hopes to play for Argentina in the World Cup this summer, but his availability is uncertain due to foot surgery he had in December.

"Maybe Milwaukee will see it as beneficial for me to get up to speed and so I can arrive at the start of training camp with a little basketball," Delfino said. "Hopefully the new [Bucks] owners see it the same way." There have been no reports of Delfino advancing to on-court work during his rehab, so we're considering him somewhat doubtful to play for his native country this summer.

Carlos Delfino SG/SF MIL 5 Months

Carlos Delfino will return to Milwaukee to continue his rehab on his foot injury.

It was reported earlier this week he would stay in Argentina, but he'll use the team facilities with head athletic trainer Scott Barthlama. Delfino is out for the season and has not played a single minute with the Bucks this go 'round.

Carlos Delfino SG/SF MIL 5 Months

Carlos Delfino (foot) will continue rehabbing in Argentina and will not join the Bucks this season.

He was ruled out for the season back in January and he just won't be joining the team. Delfino should be ready to go for next season as an unrestricted free agent.

Carlos Delfino SG/SF MIL 7 Months

Carlos Delfino (foot surgery) has officially been ruled out for the 2013-14 season after the NBA granted the Bucks a Disabled Player Exception.

Milwaukee gets a $1.75 million exception which can be used for salary-cap relief in trades or free agent signings to acquire a replacement player. Delfino is expected to rejoin the Bucks in late February as he continues his rehabilitation, and he should be ready for training camp.

Carlos Delfino SG/SF MIL 7 Months

Carlos Delfino (foot surgery) is expected to return to Milwaukee prior to the All-Star break in February.

His return to the U.S. is an encouraging mile-marker during his lengthy rehab, but there's still no guarantee that he'll step on the court this season.

Carlos Delfino SG/SF MIL 8 Months

Carlos Delfino (foot surgery) isn't sure whether he'll play during the 2013-14 season, saying, "some people say [the rehab takes] six months. Some people say three months."

"I want to be on the court and not limping. I've been to so many doctors," Delfino said. "Once I get to the court, I want to make sure I'm going to be there and not have a setback again." He was bothered by a plate and screws put into his foot during an initial surgery last May, and shock-wave therapy didn't have any effect, so he opted to have the plate removed and a new screw inserted "at a different angle." He'll be off his feet for eight weeks and it doesn't sound like he'll contribute much, if anything, for the Bucks this season.

Carlos Delfino SG/SF MIL 8 Months

Carlos Delfino will be limited to non-weight bearing activities for eight weeks after having right foot surgery on Saturday.

Delfino wrote on his personal website in November that he wouldn't return this season, but the Bucks haven't yet ruled him out. Even if he does return for a handful of games, there's no reason for fantasy owners to consider him until late February or March.