LeBron James SF CLE 8 Hrs

The NBA Players Association voted to make litigator Michele Roberts their next Executive Director late Monday night.

32 of 34 player reps and Executive Committee members voted Roberts in with a two-thirds vote being the mark to hit. She is the first woman to lead a major pro sports union and she enters the position with some controversy internally, as there were plenty reports of discord within the ranks as Roberts and two other candidates presented to the membership prior to the vote. The current Executive Committee for the players has proven to be borderline dysfunctional and we've seen flashes of that even with Billy Hunter out of the picture. In the sake of fair play we hope Roberts can keep the players from being run out of the gym again during a potential lockout in 2017.

Blake Griffin PF LAC 10 Hrs

Blake Griffin withdrew from Team USA camp to rest a small fracture in his back, which is not believed to be serious.

We're not going to tell you not to get worried about a fracture in anybody's back, but owners should exercise a bit of discretion before assigning any long-term concern to this. The injury reportedly isn't serious and it occurred during the playoffs, which may explain some of the (relative) lack of explosion he showed against the Thunder. ESPN's Ramona Shelburne adds that Griffin should make a "full recovery."

Darren Collison PG SAC 12 Hrs

Mike Malone confirmed that Darren Collison will start at point guard on Opening Night.

This isn't surprising but it's the first we've seen that Collison is indeed the man. Ray McCallum is going to push Collison right from the jump but there are a lot of people in the front office that want Collison to look good and he'll likely start off at 30 mpg. From there, if McCallum can unseat Collison it won't take very much to allow a changing of the guard. In any event, Collison profiles as a late round pick at best right now.

P. J. Tucker SG/SF PHO 12 Hrs

P.J. Tucker was arrested for a "super extreme" DUI in May according to the Arizona Republic.

The details of the alleged incident aren't pretty and a suspension is probably coming down the pipe once the court case has worked itself out.

Manu Ginobili SG SA 14 Hrs

The Spurs sent Manu Ginobili a letter informing him that he will not be granted permission to play in the 2014 FIBA World Cup.

The Spurs cited his recent stress fracture, and the necessary recovery time as their reasons for denying him permission to play. It's not exactly shocking that the Spurs organization is not too keen on letting their 37-year-old star risk further injury from unnecessary international play, as they're set to again chase a title for the 2014-15 season. Argentina will now be without Manu, and Carlos Delfino, and with this news Argentina's gold medal aspirations are looking pretty grim.

Doug McDermott SF CHI 14 Hrs

Doug McDermott stated on Monday that the minor foot injury that sidelined him for the final Summer League game is now fine.

He also scrimmaged against Team USA on Monday, so it's obvious that this will not be an issue moving forward. That being said, unless there's a major shakeup to the Chicago roster, McDermott isn't likely to earn enough minutes in coach Tom Thibodeau's tight rotations to warrant consideration in standard leagues.

Derrick Rose PG CHI 14 Hrs

Derrick Rose spoke with media following Monday's Team USA practice, and he is not lacking in confidence.

"I really think that I'm a special player in my mind," said Rose. "I still have youth. I'm only 25, man." When Rose was asked how close he is to being his old-self, Rose responded: "I'm there, man. I'm not worried about that. My confidence is very high." The hype-train on Rose is going to start early this year as the basketball world anticipates the return of the former MVP. He'll come with a lot of risk, and at a steep price on draft day, but if he can remain healthy, he'll be a very fun, and exciting player to own.

Dion Waiters SG CLE 15 Hrs

Dion Waiters stated again in a recent interview that he wants to be a starter for the Cavaliers.

"I want to start and I believe I should," said Waiters. With all the trade rumors flying around Cleveland it's not even clear that Waiters will be in a Cavs uniform next year, but it appears that he is not happy in a reserve role. Through 24 games as a starter with the Cavs last season, Waiters averaged 18.3 points, 3.5 assists, 1.3 steals, and 1.5 three-pointers, so he could be a solid late-round pick.

Derrick Rose PG CHI 15 Hrs

Derrick Rose briefly played during Team USA's scrimmage on Monday, and said that "it feels great" to be back on the court.

He also added that he is pain free, and that's what all the reports have been saying up to this point. Rose will be under a microscope throughout the FIBA World Cup (assuming he makes the 12-man roster), and Coach Mike Krzyzewski said that he would play without restrictions. Rose will be a risky first-round selection in next year's fantasy drafts.

Wesley Johnson SG/SF LAL 16 Hrs

The Lakers officially re-signed Wes Johnson on Monday.

"Wesley possesses elite athleticism... and has the potential to develop into an excellent defender," said Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak. Johnson was able to log 28.4 minutes per game last season as the Lakers were devastated by injuries, but that situation will not likely be repeated. Johnson is not someone to target in standard leagues.