Luke Walton F CLE 1 year ago

Luke Walton told reporters that he was brought on to Steve Kerr's staff to help implement the triangle offense.

"We are gonna run parts of the triangle offense," said Walton. "And I know that thing front and back so he's counting on me to be able to help out a lot in that area." Walton spent most of his career on the Lakers running Phil Jackson's triangle offense, and he will now help educate the Warriors, alongside Kerr, on how to properly run that system.

Luke Walton F CLE 1 year ago

Luke Walton is about to be hired as an assistant coach with the Golden State Warriors.

He'll jon Steve Kerr's staff and won a championship with the Lakers. He also has a pretty famous dad.

Luke Walton F CLE 1 year ago

Steve Kerr is in talks with Luke Walton to bring him on as an assistant coach, according to sources.

Luke Walton won championships with the Lakers, and he is proficient in the triangle offense. His name has also been linked to a possible assistant coaching gig in New York under Derek Fisher.

Luke Walton F CLE 1 year ago

Luke Walton has not been in contact with Phil Jackson since Steve Kerr turned down the offer to be the Knicks next head coach.

"[Phil asked me] if I'd be interested in moving out to New York... but I think that was before Steve Kerr got the job in Golden State," said Walton. "I haven't talked to Phil since all of that happened." While Jackson had reached out to Walton and Kurt Rambis, it is believed that he views those guys more as potential assistant coaches according to sources close to the situation.

Luke Walton F CLE 2 years ago

Luke Walton isn't ready to announce his retirement from the NBA.

"I want to play still," Walton said. "I've trained all summer as if I was going to get a call. The call never came ... If nothing happens this year, then I'll probably admit that it's officially over." Walton had solid 3-point range and admirable versatility in his prime, but injuries have taken a heavy toll throughout his 10-year career. He recently explored a player development job in the D-League and he's dabbled in announcing games for the Lakers.

Luke Walton F CLE 3 years ago

Luke Walton (ankle) is out again on Monday vs. Miami.

Walton's season could be over, but he's not a fantasy option anyway.

Luke Walton F CLE 3 years ago

Luke Walton (ankle) will not play again on Friday against New York.

Walton isn't a fantasy option, so his absence shouldn't impact any league.

Luke Walton F CLE 3 years ago

Luke Walton (right ankle sprain) won't travel with the Cavaliers for Tuesday's game vs. the Pacers.

Walton's absence is a blow for the Cavaliers' thin bench, but it doesn't have any fantasy repercussions.

Luke Walton F CLE 3 years ago

Luke Walton (right ankle sprain) sat out Sunday's game vs. Orlando.

The Cavaliers won despite not having Walton, Daniel Gibson (elbow), Dion Waiters (knee) and of course Anderson Varejao (knee surgery). Injuries notwithstanding, head coach Byron Scott is on the hot seat after the Cavs' late-season swoon, and Kyrie Irving seemed lukewarm when asked this weekend about the Cavs' firing Scott: "Until that time comes, I'm not really worried about it ... To even imagine that, I'm not going down that road."

Luke Walton F CLE 3 years ago

Luke Walton is adjusting to playing with a clear mask that protects his broken nose.

Walton said the first time he played with the mask he couldn't see. "I'm good [looking] straight but as soon as I try to go to the side it gets blurry," Walton said. The former Laker will likely have to deal with the mask for most of the rest of the season. He has no fantasy value.