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Week 23 '13-14 Mon 3/31-Sun 4/6

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
#8 (5-16)
#7 (6-15)
Consolation Game
NYK@MIA1st11:42Raymond Felton Turnover LeBron James0-2
NYK@MIA1st11:40Raymond Felton Free Throw Missed0-1.25
NYK@MIA1st11:40Raymond Felton Free Throw Made0-2.5
NYK@MIA1st11:25Raymond Felton Turnover Chris Bosh0-4.5
NYK@MIA1st10:50J.R. Smith Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Carmelo Anthony Assist1.8-11
NYK@MIA1st10:31Carmelo Anthony Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, J.R. Smith Assist8.3-12.8
NYK@MIA1st9:37J.R. Smith Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Amar'e Stoudemire Assist8.3-19.3
NYK@MIA1st9:11Raymond Felton Jump Field Goal Made8.3-21.8
NYK@MIA1st7:17J.R. Smith Turnover8.3-20.8
NYK@MIA1st7:10J.R. Smith Defensive Rebound8.3-22.3
NYK@MIA1st7:07J.R. Smith Turnover8.3-21.3
NYK@MIA1st6:14Carmelo Anthony Turnover Mario Chalmers10.3-21.3
NYK@MIA1st5:01Carmelo Anthony Layup Field Goal Made12.8-21.3
NYK@MIA1st2:40J.R. Smith Defensive Rebound12.8-22.8
NYK@MIA1st0:25Norris Cole Field Goal Missed, Carmelo Anthony Blocked Shot14.8-22.8
NYK@MIA2nd9:38Ray Allen Turnover Raymond Felton14.8-21.8
NYK@MIA2nd9:30Raymond Felton Defensive Rebound14.8-23.3
NYK@MIA2nd8:32Carmelo Anthony Field Goal Missed14.3-23.3
NYK@MIA2nd7:45Tyson Chandler Dunk Field Goal Made, Raymond Felton Assist14.3-25.1
NYK@MIA2nd6:53Shane Battier Turnover Raymond Felton14.3-24.1
NYK@MIA2nd6:48J.R. Smith Turnover Shane Battier14.3-26.1
NYK@MIA2nd6:27J.R. Smith Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Raymond Felton Assist14.3-34.4
NYK@MIA2nd5:49Raymond Felton Field Goal Missed14.3-33.9
NYK@MIA2nd5:10Raymond Felton Offensive Rebound14.3-35.4
NYK@MIA2nd4:59Carmelo Anthony Jump Field Goal Made16.8-35.4
NYK@MIA2nd4:59Carmelo Anthony Free Throw Made18.05-35.4
NYK@MIA2nd4:23J.R. Smith Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Raymond Felton Assist18.05-43.7
NYK@MIA2nd4:11J.R. Smith Defensive Rebound18.05-45.2
NYK@MIA2nd3:53Carmelo Anthony Offensive Rebound19.55-45.2
NYK@MIA2nd3:52Carmelo Anthony Free Throw Missed18.8-45.2
NYK@MIA2nd3:52Carmelo Anthony Free Throw Made20.05-45.2
NYK@MIA2nd3:23Raymond Felton Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Carmelo Anthony Assist21.85-51.7
NYK@MIA2nd2:03J.R. Smith Jump Field Goal Made21.85-54.2
NYK@MIA2nd1:36J.R. Smith Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Iman Shumpert Assist21.85-60.7
NYK@MIA2nd1:20Raymond Felton Turnover Mario Chalmers21.85-62.7
NYK@MIA2nd1:05Carmelo Anthony Free Throw Made23.1-62.7
NYK@MIA2nd1:05Carmelo Anthony Free Throw Made24.35-62.7
NYK@MIA2nd0:44Tyson Chandler Dunk Field Goal Made, Carmelo Anthony Assist26.15-62.7
NYK@MIA3rd10:08J.R. Smith Defensive Rebound26.15-64.2
NYK@MIA3rd7:37Carmelo Anthony Defensive Rebound27.65-64.2
NYK@MIA3rd7:14Raymond Felton Jump Field Goal Made27.65-66.7
NYK@MIA3rd6:25Carmelo Anthony Defensive Rebound29.15-66.7
NYK@MIA3rd6:11Carmelo Anthony Offensive Rebound30.65-66.7
NYK@MIA3rd5:43Carmelo Anthony Jump Field Goal Made33.15-66.7
NYK@MIA3rd4:08J.R. Smith Turnover Chris Bosh33.15-68.7
NYK@MIA3rd2:26Amar'e Stoudemire Jump Field Goal Made, Carmelo Anthony Assist34.95-68.7
NYK@MIA3rd0:15Carmelo Anthony Three Point Field Goal Missed34.45-68.7
NYK@MIA3rd0:00J.R. Smith Three Point Field Goal Missed34.45-68.2
NYK@MIA4th10:35J.R. Smith Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Carmelo Anthony Assist36.25-74.7
NYK@MIA4th9:56J.R. Smith Jump Three Point Field Goal Made36.25-81.2
NYK@MIA4th9:15Carmelo Anthony Offensive Rebound37.75-81.2
NYK@MIA4th9:09Shane Battier Turnover Carmelo Anthony36.75-81.2
NYK@MIA4th8:31Raymond Felton Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, J.R. Smith Assist36.75-89.5
NYK@MIA4th7:24J.R. Smith Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Carmelo Anthony Assist38.55-96
NYK@MIA4th6:58J.R. Smith Three Point Field Goal Missed38.55-95.5
NYK@MIA4th6:33Shane Battier Turnover Raymond Felton38.55-94.5
NYK@MIA4th6:17Raymond Felton Layup Field Goal Made38.55-97
NYK@MIA4th5:24J.R. Smith Defensive Rebound38.55-98.5
NYK@MIA4th4:46Raymond Felton Turnover LeBron James38.55-100.5
NYK@MIA4th4:42Raymond Felton Layup Field Goal Made38.55-103
NYK@MIA4th3:53Carmelo Anthony Turnover Shane Battier40.55-103
NYK@MIA4th3:06J.R. Smith Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Raymond Felton Assist40.55-111.3
NYK@MIA4th2:04J.R. Smith Three Point Field Goal Missed40.55-110.8
NYK@MIA4th1:51J.R. Smith Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Raymond Felton Assist40.55-119.1
NYK@MIA4th1:21J.R. Smith Three Point Field Goal Missed40.55-118.6
NYK@MIA4th0:16J.R. Smith Three Point Field Goal Missed40.55-118.1
DAL@SAC1st10:45Shawn Marion Offensive Rebound42.05-118.1
ATL@IND1st10:29David West Offensive Rebound42.05-119.6
ATL@IND1st9:57Paul Millsap Field Goal Missed, David West Blocked Shot42.05-121.6
ATL@IND1st9:40Lance Stephenson Defensive Rebound43.55-121.6
ATL@IND1st9:15DeMarre Carroll Turnover Lance Stephenson42.55-121.6
DAL@SAC1st8:24Shawn Marion Field Goal Missed42.05-121.6
DAL@SAC1st8:24Shawn Marion Turnover41.05-121.6
ATL@IND1st7:22David West Jump Field Goal Made41.05-124.1
DAL@SAC1st4:37DeJuan Blair Layup Field Goal Made, Shawn Marion Assist42.85-124.1
DAL@SAC1st3:47Shawn Marion Turnover Ray McCallum44.85-124.1
DAL@SAC1st2:27Shawn Marion Jump Field Goal Made, Devin Harris Assist47.35-124.1
ATL@IND2nd11:30David West Defensive Rebound47.35-125.6
ATL@IND2nd10:00David West Free Throw Made47.35-126.85
ATL@IND2nd10:00David West Free Throw Made47.35-128.1
ATL@IND2nd9:40Roy Hibbert Field Goal Missed46.85-128.1
ATL@IND2nd8:52Roy Hibbert Turnover45.85-128.1
ATL@IND2nd6:58Lance Stephenson Defensive Rebound47.35-128.1
ATL@IND2nd6:58Lance Stephenson Layup Field Goal Made49.85-128.1
DAL@SAC2nd6:31Shawn Marion Defensive Rebound51.35-128.1
DAL@SAC2nd6:14Shawn Marion Defensive Rebound52.85-128.1
ATL@IND2nd6:09David West Free Throw Missed52.85-127.35
ATL@IND2nd6:09David West Free Throw Made52.85-128.6
DAL@SAC2nd5:56DeMarcus Cousins Turnover Shawn Marion51.85-128.6
DAL@SAC2nd5:44Shawn Marion Defensive Rebound53.35-128.6
ATL@IND2nd4:39Lance Stephenson Field Goal Missed, Paul Millsap Blocked Shot52.85-128.6
ATL@IND2nd1:40Lance Stephenson Field Goal Missed, Paul Millsap Blocked Shot52.35-128.6
DAL@SAC3rd11:21Shawn Marion Offensive Rebound53.85-128.6
ATL@IND3rd10:37Lance Stephenson Defensive Rebound55.35-128.6
ATL@IND3rd10:27Lance Stephenson Free Throw Missed54.6-128.6
ATL@IND3rd10:27Lance Stephenson Free Throw Made55.85-128.6
ATL@IND3rd9:53David West Dunk Field Goal Made, Paul George Assist55.85-131.1
ATL@IND3rd9:15Lance Stephenson Defensive Rebound57.35-131.1
ATL@IND3rd9:07Ian Mahinmi Jump Field Goal Made, David West Assist57.35-132.9
DAL@SAC3rd8:52Shawn Marion Offensive Rebound58.85-132.9