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Week 17 '12-13 Mon 2/18-Sun 2/24

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Regular Season Game
LAL@DAL1st11:47Dwight Howard Dunk Field Goal Made, Steve Nash Assist0-2.5
LAL@DAL1st10:52Dwight Howard Defensive Rebound0-4
LAL@DAL1st10:34Dwight Howard Defensive Rebound0-5.5
LAL@DAL1st10:18Kobe Bryant Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Dwight Howard Assist0-7.3
LAL@DAL1st10:00Dwight Howard Turnover0-9.3
LAL@DAL1st9:46Dwight Howard Offensive Rebound0-10.8
LAL@DAL1st9:06Dwight Howard Defensive Rebound0-12.3
LAL@DAL2nd7:08Dwight Howard Layup Field Goal Made0-14.8
LAL@DAL2nd6:36Dwight Howard Free Throw Missed0-14.05
LAL@DAL2nd6:36Dwight Howard Free Throw Made0-15.3
LAL@DAL2nd6:17Dwight Howard Defensive Rebound0-16.8
LAL@DAL2nd5:42Dwight Howard Turnover0-18.8
LAL@DAL3rd10:33Dwight Howard Defensive Rebound0-20.3
LAL@DAL3rd8:59Dwight Howard Defensive Rebound0-21.8
LAL@DAL3rd6:19Field Goal Missed, Dwight Howard Blocked Shot0-23.8
LAL@DAL3rd1:47Dwight Howard Defensive Rebound0-25.3
LAL@DAL4th11:37Dwight Howard Turnover0-24.3
LAL@DAL4th11:21Dwight Howard Defensive Rebound0-25.8
LAL@DAL4th11:10Dwight Howard Free Throw Missed0-25.05
LAL@DAL4th11:10Dwight Howard Free Throw Made0-26.3
LAL@DAL4th5:48Dwight Howard Defensive Rebound0-27.8
LAL@DAL4th5:09Dwight Howard Free Throw Made0-29.05
LAL@DAL4th5:09Dwight Howard Free Throw Made0-30.3
LAL@DAL4th4:46Dwight Howard Defensive Rebound0-31.8
LAL@DAL4th4:10Dwight Howard Defensive Rebound0-33.3
LAL@DAL4th4:01Dwight Howard Free Throw Made0-34.55
LAL@DAL4th1:30Dwight Howard Defensive Rebound0-36.05
PHI@NYK1st10:22Tyson Chandler Offensive Rebound0-37.55
PHI@NYK1st10:22Tyson Chandler Layup Field Goal Made0-40.05
PHI@NYK1st9:30Raymond Felton Field Goal Missed, Jrue Holiday Blocked Shot0-39.55
PHI@NYK1st8:49Evan Turner Defensive Rebound0-41.05
PHI@NYK1st8:38Spencer Hawes Jump Field Goal Made, Evan Turner Assist0-42.85
PHI@NYK1st7:02Raymond Felton Layup Field Goal Made0-45.35
PHI@NYK1st6:15Tyson Chandler Defensive Rebound0-46.85
PHI@NYK1st5:46Jrue Holiday Layup Field Goal Made, Evan Turner Assist0-48.65
PHI@NYK1st5:15Evan Turner Defensive Rebound0-50.15
PHI@NYK1st5:03Evan Turner Layup Field Goal Made0-52.65
PHI@NYK1st5:03Evan Turner Free Throw Made0-53.9
PHI@NYK1st4:30Evan Turner Jump Field Goal Made0-56.4
PHI@NYK1st4:07Evan Turner Defensive Rebound0-57.9
PHI@NYK1st3:57Evan Turner Free Throw Made0-59.15
PHI@NYK1st3:57Evan Turner Free Throw Made0-60.4
PHI@NYK1st3:11Evan Turner Defensive Rebound0-61.9
PHI@NYK1st3:04Damien Wilkins Jump Field Goal Made, Evan Turner Assist0-63.7
PHI@NYK1st2:30Evan Turner Turnover0-62.7
PHI@NYK1st2:12Amar'e Stoudemire Layup Field Goal Made, Raymond Felton Assist0-64.5
PHI@NYK1st1:26Evan Turner Free Throw Made0-65.75
PHI@NYK1st1:26Evan Turner Free Throw Made0-67
PHI@NYK1st1:16Raymond Felton Jump Three Point Field Goal Made0-73.5
PHI@NYK1st1:00Evan Turner Offensive Rebound0-75
PHI@NYK2nd9:24Tyson Chandler Defensive Rebound0-76.5
PHI@NYK2nd8:14Thaddeus Young Field Goal Missed, Tyson Chandler Blocked Shot0-78.5
PHI@NYK2nd8:14Tyson Chandler Defensive Rebound0-80
PHI@NYK2nd6:36Evan Turner Layup Field Goal Made, Thaddeus Young Assist0-82.5
PHI@NYK2nd4:35Tyson Chandler Dunk Field Goal Made0-85
PHI@NYK2nd4:15Jrue Holiday Jump Field Goal Made, Evan Turner Assist0-86.8
PHI@NYK2nd2:53Tyson Chandler Defensive Rebound0-88.3
PHI@NYK2nd2:27Evan Turner Defensive Rebound0-89.8
PHI@NYK3rd11:44Raymond Felton Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Iman Shumpert Assist0-96.3
PHI@NYK3rd11:02Jrue Holiday Field Goal Missed, Tyson Chandler Blocked Shot0-98.3
PHI@NYK3rd11:02Tyson Chandler Defensive Rebound0-99.8
PHI@NYK3rd10:44Raymond Felton Layup Field Goal Made0-102.3
PHI@NYK3rd9:15Jrue Holiday Layup Field Goal Made, Evan Turner Assist0-104.1
PHI@NYK3rd7:58Raymond Felton Turnover Jrue Holiday0-106.1
PHI@NYK3rd6:50Raymond Felton Layup Field Goal Made0-108.6
PHI@NYK3rd6:41Evan Turner Free Throw Made0-109.85
PHI@NYK3rd6:41Evan Turner Free Throw Made0-111.1
PHI@NYK3rd4:18Evan Turner Defensive Rebound0-112.6
PHI@NYK3rd3:44Evan Turner Jump Field Goal Made0-115.1
PHI@NYK3rd3:25Raymond Felton Layup Field Goal Made0-117.6
PHI@NYK3rd3:09Evan Turner Layup Field Goal Made0-120.1
PHI@NYK3rd0:41Evan Turner Layup Field Goal Made0-122.6
PHI@NYK4th10:59Evan Turner Turnover0-121.6
PHI@NYK4th10:22Tyson Chandler Turnover0-120.6
PHI@NYK4th9:44Evan Turner Jump Field Goal Made0-123.1
PHI@NYK4th6:06Tyson Chandler Free Throw Made0-124.35
PHI@NYK4th4:49Tyson Chandler Defensive Rebound0-125.85
PHI@NYK4th4:39Tyson Chandler Offensive Rebound0-127.35
PHI@NYK4th4:39Tyson Chandler Free Throw Missed0-126.6
PHI@NYK4th4:20Evan Turner Turnover0-125.6
PHI@NYK4th3:07Tyson Chandler Offensive Rebound0-127.1
PHI@NYK4th2:41Thaddeus Young Dunk Field Goal Made, Evan Turner Assist0-128.9
PHI@NYK4th2:11Tyson Chandler Defensive Rebound0-130.4
PHI@NYK4th0:13Tyson Chandler Defensive Rebound0-131.9
PHI@NYK4th0:03Field Goal Missed, Tyson Chandler Blocked Shot0-133.9
SAS@PHX1st5:10Manu Ginobili Free Throw Made0-135.15
SAS@PHX1st5:10Manu Ginobili Free Throw Missed0-134.4
SAS@PHX1st5:10Manu Ginobili Free Throw Made0-135.65
SAS@PHX1st2:25Markieff Morris Turnover Manu Ginobili0-134.65
SAS@PHX1st0:32Manu Ginobili Free Throw Missed0-133.9
SAS@PHX1st0:32Manu Ginobili Free Throw Made0-135.15
SAS@PHX2nd11:13Manu Ginobili Free Throw Made0-136.4
SAS@PHX2nd11:13Manu Ginobili Free Throw Made0-137.65
SAS@PHX2nd10:48Manu Ginobili Layup Field Goal Made0-140.15
SAS@PHX2nd10:48Manu Ginobili Free Throw Made0-141.4
SAS@PHX2nd10:19Manu Ginobili Turnover Wesley Johnson0-143.4
SAS@PHX2nd4:13Manu Ginobili Turnover Goran Dragic0-145.4
SAS@PHX3rd4:56Boris Diaw Jump Field Goal Made, Manu Ginobili Assist0-147.2
SAS@PHX3rd4:06Manu Ginobili Defensive Rebound0-148.7
SAS@PHX3rd2:09Matt Bonner Jump Field Goal Made, Manu Ginobili Assist0-150.5