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Week 17 '11-12 Mon 4/16-Sun 4/22

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
#7 (5-11)
#6 (7-9)
Consolation Game
NYK@ATL1st8:50Carmelo Anthony Layup Field Goal Made2.5-0
NYK@ATL1st8:50Carmelo Anthony Defensive Rebound4-0
NYK@ATL1st8:20Carmelo Anthony Jump Field Goal Made6.5-0
NYK@ATL1st6:15Baron Davis Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Carmelo Anthony Assist8.3-0
NYK@ATL1st5:52Carmelo Anthony Jump Field Goal Made10.8-0
Oklahoma Ci..
NYK@ATL1st5:52Landry Fields Turnover Joe Johnson10.8-2
Oklahoma Ci..
NYK@ATL1st5:29Landry Fields Layup Field Goal Made10.8-4.5
NYK@ATL1st5:18Carmelo Anthony Field Goal Missed10.3-4.5
NYK@ATL1st4:34Carmelo Anthony Defensive Rebound11.8-4.5
NYK@ATL1st3:56Carmelo Anthony Layup Field Goal Made, Baron Davis Assist14.3-4.5
NYK@ATL1st3:13Carmelo Anthony Layup Field Goal Made16.8-4.5
NYK@ATL1st2:43Carmelo Anthony Jump Field Goal Made19.3-4.5
NYK@ATL1st2:07Carmelo Anthony Turnover18.3-4.5
NYK@ATL1st1:37Carmelo Anthony Defensive Rebound19.8-4.5
NYK@ATL1st1:37Carmelo Anthony Field Goal Missed, Marvin Williams Blocked Shot19.3-4.5
Oklahoma Ci..
NYK@ATL2nd6:31Landry Fields Jump Field Goal Made19.3-7
NYK@ATL2nd3:43Carmelo Anthony Defensive Rebound20.8-7
Oklahoma Ci..
NYK@ATL2nd3:27Landry Fields Layup Field Goal Made20.8-9.5
NYK@ATL2nd2:40Carmelo Anthony Free Throw Made22.05-9.5
NYK@ATL2nd2:40Carmelo Anthony Free Throw Made23.3-9.5
NYK@ATL2nd2:40Carmelo Anthony Free Throw Made24.55-9.5
NYK@ATL2nd2:08Carmelo Anthony Jump Field Goal Made27.05-9.5
NYK@ATL2nd1:45Carmelo Anthony Field Goal Missed, Marvin Williams Blocked Shot26.55-9.5
NYK@ATL2nd0:28Carmelo Anthony Layup Field Goal Made, J.R. Smith Assist29.05-9.5
NYK@ATL2nd0:28Carmelo Anthony Free Throw Made30.3-9.5
NYK@ATL2nd0:07Carmelo Anthony Three Point Field Goal Missed29.8-9.5
Oklahoma Ci..
NYK@ATL3rd11:59Landry Fields Defensive Rebound29.8-11
NYK@ATL3rd11:13Carmelo Anthony Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Landry Fields Assist36.3-12.8
NYK@ATL3rd11:13Carmelo Anthony Defensive Rebound37.8-12.8
NYK@ATL3rd11:13Carmelo Anthony Turnover Jeff Teague39.8-12.8
NYK@ATL3rd11:13Jeff Teague Turnover Carmelo Anthony38.8-12.8
NYK@ATL3rd10:02Carmelo Anthony Defensive Rebound40.3-12.8
NYK@ATL3rd9:48Carmelo Anthony Defensive Rebound41.8-12.8
Oklahoma Ci..
NYK@ATL3rd9:48Landry Fields Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Baron Davis Assist41.8-19.3
Oklahoma Ci..
NYK@ATL3rd9:16Landry Fields Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Iman Shumpert Assist41.8-25.8
Oklahoma Ci..
NYK@ATL3rd6:46Landry Fields Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Iman Shumpert Assist41.8-32.3
NYK@ATL3rd5:42Carmelo Anthony Field Goal Missed, Josh Smith Blocked Shot41.3-32.3
NYK@ATL3rd5:42Carmelo Anthony Offensive Rebound42.8-32.3
NYK@ATL3rd5:42Carmelo Anthony Field Goal Missed, Josh Smith Blocked Shot42.3-32.3
NYK@ATL3rd4:13Carmelo Anthony Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Iman Shumpert Assist48.8-32.3
Oklahoma Ci..
NYK@ATL3rd4:01Landry Fields Defensive Rebound48.8-33.8
Oklahoma Ci..
NYK@ATL3rd3:24Landry Fields Layup Field Goal Made48.8-36.3
Oklahoma Ci..
NYK@ATL3rd3:24Landry Fields Free Throw Made48.8-37.55
NYK@ATL3rd2:27Carmelo Anthony Offensive Rebound50.3-37.55
NYK@ATL3rd2:08Carmelo Anthony Free Throw Made51.55-37.55
NYK@ATL3rd2:08Carmelo Anthony Free Throw Missed50.8-37.55
NYK@ATL3rd1:38Carmelo Anthony Turnover Josh Smith52.8-37.55
NYK@ATL3rd1:19J.R. Smith Layup Field Goal Made, Carmelo Anthony Assist54.6-37.55
Oklahoma Ci..
NYK@ATL3rd1:19Landry Fields Defensive Rebound54.6-39.05
Oklahoma Ci..
NYK@ATL3rd0:50Landry Fields Offensive Rebound54.6-40.55
NYK@ATL3rd0:38Carmelo Anthony Jump Three Point Field Goal Made61.1-40.55
NYK@ATL3rd0:14Carmelo Anthony Free Throw Made62.35-40.55
NYK@ATL3rd0:14Carmelo Anthony Free Throw Made63.6-40.55
NYK@ATL4th3:56Carmelo Anthony Layup Field Goal Made66.1-40.55
NYK@ATL4th3:56Carmelo Anthony Field Goal Missed65.6-40.55
NYK@ATL4th2:10Carmelo Anthony Layup Field Goal Made, Baron Davis Assist68.1-40.55
NYK@ATL4th2:10Carmelo Anthony Free Throw Made69.35-40.55
NYK@ATL4th1:40Carmelo Anthony Jump Field Goal Made, Baron Davis Assist71.85-40.55
NYK@ATL4th1:21Carmelo Anthony Defensive Rebound73.35-40.55
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@LAL1st11:29Serge Ibaka Jump Field Goal Made, Kevin Durant Assist73.35-43.05
OKC@LAL1st10:32Ramon Sessions Defensive Rebound74.85-43.05
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@LAL1st10:32Russell Westbrook Field Goal Missed74.85-42.55
OKC@LAL1st10:00Ramon Sessions Layup Field Goal Made, Kobe Bryant Assist77.35-42.55
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@LAL1st10:00Metta World Peace Turnover Russell Westbrook77.35-41.55
OKC@LAL1st9:35Ramon Sessions Free Throw Missed76.6-41.55
OKC@LAL1st9:35Ramon Sessions Free Throw Missed75.85-41.55
OKC@LAL1st9:35Thabo Sefolosha Turnover Ramon Sessions74.85-41.55
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@LAL1st9:35Serge Ibaka Field Goal Missed74.85-41.05
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@LAL1st8:53Serge Ibaka Offensive Rebound74.85-42.55
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@LAL1st8:53Serge Ibaka Layup Field Goal Made74.85-45.05
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@LAL1st8:26Serge Ibaka Dunk Field Goal Made, Kevin Durant Assist74.85-47.55
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@LAL1st8:26Serge Ibaka Field Goal Missed74.85-47.05
OKC@LAL1st7:29Ramon Sessions Field Goal Missed74.35-47.05
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@LAL1st7:29Russell Westbrook Field Goal Missed74.35-46.55
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@LAL1st7:29Serge Ibaka Defensive Rebound74.35-48.05
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@LAL1st6:52Russell Westbrook Free Throw Made74.35-49.3
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@LAL1st6:52Russell Westbrook Free Throw Made74.35-50.55
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@LAL1st6:23Russell Westbrook Field Goal Missed74.35-50.05
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@LAL1st6:23Russell Westbrook Offensive Rebound74.35-51.55
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@LAL1st6:23Russell Westbrook Jump Field Goal Made74.35-54.05
OKC@LAL1st5:44Ramon Sessions Layup Field Goal Made76.85-54.05
OKC@LAL1st5:44Ramon Sessions Field Goal Missed76.35-54.05
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@LAL1st5:44Russell Westbrook Field Goal Missed76.35-53.55
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@LAL1st5:44Serge Ibaka Defensive Rebound76.35-55.05
OKC@LAL1st3:45Ramon Sessions Three Point Field Goal Missed75.85-55.05
OKC@LAL1st3:02Pau Gasol Dunk Field Goal Made, Ramon Sessions Assist77.65-55.05
OKC@LAL2nd11:21Ramon Sessions Layup Field Goal Made80.15-55.05
OKC@LAL2nd10:58Ramon Sessions Turnover James Harden82.15-55.05
OKC@LAL2nd9:19Derek Fisher Turnover Ramon Sessions81.15-55.05
OKC@LAL2nd8:47Jordan Hill Jump Field Goal Made, Ramon Sessions Assist82.95-55.05
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@LAL2nd5:57Serge Ibaka Dunk Field Goal Made, Russell Westbrook Assist82.95-59.35
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@LAL2nd5:25Serge Ibaka Field Goal Missed82.95-58.85
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@LAL2nd5:25Field Goal Missed, Serge Ibaka Blocked Shot82.95-60.85
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@LAL2nd4:28Serge Ibaka Dunk Field Goal Made, Kendrick Perkins Assist82.95-63.35
OKC@LAL2nd4:08Ramon Sessions Layup Field Goal Made85.45-63.35
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@LAL2nd4:08Russell Westbrook Field Goal Missed85.45-62.85
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@LAL2nd3:54Serge Ibaka Dunk Field Goal Made, James Harden Assist85.45-65.35
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@LAL2nd3:54Serge Ibaka Defensive Rebound85.45-66.85
OKC@LAL2nd2:57Ramon Sessions Field Goal Missed84.95-66.85
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@LAL2nd2:57Serge Ibaka Defensive Rebound84.95-68.35